Where is this place located?

Remember, your personal Salvation is the most important thing. Your salvation, your salvation is so important, so important.

Everything we do in this world, the visions, all our accomplishments, all the glory in the world, without our salvation: EMPTY.

Why are we here today?

Why should we do all we should do?

One reason only, our own salvation and to help someone else find his salvation. Once accomplished, there is no need to be here.

There are people who have toiled so hard, worked so much. Done so much, even for God and finally they lost their salvation: Because they went out of the way.

Your salvation is important, don’t trade it for anything!

There are people who in some churches allowed others to guide them away from the way of salvation. They found themselves fighting for something they had no business fighting for. They found themselves at war when they never needed it.

Your salvation is the number one thing: The number one thing: Number one.

Doesn’t matter how many conferences you attend. Doesn’t matter how many people you lead to Christ, If you lose your salvation, you lose everything. Keep your salvation. You are here for your salvation. Tell somebody close to you:”You are here for your Salvation, don’t destroy it”

Keep your salvation, don’t destroy it.

Let no man lead you astray. Don’t lead yourself astray.

This was culled from the Message “Four Important virtues” by Pastor Chris.