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Mulisha Nshinka

Gods love is amazing

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka in Christ Embassy Reading on Mar 21, 2012 7:58:54 AM

This is all i have been meditating on. There have been times when i have wanted to give up on me but one thing has remained constant and that is Gods love. He loves me so much and only sees the best in me hence "i am perfected and complete in Him".

I remember being in a service and pastor preached about how even if you were about to fall, God stretches forth His hand and grabs you. What a life of knowing that come what may,I can never fall, I can never fail and that there is only one way for me and that is the upward and forward way always.


The other day i was in the bathroom cleaning. It is a small room with the basin right next to the shower and as i cleaned the shower i slipt and had i fallen i was going to hit the ceramic basin with my head first. In that instant i felt the arms of someone holding me up because i know i had lost all balance but these strong arms kept me from falling and my first reaction was just tears of thanksgiving. I have read of people that have died in the bathroom as a result of such accidents but my God is true and faithful to His word,I have an ever present help in time of need.


God believes in me so much and that is enough reason for me to believe in me because in doing so,i am believing in Him