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Christ Embassy & You

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Tell the world what Jesus has done for this last half of the year and inspire the world.

We want to publish it so that the many may receive God's Word through your testimony!

Testify and we will put it in our "Good News Chronicles" testimony directory and also in

the Christ Embassy & You magazine. Let's do this!


Email us your testimony and picture on: christembassyandyou@gmail.com

For more information call: 082 063 5960




May God's Word propel you from

glory to glory this year

May you be a shining example of His grace

and the manifestation of His love,

a symbol of strength and divine honour.

The Lord will perfect all that concerns you this

great year, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Happy New Year!!!





( taken from the inside front cover of the January 2013 Rhapsody of Realities )

Was celebrating, still celebrating and will forever celebrate this precious gem.

One of the most creative and dedicated kings on this awesome planet. A faithful follower of Jesus, a beauty after the masters heart.

We love you Sandra Weatherson!!!!

"Get ready to receive inexplicable promotions in your life.

This is your season to get promoted to higher levels and positions that ordinarily shouldn't come to you!

Challenges will come that only you can solve.

All you need to do is to be diligent like Joseph and Daniel were, and at the right time your promotion will come."

- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

Christ  Embassy & You

This is Love...

Posted by Christ Embassy & You Jul 23, 2012

"When your love is so deep and full and wide, you can give more of it and influence many

more with it. God has given you His love and the ability to love like Him:

"...the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us"


Now, you don't only love those who love you; you love everyone with 'agape' - the

unconditional love of Christ. That's the kind of love that can go to any length, reach the deepest

depths or highest height, and cover the widest expanse. That's the love you received in your heart;

function with it." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

"Let the compassion of Jesus flow through you to others. When you become compassionate, miracles will accompany you,

because you have become God's outstretched arm of help to others." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

"Don't open the door for satan to come into your life through bitterness and malice; put them away completely.

If you've held anything against anyone, it's time to sincerely forgive them and show them the love of the Father."

- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD


"The only limitation you can have in life is what you don't know.

So remember this: The knowledge of God's Word is the key; it is the activator you need

to move from where you are today to the next level of success, progress and prosperity." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

"If you're a Christian then you're a plus in your home and in your office; you're a plus wherever you go.

Why? It is because God has increased you and you're not working with your ability,you're working with His ability." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

"The Holy Spirit also ministers to you as your 'Strengthener.' The reason He strengthens you is so that while He's taking His own steps to ensure that everything works out right for you, you are also participating actively in the process, since He has to function through you." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

"If you made a new friend, you'd have to spend time with him to know him and understand his language. In the same way, you need to spend time with the Holy Spirit. You need to take time to understand His language so that you can recognize His voice when He speaks to you. Start today to follow His leading in your decisions and actions as you consistently meditate on the Word and fellowship with Him." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

"Believe this: When the Holy Spirit comes to live in you, you become His headquarters; His centre of operation. He comes alive in your body and makes it His home." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

Christ  Embassy & You

In His Arms...

Posted by Christ Embassy & You Jul 4, 2012

"You have to learn, like Paul to throw yourself unreservedly into God's everlasting arms." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD

"God's nature of kindness has been released upon us. he always shows interest in every issue that concerns us and works ahead of usto bring His word concerning us to pass." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phD