Where is this place located?

what can i say? i cant stop jumping, shouting, screaming, praising for joy! God is good. He is faithful, as Pastor Chris always says, if you stick to the Word of God, you will come back with a testimony!!

my story is one that will inspire faith in the faithless, will give hope to the hopeless, and for the one who believes, will help their faith become stronger, and their conviction in the Word of God will be strengthened! Where can i begin? i went for  HLC with a determination to Katalambano all that God had in store for me. I have been unwell for years, i have been ill. To the point that i stopped talking about it, to the point where i knew that it was my fight of faith, no one understood the extent of the pain i was going through.....i just kept speaking the Word. Sometimes i lie on the floor of my house, writhing in pain, sometimes i faint or have black outs, i sought help in man, but they couldnt or wouldnt help, so i knew it was only the Word of God that will change this situation. I refused to stagger. i just kept speaking the Word. i challenged myself, i challenged the Word of God, i said a change must come.  Then this month of August, in fact it started in July, the afflictions began. pain in my stomach, Doctors could not help me, they couldnt find anything wrong. they took so much blood out of me doing tests, ultrasound scans (this year i have had 3 ultrasound scans), but nothing.  But there i was in such excrutiating pain. Time will fail me to go into the details of the heart condition i had (note:not have because its now gone for good). i had an unsuccessful surgery on the 10th of August, due to have another one in 5 months time.

But thank God HLC was around the corner. i said there must be a change. Thank God for Pastor Isi who agreed with me in faith every step of the way.

Then HLC came, it came, the day came!!! from the first night i began to recieve the rhema of God's Word. Christ is my wisdom - i got a creative mind, divine sagacity (this means my business will be successful!!). i catalambanoed words for my prosperity! Hallelujah!

the next day, more words came. The Image of the Heavenly, i am heavenly! i knew my life had changed by the end of saturday night, as pastor talked to us about the importance of walking in Love in activating God's power in our lives.

But God was not through with me yet. On sunday night Pastor Chris began ministering. He called my case. A person with severe abdomenal pain who had difficulty in walking --when the pains were there, believe me, i could barely walk! i began to cry, cause i knew it was for me. i put my hands on my lower abdomen, and my stomach began to move, like there was a tornadoe going on in there. Then Pastor Chris said, put your hands where you need healing. i put my hand on my chest and stomach. that evening i was already feeling so faint, i had walked up and down the stairs and my heart beat was going so fast with severe contraction in chest (all symptoms of the heart condition). As i put my hands on my chest and my stomach, there was a click in my spirit that my change, my miracle had come. my heart just got back to normal. i got up and went to give my testimony.

God was still not through with me.

I was standing at the corner, and just telling Rev Ray that i really didnt want to come outside, i just wanted to write down my testimony and let them know that i had been healed. Whilst i was yet speaking, Pastor Chris who was at the other end of the stage, turned immediately and looked in my direction, and from that end he asked me to come forward. i wasnt even the next in line to go out. And as Rev Tom was sharing the testimony of my healing to Pastor Chris, Pastor Chris said, he called me out because the Spirit of God showed him, that God has a purpose for my life, but the devil had wanted to destroy me. He said there is a call of God upon my life, and the devil's plan has been defeated. i am alive to fulfil that purpose and i will fulfil it. As he spoke, i broke down. In a flash i saw pictures of what i had been through, the extent of the health issue, and then i saw a picture of what my life will be going forward. A life of glory and beauty, and in perfect health. Pastor Chris ministered to me,and blew on me.

I havent stopped praising God. i havent stopped crying for joy. God visited me at HLC and i know its permanent. i knew that the devil had planned to destroy my life, but having pastor Chris see it in the Spirit and say it, then announce to me, that the devil's plan has been defeated, i cant stop rejoicing.

The Word works. Challenges may come, situations and circumstances may come your way that make you almost question your faith, but refuse to stagger! For a change will surely come. The devil is a defeated foe, and i am so grateful for HLC.

I am not naive to think that the devil will not throw any more tantrums my way, but i am fully equipped with the ammunition to put the devil where he belongs - under my feet.

When i formed the song, Higher life conference 2011, a time to renew my mind, a place to upgrade my life, it was by the Spirit. My mind has been renewed and every area of my life has been upgraded.

I love Jesus, i love Pastor Chris, i love pastor Isi. I love this ministry!