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The Power of a Church in Prayer


In his concluding message to the Ministers as the Pastors’ Conference comes to a close, Pastor Chris took them on a journey towards establishing a proactive, functional and people centred church that can change lives and impact the world around it.
At the conclusion of the Pastors Conference yesterday, Pastor Chris was in what could be aptly described as his expository best, delving into scriptures to pull out words of wisdom and power for today’s church. According to him, there are certain things that need to be brought to the church for prayers. So it will be wrong to wait until there is tremendous pressure before the church prays about certain things. He also said that when the church fails to pray about these things, there will be delay. He warned of the importance of being well focused when dealing with an issue of importance. “Be watchful and prayerful, Jesus said watch and pray. When you pray and God answers, you may not get anything because you are not watchful enough to note that the devil is playing pranks like an enemy sowing tares among wheat.” That is why many never receive what God has provided due to lack of knowledge, he added.

Quoting from Isaiah 1:19, Phil 2:9-16 and Matt 28:18, our man of God highlighted that “God makes us do things for His pleasure as He works in us”, telling the Pastors that they are a  beacon of light and inspiration thus they are well equipped for the work of the ministry. He therefore admonished them to stir up the good in people. Warning that they should not be selective about their love for brethren; “learn to separate the sinner from the sin”, he added.

Never be timid in your thinking because the gospel addresses every man’s spirit not the colour of their skin he warned. He also admonished on the need to run an open door policy which will not discriminate against people based on their social status. “Don’t get upset because the poor come to your church when you start up. David had poor men come to him but he trained them and changed them and if God can trust you with that, He’ll put the world in your hands in spite of whatever persecution you face”.

Encouraging them further, he said that “when God is with you, He’ll keep you when you face difficult times so don’t chicken out, be tough! What people think will never change anything; the power to change anything is with you, people are of more value than they even like. We can change people’s lives. Become a builder of people with the word of God”. He said.

Giving an example of how to raise the consciousness of the brethren about whom they are, Pastor Chris said that “I’m a luminary (someone of importance and great achievement) in the world. God calls us very nice things! How can a Christian know this and let the devil whip him? When you preach this word to your brethren, you raise a different kind of people.”

On the basis of what the church can achieve if only it knows the powers available to it, Pastor drew allusions from the scriptures to buttress these. First, he drew attention to the book of Ephesians 1:15, where he notes that Jesus is the head of all titles; He has a place far above all governments, authorities and power. However, everything He does is for us and everything we do is for Him. Also using Ephesians 2:6, Pastor said that “Christ had made us to sit in the same heavenly place as Him. We function from this realm far above all principalities.” In the book of Matthew 18:19-20, he expounded on the power of agreement in prayers, saying that if two shall agree as touching anything, it shall be done. “Even the smallest church made up of two people can make impact and make changes.”

Concluding he led the congregation on a prayer of agreement to take care of any challenge they are facing after which he led in a worship starting with the song he taught at the opening night of the Pastors Conference at the final meeting for the first part of IPPC – the Pastors’ Conference.from http://www.ippcdaily.com