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I remember HLC when Pastor Chris asked us to write the names of those who we can't stand or tolerate, people who irritated or annoyed us, people we can't forgive. Most people wrote down names. People were so repentant and many people knew they had to soften their hearts to allow the message of love and forgiveness penetrate. Many reconciled with their neighbors, relatives, colleagues and fellow brethen in Christ.


Have you gone back to that moody person again?


Is he/ she irritating you or getting on your nerves again?


Is the sight of your colleague or boss getting on your last nerve?


Is there anyone stepping on your toes?


Is anyone at home, work, cell group or even on your bus or train journeys robbing you off the wrong way?


Is anyone pressing or pushing your buttons? 


Do you still have to keep your hands busy to stop them from slapping the smile off the face of that person who has been getting you angry?


Have you been getting worked up about what someone said or did to you?


Have you recently used any of these words....


****I won't talk to her/him anymore*****


***** I will avoid her******** I won't say hello but ignore them******


*****I will show them that they can't mess with me******


*****they have started*****


Then this message by our dear man of GOD , Pastor Chris is for you!


Read and digest it.



Every day I rejoice for the change the HLC UK message of love and forgiveness brought into my life.


I work hard to do all I can to live, eat, sleep, think and talk love and I refused to allow anger and bitterness to return. After all we discipline and train ourselves to live and see like Christ.



One question I asked myself after that HLC UK meeting was that all the other times I had said that I had forgiven, why would I return hating that person again for the same things I had forgiven them for or for a less annoying reason. It did not make sense neither did it sound right so I decided to go to the extremes to ensure hate, anger and bitterness never returned into my heart as they have devastating effects on the bearer.


If only I had heard this message by Pastor Chris I wouldn't have had to go to the extremes of pasting names on my walls and saying " John/ Jane Doe I love you." I would say these words day and night until I believed it and started to act it.


It worked but it was like using a canoe to travel (you have to row the canoe) for 2 hours when I could have just flown on a chopper for 15 or less minutes.


I knew the destructive effects of lack of love so I wanted to get rid of it by all means and I did. Thank GOD.


Pastor gives a greater and better solution, he says "settle the inner conflict within you."


The absence of that is....................


Hey! Read on, chew and digest. We can NOT do anything in the absence of love.



                              THE MESSAGE


"At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, who is the greatest in the Kingdomb of heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto Him, and set him in the midst of them. And said, verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and overcdome as little children ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of heaven. "


Matthew 18:1 (KJV)




"At that time the disciples came up and asked Jesus,Who then is ( really) the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven? And he called a little child to Himself and put him in the midst of them. And said truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children (trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving) you can never enter the Kingdom of heaven (at all)."



Pastor Chris draws our attention to the words in parenthesis, saying they are very important. The absence of them in our character prevents us from entering the Kingdom of heaven. He said trusting,lowly,loving and forgiving are the characters of little children Jesus wants us to adopt. He asked if the 'at all' was noticed when Jesus said if anyone lacks these characters they won't enter GOD's Kingdom.


Jesus is giving us something (trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving) to measure ourselves with.





Pastor asked "am I trusting?"

To be trusting and gullible are NOT the same he said.


Gulible-------   This means you are easily persuaded.


Children are not easily persuaded. They trust your character. They trust the person. Adults can be gullible because they reason out what you say to trust it. They don;t care into who is behind the words, the character of the man they are talking to. That is why the public can be deceived by politicians because the public can be gullible. And they can trust politicians. They fail to deliver and they are voted in a second time. "Last time we made a mistake, vote again and this time we will make sure we do what we said." And they vote them back in and the mistake still continues. So, adults can be gullible but children are not, they can be trusting. They believe in you. And this is what Jesus said. You have to be trusting like a child. You have to believe in GOD like a child. If you hold a child up in the balcony and ask someone else whom he trusts to stand down and catch him, he will trust. He will be ready to let go because he trusts the man down there because he knows him but he doesn't know if he's got the power. He just trusts that that one will not let him fall. So he will be ready to go. But the adult needs some calculations and you can calculate for him and mislead him. And then he will go, fall down and get wounded because he is gullible. Jesus is NOT advocating for us to be gullible but advocating for us to be trust the charactrer of GOD.

The character of GOD is revealed in the bible. It is revealed in HIS word. The more you study the bible, the more you are acquainted with GOD's character. So Jesus says trust GOD.


Pastor explains these characters.




This means to condescend without condescending. It means to be humble.


Children are not high-minded. They have accepted themselves and they have accepted others at face value.





What is it to be loving? Simple appreciation with benovelence, looking for the good of others. That appreciative, benovelent characteristics that seeks the good for others is love.





Can you pass over a fault? Can you let someone go free who has offended you? Can you overlook hurts? Or are you going to record them waiting for a next time?. In 1996 a lady wouldn't forget what her husband did to her in 1962? She said I will never forget and she won't forget. He was angry with her somewhere. He walked away and left her. And she would never forget it. They went on a visit, trouble came and he left. She met him at home. It is NOT that he never came back. He walked out on her in 1962. In 1996 she still would never forgive.

This is the way some people are, very unforgiving, intolerant, they are pained, pained deeply. They can't forget. This is why some people look much older than they really are.


This teaching will help us to heal inner conflicts. The reason sometimes we have problems with other people is not because they are what they are and we got problems between our character and their character. No, it is because we have got inner conflicts. And when we are unable to resolve our inner conflicts, we vent our anger and frustration on other people. And then you find protracted quarrels, protracted enemities. Even when they reconciled just give them a month or two they are back to enemities because they have inner conflicts unresolved. The problem is not outside, the problem is inside.

Even when you bring them together, they reconcile them, give them a little time and the problem is back.


This is because the problem is not between the two of them, it is inside. They need inner healing.





Don't be MIA, watch and be blessed.