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Mulisha Nshinka

I miss you so much

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Jul 1, 2013

My brothers and sisters.............mum and dad i know that it has been from glory to glory for you. I have seen the evidence of your greatness on the communion services.

I have missed you so much and i love you.

Christ Embassy Ndola is glorious and we are doing great things here. I am now the head usher as God promoted me.

Will see you soon.


I love you

Mulisha Nshinka

what i saw.........

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka May 8, 2012

This is the vision i had during the communion service worship segment and this was before Pastor Chris came on. This is exactly what i wrote down in my note book as i saw it.


  "I saw a tree that was dead but suddenly begun to grow branching out and producing. branching out and branching out full of life"


The tree that i saw was so dead that it was even rotting and then in a split second i could see it branching out at such great speed and producing much.

When Pastor later declared that it is a month of sudden miracles and translation, the spirit of God reminded of the what i had just seen.


The is the month of boldness of the spirit, to take steps sorely on the basis of the word that has come to us this month. This is what Joshua knew and now this is what we know.



Mulisha Nshinka

Gods love is amazing

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Mar 21, 2012

This is all i have been meditating on. There have been times when i have wanted to give up on me but one thing has remained constant and that is Gods love. He loves me so much and only sees the best in me hence "i am perfected and complete in Him".

I remember being in a service and pastor preached about how even if you were about to fall, God stretches forth His hand and grabs you. What a life of knowing that come what may,I can never fall, I can never fail and that there is only one way for me and that is the upward and forward way always.


The other day i was in the bathroom cleaning. It is a small room with the basin right next to the shower and as i cleaned the shower i slipt and had i fallen i was going to hit the ceramic basin with my head first. In that instant i felt the arms of someone holding me up because i know i had lost all balance but these strong arms kept me from falling and my first reaction was just tears of thanksgiving. I have read of people that have died in the bathroom as a result of such accidents but my God is true and faithful to His word,I have an ever present help in time of need.


God believes in me so much and that is enough reason for me to believe in me because in doing so,i am believing in Him

Mulisha Nshinka


Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Jan 30, 2012

i was just meditating on this in my room and thought i would share. It is something that i have thought about many times.

The word of God is not just for believing but acting on too. I have thought why it has been that after a message, my faith has been stirred and i have been so excited about what i could accomplish but then as days went by i didnt act on it.

I have noticed something about being a child of God,there comes a time when you must begin to see testimonies in your life as a result of the word otherwise the word will become more or less religion to you, inactive and ineffective. you do not have to stop at believing because faith is actually the step of action you take based on what you have believed.

The word is dependable and pastor says that we should take it as it is and not dilute it. I can not say that the word will work for my finances but not for my academics because that would be saying that the word is limited.

I have to put my faith to work and get results in every area of my life even where it seems there have been impossiblities before,it is time to let the word have dominion.


Sis muli

Mulisha Nshinka

To be found faithful

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Dec 20, 2011

The disciples asked Jesus who amongst them was the greatest.

Jesus in answering said " he that serves"


Pastor Peter has taught us about "getting to know Him" and in getting to know Him, you will discover that when God asks you to do something, He wants you to have a merry and cheerful heart,to be excited about it.

Did you know that God would rather you kept your offering than giving it out of obligation or grudgingly.

God is the monarch of the universe and we can not improve God in any way so when He tells us to give, it is for our own benefit really.


I believe that it is the same principle when it comes to serving the Lord. The Lord looks at the heart, is it a willing and joyful heart with which you serve Him? Be excited that God has found and counted you faithful that you should have the priviledge to serve in the house of God. As an usher  or whatever department you function in, do you serve with murmurings and complaints or do you serve with a joyful heart.? Do not allow yourself to feel as though doing the work of God is a burden, it is an awesome priviledge and thus let your heart reflect so. You will find it so much easier to function in the role you have been called into in church when you recognise that it is a priviledge and not a burden that out all His children, God chose you and not out of desperation meaning that He can find someone else if need be.


I always thank my God when a need arises in church and i can be there to help,at times i have to be at work but i will try by all means to see how i can be of help before my shift starts. Sometimes i just cry tears of gratitude because it is not a small thing in my eyes. Even when Pastor says thank you to me, I feel like telling him no sir it is i that is so grateful for the priviledge.



God bless you

Sis Mulisha

Mulisha Nshinka


Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Dec 11, 2011

What is thanksgiving? As simple and frequently used as this word may be......what does it mean when we say "thanksgiving"?


Thanksgiving is the ACT of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgement of divine  benefits or favors.

Thanksgiving is an EXPRESSION of thanks.



Todays service was an act,an expression of our grateful acknowlegement of enormous divine favor and benefits that God has bestowed on us. It was a joyful celebration of whose we are and all that we have accomplished through His mighty power at work in us.


Today was not about asking for anything...............we moved to a higher and more glorious level were all we came to do was to give thanks and praises unto the most high God. What a priviledge to be found amongst those that can recognise the workings of God in their lives and have that sweet spirit of thanksgiving.



Even now i just want to say thank you to God for enabling me to be a part of this joyful celebration together with heaven. I am so grateful that He chose me to share all His glory with but also for giving me a heart of thanksgiving.


God you are just the BEST. I love you so much.




It is Gods desire to prove His greatness in our lives. He will show us His extraordinary greatness in our lives if only we let Him.

This is our month to practice being filled with the spirit and as we are continually filled with His spirit, we become the symbol of Gods blessing such that others will take notice that because of us,blessings have come to that place.


Being filled with the spirit is one sure way of activating the enormous power of God at work in us and in this month we are going to allow the holy spirit to open our understanding,our minds. Nothing will be difficult for us in this month because it is the spirit of God working in us. Let this be your daily consciousness this week as you embark on anything and be sure that you will come back with great testimonies.


Brethren let us PRACTICE being filled with the spirit as directed by the Holy ghost Himself and get ready to expand your boundary as your vision is increased by the spirit of God.



God bless you.

Love you

Sis Mulisha


               Awesome !!!


What a great life changing,destiny altering,promoting and enhancing encounter of fellowship and celebration we had with the holy ghost wow wow wow.


My spirit is just bursting with so much gratitude that I could be a part of this wonderful service that was clearly by the spirit of God.

I am so convinced that I am Gods favorite,the very apple of His eye, the one that He looks at with a huge smile on His face. Only He could have made it possible for me to hear the words that I have heard that have literally lifted me to greater and higher heights.


I am looking forward to hearing how service was like for you. Please share your experience of communion with the tangible presence of the  holy spirit in today's service.


Also let me in on how you are celebrating your victory . Pastor declared by the leading of the spirit that every single line of your request has been granted as we prayed and it is customised especially and specifically just for you . Brethren God loves us.


I am finding it extremely difficult to contain my excitement and to continue expressing myself in English. I just want to communicate in the language of heaven. Increased unction indeed.


My testimonies have already started flooding in and there is so much more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love you so much

Sis Mulisha


Praise the Lord, our dear man of God is back from IPPC and is so very loaded. We had the pleasure of sitting at his feet as we drunk of the anointing that was literally tangable during the wednesday service.

It is indeed true of this time that just being in the right place can transform your life without a single word being uttered but just allowing the holyspirirt to work through you. We distribute the holyspirit so if you were not in the service, as pastor would say " quickly grab someone for that one word".


                        A TIME FOR CHANGE

Pastor said that the remaining months of the year will be so much greater than anything we had experienced in the past months. This has been so clearly evident with the spirit bringing us answers through our man of God Pastor Chris as he prayed for us.

During IPPC, we received an increased unction of the anointing with Pastor Chris letting us know that even the smallest church can cause tremendous change through the prayer of agreement.


Wow Wow Wow Wow I am so excited even before i can announce what is in store for us this sunday.

Wow our dear man of God Pastor Peter announced that we are having a prayer of agreement as a church .

Pastor said that whatever it is you need changed, write it on a piece of paper and on sunday morning, these papers will be laid in front of the church altar and the church will pray over them in agreement.


This is already a victory and i for one being a doer of the word, is already celebrating. Join me in inviting others and spreading this gospel to others so they too can cause changes in their situations.


Also remember that it does not matter what the challenge has been or how big your dream is; the time to cause permant, positive changes is now.




I love you

Sis mulisha

Mulisha Nshinka


Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Nov 22, 2011

Pastor Chris shared on this during IPPC and stressed just how important it is to give.He shared of the story from the bible were the woman gave all she had though it was little and others gave much but not all that they had. Jesus had then said that the woman had given more than others because she gave all that she had,from the little she had,she gave.


Pastor then said that though this was great,having little and giving all from the little you have will not move the gospel because it takes money to preach the gospel to the ends of the world.


He said that we ought to be prepared when a need arises but we do not have to wait for a need to arise before we can give. Everytime there is an increase,make a release so that you are ready for the harvest when a need arises. God has plenty of extraordinary ideas that He wants you to carry out but for Him to strategically position you,you need to give even when there is no call because the call to give is in the message.


Pastor has taught us that faith is beyond the senses,it is looking beyond your purse and insisting that you have to give. I have always heard people say that it is impossible to give to God and be disadvantaged. I give but everytime i give,i have a plan B in mind, ready to help God out to bring His word to pass and i know that is why i could not completely depend on His word to work but rather looked for ways to make it work. During IPPC so much faith was imparted to my spirit as i saw the word at work and i know that i have to prove the word of God for myself. I will so give for therein lies my future and prosperity.


I love you all

Sis Mulisha


Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow wow wow wow wow wow.

Ippc for me was beyond this world,i was translated to a different place were even the most challenging situations became so small.


We live in this world but are not of this world and sometimes we do not walk in the consciousness of who we are because we are too big for the world to comprehend but truth is we are exactly what God say we are and we make no apologies for it.


All through out this week and the weeks to come, we will be sharing of the great knowledge and revelationship that was imparted during IPPC so make sure you are a part of it. Pastor shared on why it is important to celebrate our victories and we know that IPPC indeed is a victory to celebrate and as we do so, our eyes are opened to see and recognise more opportunities.


What was the highlight for you from this wonderful programme and what will you do with that one word that you got?



I love you dearly

Sis Mulisha

Mulisha Nshinka

Yookos 24 hr Race

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Nov 11, 2011


                                       What can you do in 24hrs?


                              Lets find out.........................






  When you burn indeed people come and we know that we are burning and shining all the way  on yookos.

Wow this is an exciting and exhilarating challenge to all the saints to see just how many people you will attract to the brightness of your light on yookos in 24 hrs.


                    On your mark  see you at the finish line!!!!!!!!!

Sis Mulisha           

Mulisha Nshinka

There is a set time.

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Nov 10, 2011

2 Kings 7 v 1 "Then Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the Lord; thus saith the Lord, Tomorrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be soldfor a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel in the gate of Samaria.


This was the word of God by the man of God Elisha that changed the economy of a nation in a day. The Lord is still in the business of changing circumstances of peoples lives and finances and through our man of God Pastor Chris, He has spoken regarding the 21 day window. Our role is to receive the word and reckon it to be so and be ready for miracles that surely can only be by Gods hand.


"For no eye has seen nor ear heard"


This is the set time my dear brothers and sisters.


God bless you


Sis Mulisha

On sunday during the communion when Pastor spoke about yookos, i knew right then that i was not doing enough and this afternoon as i prayed the holyspirit ministered to me and i would like to share with you.


Now that we are in the winter season,T-shirts will not make as much impact as we are all trying to cover up so i thought that we could have bright jumpers with yookos on them. I know that it is almost christmas and we will be storming the street giving out rhapsodies but what if we also have a stand on the Highstreet during this busy time when families are going shopping. We can take advantage of this time to not only give the best christmas gift in our daily devotional the ROR but also impact Reading with Yookos.

I believe that this idea is born of the spirit and we should give towards making reading yookos aware and as you do remember that God has poured out His spirit on everything that proceeds from you and your giving will never be the same again.


Again i ask that we brain-storm and come up with more effective ways of making the gospel easily reachable for the souls of Reading.

Sis Mulisha

Mulisha Nshinka

win a soul for lunch

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka Nov 3, 2011

I was in college the whole day today and during lunch i went to town with a friend. Just outside the oracle near the market place,there stood two people that were giving out leaflets  about being saved. As i reached out to get a copy,it got me thinking that sometimes we can get so carried away with other things that we do not recognise opportunities to share this wonderful gospel with others.

I am on a mission my fellow saints :-). Pick a day from mon-fri and spare just a few minutes of your lunch by taking a walk to the highstreet and wining a soul for lunch.

Join me as we win souls for lunch and please do share ideas of how we can make more impact. We indeed have a sound mind and we continue to find more effective and fun ways to reach others for Christ.


Sis Mulisha