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Mulisha Nshinka

27/11/11 sunday service

Posted by Mulisha Nshinka in Christ Embassy Reading on Nov 27, 2011 9:28:50 PM


               Awesome !!!


What a great life changing,destiny altering,promoting and enhancing encounter of fellowship and celebration we had with the holy ghost wow wow wow.


My spirit is just bursting with so much gratitude that I could be a part of this wonderful service that was clearly by the spirit of God.

I am so convinced that I am Gods favorite,the very apple of His eye, the one that He looks at with a huge smile on His face. Only He could have made it possible for me to hear the words that I have heard that have literally lifted me to greater and higher heights.


I am looking forward to hearing how service was like for you. Please share your experience of communion with the tangible presence of the  holy spirit in today's service.


Also let me in on how you are celebrating your victory . Pastor declared by the leading of the spirit that every single line of your request has been granted as we prayed and it is customised especially and specifically just for you . Brethren God loves us.


I am finding it extremely difficult to contain my excitement and to continue expressing myself in English. I just want to communicate in the language of heaven. Increased unction indeed.


My testimonies have already started flooding in and there is so much more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love you so much

Sis Mulisha