Where is this place located?

During the just concluded NEA for the haven in London, words were declared for Zone E1 were Cardiff functions under. We were blessed with a newer revelation of God's word.


The anointing of God was so strong during this meeting and as you read this blog that same anointing is passed unto you now.


  • Recognise that having a relationship with God is not enough, it has to be a fellowship.
  • The word of God demands of you to have a personal encounter with God hence fellowshiping is the answer.
  • Use the word of God to your advantage not reading the bible as though you were a news caster.
  • Be very Concious of who you are in Christ.
  • Always function in God's ability for you and not in man's abilities.


As haven members the word Money is in our DNA, but I will like to share with the church some of the words of our President Pastor Ashoke...while he prayed for Zone E1


  • You will do money all the days of your life.
  • Money angels are hovering around you (CE Cardiff) everyday all you need to do is dispatch your angel by using the word.
  • You all have been sentenced to produce money for the propagation of the Gospel.
  • Grace is multiplied to you in abundance.
  • As Cain was marked by God(Gen. 4:15) therefore have you been marked with the ability to do money beyound human imagination.


Finally I say to you as heirs of the throne of grace... be consious of the spirit you carry.


The differencre between 1 million pounds and 1 billion pounds are Zeros (000) and in every realm zero means nothing so get going and start doing money now.