Where is this place located?

To start with, our dear Sis Angela, won an award yet again puting colchester on the map. I missed the moment but I celebrate with her nevertheless. Also the UK coming 3rd I believe in the overall church givings shows how much of a leap of faith we have taken in these 12 months that have gone.


Having said, all that, Pastor today completed changed my idea of a fundamental principle in christianity, which is 'by his stripes ye were healed'. Often I have quoted it and encouraged others to do the same and I saw results. But as Pastor re-iterated from Jesus' words, "healing is the childrens bread". Healing is food for the nepios and thus many got results as they did not yet have knowledge of anything better.


Understanding that if the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, he shall vitalise your mortal body. Meaning if that ressurection power resides in you, then surely it is a criminal offence to allow sickness to stay in your body when you have the power that raised Jesus from the dead and you can't use that to fend of attacks of sickness.


Revelation is indeed progressive, and when light comes then you throw away the lesser light. As you speak life into your body, you make it impossible for you to die with or withoutyour consent as heard in the testimony of a Sister. She wanted to die but she could not as she had spoken too much life that death could not do anything about her and even though she wanted to go, she could not easily reverse the effects of the power packed confessions of life she spoke to herself.


I am so ready for the final day, and I have received even more anointing and I am taking it back to essex and setting that place on fire for Jesus, confirming the words I speak with signs and wonders following.


Pastor I can't wait to see you this wednesday, I am making room to receive what you have for me.