Where is this place located?

If you were not there today all I can say is let's hope the DVD comes out soon. Oh boy, Rev Tom set the tone...Increase by participation. Simple but yet so profound. Then Pastor came and talked about the prayer of agreement. He said, the smallest size of a church is 2. This means that in that cell you have been dispising, calling yourself small, wanting more members, what you had was enough. As long as you can find a like minded individual filled with the holy ghost who understands the matter at hand and you put your faith to work then you know it is a done deal.


Then when Pastor distributed the holy ghost, my oh my did I lambano it. I could also understand what he meant about the currents of electricity running through your body, now I know that it was the anoiting that I received and it came to day.


Then the holy ghost began to stir me up durin the meeting and as soon as it was done. I called my beloved friend and sister in the Lord, Sis Zoe and we went and had a prayer session with the BLW Campus Family of CE Colchester. What I had planned to be a 20minute prayer session turned into an unforgettable night with the holy ghost.


The anointing was so tangeable, it was all over me, on my very clothes it was there. Resting thick. And yes we definitely have received a new unction and we put it to work in our ministry straight away. Pastor said, "don't wait until Sunday". We took that word and run with it.


There was an outpouring of the Spirit, all my members received and we are counting down to our testimonies. As i said to them, we are bringing Pastor Val, testimonies for when she comes back. And we will have many. This is only the beginning.


Indeed November brought to me the answers to many prayers I have been praying.


Tune in tomorrow for the continuation of my IPPC journey to find out what me and the holy ghost get up to next.


God bless