Where is this place located?

I am not the celebrant. I am a man of God. The brethren are celebrating the word of God in their lives.
I did not know that I was coming. If I knew I was coming I probably would have said NO. We don't know that we are coming.
I just thank God for choosing me and the Holy Spirit for giving not only the inspiration but the ability to share it.


When you meet a man of God, you should look forward to the inspired word that He will speak into your life. It may be in prayer or prophecy. It will be the channel through which God will do greater things in your life.



Father in the name of The Lord Jesus, I thank you for your children tonight. I thank you for the inspiration that you have given them in your word. I thank you for the blessings of the Spirit of God in their lives. I thank you that even as we are here in your presence, the anointing of God has touched each one of them. They ve been here breathing your presence, breathing the Spirit. They don't leave here the way they came. They leave here with grace, courage, strength, health, gladness and a sense of dominion over every situation.



I thank you, that even as they leave this place tonight, they will leave with a consciousness that you sent them into this world for a purpose and they will accomplish that purpose to Your glory. Oo that Your word will produce greater results in their lives than ever before in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are protected by the power of The Holy Spirit, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.



The word of God is working in them. The glory of God is being revealed through you, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus. Thank you for touching their lives, thank you for touching their families, thank you for changing their lives, thank you for giving them strength, courage and hope. Thank you for ministering faith into their spirits.


I bless them tonight with your grace (2x) because they are stirred for you, stirred (3x), stirred for you. They have celebrated the power of your word in their lives tonight and their victories will be celebrated all around the world.


The power of the Holy Spirit has lifted you. That power takes you to a higher level and your vision is expanded. Your vision is expanded. You are seeing more clearly than ever before. The Spirit of God is opened your eyes to greater things that you are going to do, what you are going to accomplish by the Holy Ghost and by the anointing and it shall be so. It shall be so (2x). God has made you a wonder.



"The world is mine and all that be in it. The nations are mine saith the Lord, for I have planted men upon them. The earth is filled with my presence and my glory. For those that I have chosen, called by my name shall walk with me and only in that path of life that I show unto them, for they shall walk in glory. For they are mine, saith the Lord. For I have chosen them and called you and I have given you my word as a guiding light and my Spirit to lead and to help you.


Therefore, walk in the light of my word. Walk in the consciousness of my Spirit and my presence saith the Lord, for my spirit makes my kingdom real to you. And by walking in the consciousness of my spirit, you are walking in the consciousness of my kingdom. Yeah, saith the Lord. Bear my name to the ends of the earth.


I have made you victorious. Have no fear, saith the Lord, for as it is written, I am the first and the last, the beginning and the ending, and you live in the midst of this. Have no fear, for I am with you saith the Lord. I am your strength and your exceedingly great reward. Walk before therefore and be courageous. So saith the Spirit of God."