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Christ Embassy Colchester

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Joe Blaze

GOD'S WORD TO CE COLCHESTER Christ Embassy Colchester

Posted by Joe Blaze Jan 17, 2014



Joseph was trained to SERVE... From Potiphar, to the prison warden, to even the King's Baker and Butler, he served them, lovingly, so they could put everything they had into his care, and confide with him the intimate things that troubled them. Its important to have a heart of a servant. The greatest in the kingdom are the servants of humanity.


Joseph's meeting with the baker and butler was also a demonstration of love. He met a need. First he served them. What service have we given to the city of Colchester? Not an announcement. Not for anything in return. He served them. Tended to them. Have we tended to the needs of Colchester?


Soon, an opportunity came, where they told Joseph what was bothering them. An opportunity came to meet a need. And God divinely told Joseph what those dreams meant. A supernatural act. It came to pass. 2 years down the line...the King himself needed help with his dream, and it was the same Butler, that ended up suggesting Joseph to the King. Then the King called for Joseph, got his need met, and was immediately & suddenly magnified, put in a position of greatness and influence over the whole empire.


We are Joseph to the City of Colchester. One fundamental need in any and every city is Love...the Love of Christ. And as we serve our City of Colchester, the city will open up to us. As we serve the city, more needs that need to be addressed will present themselves. And as we meet those needs, supernaturally, by the power of the Holy Ghost, our name, "Christ Embassy Colchester" will be brought before Men of great authority in the UK.


It took 2 years for Joseph to be remembered by the butler and brought before Pharaoh, but God has said we are accomplishing 7 years in one year. Hallelujah. This is the time for Sudden promotion, where we are given power and influence over all of Colchester, and even the United Kingdom.


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