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Do you have a bible? Let's take this song.



I have a wonderful treasure

The gift of God without measure

We shall travel together

My bible and I


If your phone does not have a bible, it's a stone. If it can't take the bible, you don't need it. Why would you have a device that everybody can talk to you and God can't talk to you?

The anointing of God is strong in this place, so strong.



God is great and He loves us. Isn't it amazing that Someone so great will love us so. Lift up your hands and tell Him how much you love Him.

The bible says there're diversities of gifts. If you walk with the Holy Ghost, He'll tell you how He does certain things in your life.

I call out people to minister to them as I was led, that doesn't mean that if I've not called your case, you're not going to get healed. This is a sign of the healing power in this place so that all of us will be ready to receive.

there're different kinds of unctions and anointing. There's power behind our ministry and the materials we produce. There's an unction used to communicate healing to people in distant places.


Luke 4:16 - 21

We should cultivate the custom of going to church regularly. For those who do not go to church regularly, take a cue from our master Jesus. How do you announce deliverance to the captive? YOU ARE FREE! That's the announcement. Take example from Jesus.

We should announce to the captives. You don't need prayers , the announcement or proclamation of healing under the anointing is all you need to. Receive healing. There was only one time when Jesus made clay and told the man to wash in the pool of siloam. The man had no eyes. Jesus healed by touching, laying hands and by speaking the word. He spoke the word of healing to the one who needed it. The touch had to do with a point of contact. They put sick people on the street so that they can make a contact with Peter anointing. Same also with Paul when they laid handkerchief on him.


Let me tell you a story, a man of God was giving a word knowledge in a small class about a man on crutches that got healed but there seemed to be nobody like that in the room. The man of God said it thrice. Next thing they heard was the door, someone that walked in on crutches, got healed as soon as he got in, he started saying I'm healed! He testified that as he came in, something went through his body. God calls those things that be not as though they were. In the mind of God, the meeting had happened.

The anointing of God's Spirit is so strong and so real.

I just saw something in my spirit, I saw a swing door, but a man has been standing in front of it thinking it opens only one way. Meanwhile, all he needs to do is to push that door and it'll open.

The Spirit of God is working in your life and he's doing in you, with you and for you what man cannot do.


God is an eternal God. When he gives his word things that be not are as though they were. What is happening right now already rook place in the mind of God. To Him , this program  is history.

Luke 4:18-21 Jesus related with the word personally.  The spirit of God is working in your life. He is doing in you and for you what man cannot do. Many times when God does something big in our lives , we say thank you and go away but that's not enough.



Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost (2x)

That's the kingdom of God.


Don't you want to be a part of the kingdom (3x)

Come on

Come on everybody


The series of meetings held so far were for a purpose. They are not an end in themselves. The quality of your life henceforth is the purpose of this meeting.



I spoke to you yesterday about your role. Its important you know your role because we have a role to play. The anointing in this program will settle on you for a long time.

Make sure you play your role. The first one was meditation, the second was speaking in tongues and the third is to be filled with the Spirit.



God has given us a supernatural life and we have to live it. There's power in your life, in your spirit and in your body.


Ephesians 5:18-19

Speaking to YOU in psalms, hymns etc. Everything about this verse is all about singing.

Colossians 3:16

This is ministering. Teaching.  I can sing to you. Exhorting and stirring others up in songs. Sing to yourself e.g. 'I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus', I can also sing to you, eg 'don't you want to be a part of the kingdom', the song we sang earlier.

Maybe you'll say, I don't have a great voice; don't worry, you are not singing to anybody but to the Lord. To the Lord it means something. God wants us to do his word as he has given us.

Psalm 100:1-2

1 Corinthians 14:14-15

Many pray but they do not sing. Every great man/woman of God in the scriptures realised this. People should understand that when we're singing, we're not waiting for latecomers to come or to fill the gap in the service outline but it's not true. Singing is very important.

Praying in the spirit & singing  in the spirit are more important that praying & singing in your understanding. If you start out by praying in tongues, you will not ask amiss.

If you'll pray in tongues, the anointing will be so stirred that the words you'll speak in your understanding will be ordered and guided by God's Spirit. Romans 8:26-28 Rom 8:28 he prays for us with groaning and causes all things to work for your good. Henceforth, you'll pray correctly, always start by praying in tongues. The understanding is the also. Singing is so vital.


Zephaniah 3:17, the Lord our God in the midst of thee is the Holy Ghost. We sing a lot in ministry because of this. It's the way the Holy Spirit responds to us because the Holy Ghost sings. Joy must be expressed otherwise it's not joy. Neh 8:10. The joy of the Lord is your strength.


JOY is an emotion evoked by satisfaction, appreciation and pleasure. The Lord is satisfied with us, He appreciates us and He loves us. He made us for His pleasure.

How does the Holy Spirit sing? The Holy Spirit sings in the spirit and you can only hear Him in the spirit but when our brothers and sisters open their mouths, those songs of the Holy Spirit come out through them. If a song comes to your spirit, open your mouth and sing it because it's the Holy Spirit singing through you. Hallelujah! The bible says God is satisfied with us, glad about us and loves us. God made us for his pleasure. God expresses his joy in your midst through singing. Sometimes there is  an urge in u to sing, sing because that's the HG rejoicing  over you with singing. Paul and Silas sang in jail at the midnight hour. Midnight is the hour of abandonment, the time when they were supposed to be forgotten.  There was an earthquake in the prison. They sang from their heart not because they wanted to be free. They were not asking for anything. They knew that singing was the right thing to do. 

Acts 15:25

singing unto the Lord is the right thing to do, whether you are in trouble or if all things are working well for you.

Moses sang when the Egyptian army swallowed up, he sang. Moses sang after the miracle. Many do not sing after miracles. No,that is when you must have your praise service.


I'll sing unto the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously

The horse and rider thrown into the sea.

Deborah did the same thing.


Judges 5:3

Isaiah 38:1-5; 9-20. He said the grave cannot praise thee. Only the living can praise thee. When will you praise him. King Hezekiah had a miracle even after God made a death pronunciation over his life, but what turned the situation around? What changed the tide? Notice his response from verse 9-20.

Have you discovered that? When will you praise him with your life?

Go and read about Jonah, he began to praise in the belly of the fish. The fish could not take it, he spat him out.


Are you ready to sing?

If you don't know how to sing, start with the psalms and read it to you. Start with the simple ones like Psalm 27 or 23. Then go from there to the ones that praise the Lord!

Let's start singing NOW! We'll sing a new song unto the Lord in the spirit and in our understanding.



To God be the glory (3x)

For the things that you have done


With His blood He has saved me

With His power He has raised me

To God be the glory

For the things He has done.



When we all get to heaven

What a day of rejoicing that will be

When we all see Jesus

We will sing and shout victory


Get ready to sing. We will put the words we have learnt to work. This will turn out to be a joyful noise. In closing, We'll shout hallelujah 7 times.

1st alleluia....to praise him

2nd alleluia.... 4th alleluia... Thankfulness and praise

5th alleluia,...,to multiply miracles of healing everywhere you go.


6th alleluia ....for prosperity

7th alleluia... Victory and triumph Release powerful tongues and go home.





There's so much to know and there's so much to receive. God doesn't have to do anything for anybody, just receive what God has done. We're not trying to make God look good, God's characteristic/make up is good. God is good! It is his character. Some people think that Christianity is a relic of past traditions but Christianity is real. Christianity is no religion, we have got to show the world so. They will not take it because we said so, we have to show them. Christianity is divinity at work in humanity, the word of God at work in a human being, it's a relationship with a heavenly Father that loves you, recognises you and wants to walk with you. It's no religion. All the religions of the world are nice because it tends to make people feel good about themselves but it makes the participants dislike the members of a different sect. No one religion is better than the other.




Make no mistakes about it, Christianity is not a religion. If you're not in it, you'll think it's a religion because of all the outward things that seem to characterise religion. Let me tell you something, there are chairs and there are thrones. The difference between the two is the authority behind the throne; no matter how beautiful the chair is, it's not a throne. A glorified chair does not make it a throne.






When we talk Christianity you must understand the power behind it.There's something about this man that died for the whole world. History bears witness that he rose from the dead. Bears witness that his body disappeared from the cave. His name has power, over 2000 years after his resurrection, to heal the sick, perform miracles. No wonder the bible says, he is the same yesterday, today and forever.




Let me give you an assignment and make sure you do it:


1. Write down what you believe about Jesus Christ? You must have convictions not assumptions.


2. What are the tenets of your faith? What have you come to believe & know about Jesus Christ.


3. What is the gospel of Jesus Christ from your perspective?


When I share with you, I'm sharing my gospel in Jesus Christ. You might be amazed at what you really believe, you might be disappointed or inspired by your answers but the word of God is there to guide you. You'll keep learning and learning till you come to the full knowledge of Christ.




We're heavenly and those that are not born again are earthly. Except a man be born again, he cannot be awakened to the realities of the kingdom of God. Those who do not understand, need to be born into this life to understand. That's why we preach the gospel. All you need to do is to BELIEVE and you'll understand!


It's amazing how people believe some people and some things and yet it's difficult for them to believe in God eg.the captain flying your airplane, your wife's pregnancy and the child she brings home, your surgeon performing a surgery on you, your money in the bank. We demonstrate faith every time but when it comes to God, you'll say you don't have faith. You have faith!




We learnt so much this morning, the question is; HOW DO I MAKE THIS WORK?


The parable of the sower described types of receivers and note that those that did not understand, Satan will steal the word from their heart. Say this: I am in the presence of God and I understand!!!


What should I do to make my Christianity effective?


Christianity does not do something for you, you have to do something with it. After graduation from school and you are certified, does the certificate do something for you? No. You do something with your certificate.




1. Meditation


2. Speaking in tongues


3. Being filled with the Spirit


Matthew 12:22




The Pharisees were unhappy people and they were always seeking recognition. If you have anybody you don't like, you are like the Pharisee. Look at yourself in the mirror, this attitude is changing you. The first sign of this attitude is that you start looking older than you really are and it keeps getting worse. Practice loving everyone especially those of the household of faith. Don't be judgemental. When judgemental thoughts come to you, reject it and do not care whether other people like you or not just keep loving. If you love those who love you, what makes you different from the Pharisees? If Christ is in you, expand your scope. Some of those people we think don't like us were put there by God for our promotion. That place you want to attain, until you find the goldmine in that person you don't want to set your eyes on, you'll not get there. There are some couples that don't like talking to themselves. They fight all the time even on their way to church and they wonder why they are not happy. Is it so hard to walk in love? The only reason it'll be difficult for anybody to walk in love is because you are practicing idolatry, you are a self worshipper. Once you stop worshipping yourself, you'll start loving.




I've not met anyone I don't like. It doesn't matter what you look like or sound like even if you don't like me, I'll love you anyway because God loves you. To function in those things I taught you, you have to function the LOVE WAY.






Write down the names of those people you don't like or  you do not feel like greeting or do not feel like saying nice things about, anyone you have spoken ill of.




I never criticise another minister, I never speak ill of another minister even those that criticise me. Those words cannot come out of my mouth. Choose to be this way. These are a result of a way of life. Stop acting as though people that acted against you regulate your life. If you keep acting that way, such enemies become real. Even as Pastors, even if there're people that always oppose you, you need those people. Every pastor should have a necessary assumption that every member of the congregation likes you. You are not being naive. To walk in the anointing of God and walk in God's Spirit, you need to do this. I'm going to walk in love, i'm going to speak good about everybody i have to say something about. No matter how many years you pray, fast and speak in tongues; if you do not walk in love, you'll not make progress. In every human being there's wickedness until Christ removes it with His light, the light of the gospel. The Jesus we believe in, said, Father forgive them for they know not what they do? This should be our response to everyone that does us wrong. When God looks at you, He looks at your heart. What does your heart look like? If your righteousness does not exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not see the kingdom. The righteousness of the Pharisees is outward, what other people can see. When you love, love truly! Learn to love truly!




Matthew 12:33-35 LB


Why did you say such wrong things about other people? that's truly the state of your heart.


The choices of life, not the compulsions reveal true character. The things you say when you're caught off guard reveals true character not the ones you rehearsed.


You're no different from the words that come out of you, your words amplify your character.




This is not the outline that i planned, you know i already gave you the 3 points on effective christianity, but I perceive that the Spirit of God wanted me to impress this into your heart. Because faith works by LOVE. If you don't have love, you cannot get God kind of results.


Galatians 5:6, the ASV says, 'faith working through love'. You may be sacrificing so much for the Lord, even if you gave your body to be burned, if you have not love, it profits you nothing.


1 Corinthians 13:1-3, force applied, no distance covered, therefore no work done in the realm of the spirit.


You better take this seriously!




1 Corinthians 13:4 LB


Nothing should irritate you. If something irritates you, deal with it like God. When we irritated God, He sent His Son to die.


Love does not have a record of wrongs, it will hardly notice when someone does it wrong. It does not rejoice over injustice but rejoices when truth wins.


(Something Rev Ken said to Pastor when he got hurt that touched pastor, 'Rev Ken said it should have been me, instead of you'. When  something happens to someone else, how do you respond? walking in love is in the simple things of life.




A lot of times, what people call 'love' might be selfishness in manifestation because it is centred all around YOU. Why do you preach the gospel, is it because of something God did for you? What does God mean to you in your life? There was an evangelism tract I saw years ago, it reads, 'if you were arrayed in court for being a Christian, will there be sufficient evidence to convict you?' God has given everyone of us LOVE CAPITAL, like money capital for business, how much of it have you invested?




God is going to be looking out to see how you invested it in other people. Let the love of God burn in your heart and be real in your spirit. You know unhappy people make other people unhappy. They kill people's joy. Your life can't go like that. God manifests Himself where people are happy and He cannot manifest Himself around unhappy people. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY! There's a deposit of happiness in our spirit, it's called joy.




When you purchase a device, the first thing you do is to read the manual. Now that you are born again, what are the features of your spirit?


Galatians 5:22


You have love in you, bring it out.


1. Love


2. Joy


3. Peace - once you say peace, peace will start flowing


4. Long-suffering - another word for patience


5. Gentleness


6. Meekness


7. Faith


8. Temperance


9. Kindness


10. Goodness


I have these in me. Don't say, I'm not a very patient person', that was before you got born again. You are born after the last Adam. I live in the spirit and I also walk in the spirit. The realities that we see in God's Word must reflect in our daily lives.


Inside me is the spirit of the living God, the fire of God is in my spirit.


Gal 5:24-25


I live in the spirit, my thoughts are high!




1 Corinthians 15:49 New English Translation


As we have borne the image of the man of dust, let us also bear the image of the heavenly.


If these things are in the Word, let us apply them in our daily lives.


The Angels of God are in this place, and healings are taking place.




This will move us into the sessions tomorrow, the demonstration of the spirit and power. Hallelujah!






Trust and obey


There's no other way


To be happy in Jesus


But to trust and obey




When we walk with Lord


In the light of His word


What a Glory He sheds on our way


When we do His good will


He abides with us still


And to all who will trust and obey




The word of God that you've heard, trust and walk accordingly.


We'll end by shouting 3 hallelujahs!

















Last night, did you learn anything? Today, I want us to look at something. Turn into your bibles, I want to look at the image of the heavenly. You know, the knowledge of God that you have will determine the kind of relationship you have with God and ultimately it will determine the quality of your life. David had a great and extraordinary relationship with God but it was based on the revelation that he had about God. God is far removed from our thoughts, He relates with our spirit. The bible says God is a spirit. You're not the physical body that you see, your body is your domicile, your house. Your body is not YOU. God gave you a body to function in the earth. Your body and the senses is the outward man. There's the inner man which is the real YOU.




Romans 7:22


1 Peter 3:4. In Romans 7, we saw the term 'the inward man', then Peter called him the 'hidden man of the heart'. Romans 2:28-29. 'Inwardly' here refers to the heart, the spirit. The inward man is the human spirit. There's the inward man and that's the real YOU and that's the one that really counts.


The reason man or God is called a spirit is because of the characteristics of the term itself. Spirit relates to wind, you cannot catch the wind. You can't figure it out with your mind. You can see its effects but you can't catch it. You can tell it's direction but you can't tell it's destination. But to understand the wind in all it's ramifications, you have to be the wind. This is what the Word of God meant when it said you must be born again and this can only be done by the word of God, because the word of God is spirit. You cannot even understand spiritual realities until you're born again.


When you are born again, something else happens... Romans 6:11, you become alive to God. I'm alive to God! I can understand the things of God because I'm alive to God! It's your inheritance to understand the things of God. Say I'm alive to God!




I'm holding up the mirror for you to see your REAL SELF. James 1:22


The word 'deceiving' here means 'overthrowing' yourself. When you look in the mirror, what kind of person do you see? If you're a doer of the word, you don't forget the kind of man you saw in the mirror. A doer doesn't forget what kind of man he/she is. This scripture here is dealing with the quality of a man's personality.


James 1:18, God gave birth to us to be a kind of first fruits of His creatures (the first and the best). When we were born again, we became the first and the best. We are born with a superior personality. I'm the first and the best!




If you're born again and Satan can still deceive you that you need deliverance from him and his little demons because of your experiences; what you really need is deliverance from unbelief. Because if you're born again, you are SUPERIOR to Satan and his demons. The only treatment for unbelief is the Word of God and if you're listening to me now, no matter how many demons are living in your body, they will leave you once you believe what I'm teaching you now.


2 Corinthians 3:18, take away the veil or the mask and look into the mirror of God, don't be blinded by unbelief. With open faces ... Get rid of the veil of unbelief. This is awesome! I behold the glory of God and I'm transformed into that same image. If you want to see yourself the way God sees you, look at the word. Don't see yourself the way others see you, the factor in your life is Jesus; that's who I'm bothered about what He thinks concerning me. I am the glory of God! This is not positive thinking, it is word thinking. The more we look, the more we're changed. This is why I told you that in this conference you'll surely be changed. I'm holding up the mirror and the more you look, the more you're changed.


Our religiosity has come to the point where people don't remember what they say in their prayers. That's why you don't get answers. I'll never be miserable. I am the glory of God. I know who I am. I think this way, I talk this way and I live this way. The more I look, the more I'm changed. I live a life of ever increasing glory. I am not the same person you saw a while ago. Every time you see me I'm changed for the better.




1 John 4:17, this is a shouting scripture. As He is, so am I!


Hebrews 1:1-5, this is too much for religion. You can uphold all things in your family and business by the words of your power. You can uphold your life by the word of your power.


2 Corinthians 4:16. It doesn't matter what I see on the outward, but on the inside I'm getting greater and greater. 1John 3:1-2, no wonder the apostles were so powerful and extraordinary, these were their mindset. We are the very sons of God, we came out of Him. When you look at us now, we might not look like all the glory that we speak about, but when he shall appear, we shall be like him but NOW are we the sons of God. 1 Corinthians 4:16-18


We're not looking at our circumstances or challenges because they are temporal, they are but for a moment. Speak in tongues to soak this in!!!




2 Peter 1:3-4, everything for me to have a great life, God has already granted it. I knew there was more to those 2 verses.There are 2 major words in the scripture above:


'Partakers' - got the word from koinonos, which means associates. It refers to a fraternity.


'The divine nature' - this word is Theos philos which means God kind. The actual Greek says associates of the God-kind. No wonder Jesus said in Hebrews 2, that we're for signs and wonders. We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. See how loving God is! He chose to share everything with us. Can you see why if you're suffering, you are suffering for nothing? If you want to suffer, suffer by choice but don't be hemmed in by the world. YOU ARE THE SEED OF ABRAHAM. I'm the seed of Abraham, I refuse to be broke. I operate in a different economy. Jesus was not a worm, he was tough. He knew when to shout, run and dance. What kind of man do you think Jesus was? you can't play cool and think that is Christianity. Refuse to be oppressed. Tell the devil in the Name of Jesus, get out of my body, get out of my finances, get out of my family!!! Glory! Hallelujah! Associates of the Godkind, what gets better than that!!!




1 Corinthians 15:40-49


When you were born into the world you were born after the first Adam, when you were born again you were born after the last Adam. You are hid in Christ in God. You were cut off from the first Adam by death and you are born after the second and last Adam. Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world.


To 'bear' here means, 'holding forth', to 'put on', to 'communicate'. How do you put on Christ? I have to accept what God has said concerning me, I don't have to look like it on the outside but my response is always YES, so am I!




Everything that comes from God prevails and overcomes. I am born of God and I overcome. When I face staggering oppositions, I put the word on my lips and I prevail. The word of God on the lips of a man of faith always prevails. If you want a change, set your focus on the things you want to change. Once you set your focus there, if you hit it, then you have your desire.




If you're broke, there's so much that God can't do with you; like taking care of His mother(lol). Jesus had to hand over His mother to John instead of Peter because Peter was broke. If the church of God in a city is broke, they can't speak for Christ. I refuse to be broke. Now what are you going to do? It's time to pray, you'll use the word of God that has been deposited into your spirit. We're moving into another dimension in the operation of God's Spirit. The church of God is entering into a glorious future because Christ is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle. We're glorious and we're shining.




When next someone says, how are you? Say, I'm glorious and I'm shining.





We're starting a series of meetings tonight and these meetings will change your life forever. We have different kinds of meetings, the NOB is an outreach that is directed to winning souls and ministering healing en mass. This HLC is directed to the believers even though several give their hearts to Christ but it's directed to the believers, it's a series of meetings in which we teach the word of God to help the individual Christian to come to a place of knowledge in the word, where he can walk in the glory of God as the Lord planned. You can imagine what will happen to you in the next 2 days. We have 5 meetings in all. 5 extraordinary meetings. I can tell you, you'll never be the same again. Human beings are dynamic creatures; we need to grow, change and improve our lives to excel on our journey. A positive change is not necessarily what everybody gets, some get bad changes. Every one really wants a positive change. Many times, many are not sure what changes they need, the beautiful thing about the word is that the word tells you what changes you need, how to effect those changes and the word in itself is a change agent.




There's a song that's sung all around Europe but not in English yet. I've come to bring it here. Pastor invited a French, a Hungarian, a Greek, a Dutch, a Finnish and a Romanian to take the sung in their languages and later instructed them to teach everybody the song in English.




Verse 1: I will glorify You


With all of my heart


I'll tell always of your wonders o God!


I'll sing unto your name


Verse 2: I'll trust you


with all of my heart


You'll be the joy of my heart






Another Song




When I think of the goodness of Jesus


And all He has done for me


My very soul shall shout hallelujah


Praise God for saving me




This is what's going on in my spirit. listen to my Version of this song:




When I think of the greatness of Jesus


and the vastness of His Glory


My soul cries out dear Lord, hallelujah


Praise God for loving me




This is what goes through my Spirit, when I think of the greatness of God, vastness of God's glory and the fact that He loves me.


The great king David, asked the Lord, what is man that thou art mindful of Him? Why does God love us so much? And He's so great!


The Lord is so marvellous, maybe you've never thought about it. Our minds can't figure Him out. He's too great. What He means to us and what we mean to Him. 1 Corinthians 1: 30, this will help us begin the kind of thinking that God will like us to have. This is wonderful.




For most of the world, Christianity is one of the world's biggest religion but they are wrong, Christianity is not a religion at all. Some made it so, that's why some people think it's so. The relationship you have with your parents or your children, is it a religion? Christianity is based on the bible, the word of God. If you don't believe this absolutely, then you are not yet a Christian according to the Bible. Until you accept, acknowledge, confess and profess that Jesus Christ is our saviour, came in the flesh, died as our saviour, God raised Him from the dead and He's alive today. Other than this, no matter what you think or say, you're not a Christian according to the bible. Why is this so important? Because the life that the bible talks about is made available to those who believe, confess and act accordingly. We'll look at this basic foundation. There're some people that think that the bible is archaic and irrelevant today that means their thinking is irrelevant today. Today is not a 24hr period, its deeper than that.




I want to begin with this tonight, Christ Jesus is made unto us. What does Christ mean to you? Who is He to you? For a lot of people He's our saviour and Lord, how many people know what these mean?


1 Corinthians 1:30, Christ has been made unto us:


1. Wisdom


2. Righteousness


3. Sanctification


4. Redemption


Romans 10:9, there are 2 things He said if thou shall do?


A. Confess with your mouth


B. Believe in your heart


There's no other way for you to be saved. Why is it so?


Remember that God made us, he knows exactly how we ought to function and He tells us how this works.


Romans 10:10


Man's heart is created in such a way that when he believes, he's made right with God. Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness.


You say the same thing in consent, in agreement. You're not just reciting, you agree with your heart. When you make the confession, you're catapulted into salvation. That's the way it works. With the heart man believes and with your mouth you confess and you're automatically catapulted into the arena of your believing. God makes whatever he makes by his word, God created the world by His word. When He speaks it comes into existence, but we function in the earth and that's why we make confessions. When you confess, you bring God's word into the earthly realm. Every child of God has the right to be happy, prosperous, healthy and strong. Every Christian has been commissioned to bring the world to the glorious liberty in Christ and if you're not happy, how will you make others happy? John 10:10 Amp


If they turn off this amplifier in this hall, it will take the power of the Holy spirit to get to you. Did you notice that I didn't say I cannot get to you? I'm teaching you how to think. When you come to a certain level in God, you'll know that nothing is impossible. God wants you to enjoy your life.




Enjoy your sleep. I enjoy my sleep no matter how long or how short. I refuse to be sick or broke. Do you enjoy your breakfast and your dinner? Did you notice that I didn't say lunch? I didn't mean that you should go to McDonalds and KFC and order big bowls of food, and if you're asked why, you'll say Pastor Chris said we should enjoy our lives. Noo! Learn to use things and don't abuse them. Learn to like YOU! If you don't like YOU, who will like you? I'll tell you a story, years ago, we were living in a certain house and the lady downstairs was very troublesome and I'm quiet, even when she was nasty I still greeted her, though she never responded. She got mad about everything and she was really mean. I figured out that her bedroom was under our bedroom. I started something, I'll come to the middle of the room at 3am and I'm jumping and the lady will shout, what is happening? the neighbours started wondering if she had gone nuts. Lol!


There are those who don't want us to enjoy our lives but we will enjoy it anyhow. Make the choice to be happy. I'll always be happy, prosperous and successful. Make that choice and don't wait for the environment to make it for you, YOU have to make that choice. If you make that choice there're nothing in this world that will stand against you successfully. Don't wait for your spouse or children or your friends to make you happy, it is not their responsibility, it's YOUR CHOICE. If you choose to go in this direction, you'll always be happy. God doesn't want you to have excuses why you are not happy (you might say it's my parents that made my life difficult or your spouse) He made us for His pleasure. God derives this pleasure in seeing us fulfil his plans for our lives.




These are my contemplations, these are thoughts that go through my mind.


1. Christ is made unto us wisdom - I have extraordinary amplitude of comprehension. I'm smart, I can think, I have ideas. I'm quick of mind with divine sagacity. I'm sagacious. There's no telling what my mind can produce. I'm creative, I'm innovative. What a life I can live!


Think of Hitler? He thought about taking the whole world and he went for it and some other people thought the opposite and fought against it.


We're not ordinary, we think about the whole world. When I think, I think about the whole world. It belongs to us as the seed of Abraham, it belongs to us and we can influence it. You can influence the world from where you are. It starts with yookos, in prayer. You cannot change anything till you change it in prayer and when you do, it'll be a walkover on the outside. I'm a success! I'm a success! I'm a success! I'm a success! I change people! I change lives! I'm a transformer! I've got it in me! I've got it! I'm a success and I'm happening everywhere! The anointing is on me! The anointing is on me!


The wisdom of God is working in me. These have been my cogitation's.




2. Christ is made unto me Righteousness


- Right standing means the right or ability to stand in the presence of God without guilt, fear or inferiority or condemnation. God imparted in us that ability. Man couldn't stand before a holy God. You become bold in His presence, to say to Him what is in your heart. Some might wonder, how come you can command something to be done in the name of Jesus? Jesus is our ability to stand before God. As great as God is, I'm not scared of Him or afraid of Him. Christ is my righteousness.




- Right wiseness means the ability to be right. You are rightward. You have the ability to do what is right, you can do what God sees is right. You become a righteousness person, you are living God's righteousness. This gives you right living.


Even if you say, I've had this habit for a long time, all you need to do is JUST DECLARE THAT YOU'RE FREE OF IT! You have inherent ability to do what is right. Tell yourself, proclaim and declare that you won't do it again. Once you say it, your whole system aligns to it.


Someone might say, i've not been going to church for awhile, if i come to church, everyone might look at me differently, then you do not understand righteousness. When you have Righteousness in you, you'll not see people, you'll see God. James 3:1-2




Christian maturity and perfection is found in your mouth. Your speech controls you. Your thinking is your character; your talking is your life. Financial salvation depends on your mouth not on the banks of your country; financial salvation does not depend on who you marry but on your mouth. Your life should not be controlled by the news, let your life come out of the word. Put it in your mouth. Mediate on the word of God. Joshua 1:8, keep saying it, don't stop talking it. When men are cast down, then shall we say there's lifting up. There's lifting power inside me.  That's what Peter meant when he told the cripple man at the gate called beautiful to rise up and walk. He said silver and gold have I not but such as I have... what did he have? Lifting power!!! It's working in me, every fibre of my being, every bone of my body, every cell of my blood.


Train yourself to only see what God sees. That's why we preach and teach the word of God.


What do you see?


How do you see?


How do you hear?


What do you hear? These 4 questions are very important.




Why do people suffer for so long? Whether it's in their finances or business or health? Because the word of God meant nothing to them. The question is, what do you say?


Hebrews 13:5




Don't lust after other people's properties. This doesn't mean 'don't dream? He's telling you that what you have right now is all you need. From where you are, what do you have? God asked Moses, what do you have? Moses was smart, he said, 'a rod'. God bases the counsel in verse 5a on a reason. This reason is in verse 5b. Then verse 6 means that there's a principle here not a promise. He has said, so that we may boldly say. When I boldly respond to what God says, it changes my life. The principle changes my life. The principle doesn't change my life till I put it into operation. The word will not work until you work it. Work out your own salvation. Since you've been a Christian, What have you done with the word of God that you've learnt? My life is from glory to glory.




Righteousness is the judgment and right wiseness wrought in my spirit. I carry the judgement of God in my spirit. I judge according to God's judgement. I judge by the spirit. I see things from God's point of view. You may be angry about something, is God angry about it? Why are you allowing anger to change you? Why are you so angry? Some are so angry with their spouse, children, others, why? Now you can't enjoy your life, because you're always angry. Why? Some will be happy at work but once they get home, they are infuriated. Why are you allowing the responses of others determine the pace of your life? Why are you like this? You are Christ's reflection and you're made in God's image and likeness. If Jesus is not angry, why are you angry? Is God angry with what you're angry about? Why will you get angry over what God is not angry with? If you're working for and with God, let His emotions control you. Be careful with the ministry God has committed to your trust before you make it a personal vision, in other words, an ambition! If you're serving God, serve Him truly! Do God's work, God's way, not your own way!


Don't let your happiness depend on others! Live above these earthly aspirations and look from God's mountain. When you look from the mountain, you'll see that the world is so small yet life is so big and wonderful and you can be prosperous and joyful always, not sometimes.




3. Christ Is made unto me Sanctification


Sanctification is a twofold process.


1. Separation from the world


2. Separation of the world from the person.


You separate the sanctified from the sanctification. Christ is my set apartness. I am set apart by Christ because I am in Him and he is in me. I am distinguished, unique, peculiar and separated unto God. It is God's choice not mine. Christ has chosen me and separated me unto Himself. I am set apart and I know it. You've got to know it because if you don't know it, it will not work. I'm set apart for success, glory and greatness. I'm set apart by Christ, I'm sanctified for his pleasure. When you go into a board meeting, walk in and say, I'm sanctified and I'm different. I'm the Kings's representative, where I work. When I come in, the kingdom walks in with me. I'm no ordinary person.




4. Christ is made unto me Redemption


This is not referring to redemption in terms of salvation because that redemption was for the Jews. They were the ones that needed to be redeemed in that light.


Christianity began at the resurrection. When Christ rose from the dead, we Rose up in Him and the Holy Ghost came to perfect it that we might be born again.


Redemption has two references: the first part had to do with the jews because they were under the curse of the law. Redemption in generic terminology for all the world - sinners means that When Christ died he died for the whole world, it's those people of the world who believe in his death, burial and resurrection, that become new creations, they do not have a past. Christ died before I was born again so that I could be born again. Romans 3:23, man was under condemnation but in Romans 8:1, there is therefore now no condemnation. Colossians 1:27, shows us that the glory that was lost in Romans 3;23 has been gained in Colossians 1:27. Hallelujah! Glory restored! Hallelujah! Christ in me, the hope of Glory.


The glory is in me, I house the glory of God. Christ is in me, I cannot accommodate sickness.


The second part of the redemption that relates to us now is that Christ is my riddance. Christ has brought me out of trouble, he rid me of trouble. No matter the trouble, Christ will rid me of that trouble. It doesn't matter what mess I got into, I'm coming out of this pit because Christ is my redemption. No matter the trouble, no matter the declaration or proclamation made against me, Christ is my redemption. You might say, but I got myself into this mess, Christ is your redemption!




So mightily grew the word of God in me and prevailed! Look out world, I'M COMING!!!!


The anointing is on me! That thing is working in you! It's working in you!


Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!!!!!! Speak in tongues!!!




We will close tonight's service by shouting hallelujah 3 times


1. First Shout - Everything that brought Limitation and fear in your life, will be shaken away and demons of fear will take off




2. Second Shout - pains will go, tumours will disappear and there will be a new sense of liberty in your spirit




3. Third Shout - after shouting this 3rd hallelujah keep blasting in tongues till you get to the door.




This is just the beginning, after these 3 days, you'll not be the same again!

What a success we have recorded so far.

As other states go back to plan their state ROUA, we here in luganskv will also organize ours.

The full detail will be given today in church.

It is written and it is done.

Luv u all.

Pastor Obioma.


Training will be on Saturday morning by 8:30am.

The venue is still music box.

Any changes will be communicated to you.


We would be praying tomorrow between 8:00 and 8:30am tomorrow, using the prayer points for the day, 19th August.

Always remember that we are together in this.

I luv you.


Pastor Obioma.

Thanks for joining me to pray.

Though we are in different places, we join hands in the spirit to  make tremendous power available.

We will do just that again tomorrow, 18th of August, between 8am and 9am.

Pls check the outline and pray accordingly.

I luv u.

Pastor Obioma

Good evening dear,

Based on the new directive we got from zonal office to pray with a new outline sent to us,

We would take time to pray tomorrow 17th august between 8am and 9am.

Please check the outline to identify the prayer topics for 17th of August and pray about it.

If you haven't got the prayer points, call pastor emeka to forward it to your box.

Plenty of love to you all.

Am proud of you.

Pastor Obioma.









• Pray for the influence of the Spirit to breathe upon all our plans to produce the desired results, declare that everywhere we receive the help required to facilitate the success of the campaign by God’s Spirit.  

• Pray for divine speed and supernatural favour in accomplishing all set goals in the name of Jesus, that the Spirit of excellence is released upon all our plans

• Declare that men, circumstances and situations are falling in place to produce success in the reach out campaign; Pray for the all the pastors and guests coming for the campaign, that favour and grace has been made available to get every thing required for the trip.

• Pray that all the finances and materials needed to make the campaign a success is lavishly supplied by God’s Spirit and our minds are flooded with the right ideas to produce the result of

the Spirit

• Thank God for journey mercies for all our travelling for the reach out campaign; declare that our paths are free from evil

• Pray also for the transportation of the Rhapsody of Realities to Ukraine, declare that there are no hitches whatsoever and the materials arrive in good time.





• Pray that the anointing of the Holy Ghost is stirring in a large harvest of souls into our churches in Ukraine, that our message is influencing the unsaved and unchurched

• Pray for constant increase in our work force, that our brethren giving themselves to the work and they are becoming sons and daughters of consolation

• Pray for all the leaders and brethren that their hearts are open to the message to run with it and they produce faster result that will cause increase in our churches

• Pray for extravagant grace upon all they do, that they will produce results with ease and accomplish Spirit-based results

• Pray for all our brethren to have a spiritual understanding of the work of the ministry, that this understanding would ignite their personal involvement and also cause them to take up leadership responsibilities in church





• Pray for the impact of the reachout campaign  in Ukraine causing a remarkable change in lives of people in the nation

• Pray that as a result of the campaign, there will be healing for the sick, salvation for the unsaved and prosperity for the nation`

• Declare that as a result of the reach out campaign, there will be an out burst of souls resulting to growth in our churches and increase in attendance

• Thank God for expansion of the work in Ukraine, new ministry doors are being open to us to plant more churches  and our influence is strengthened in the cities through the reach out campaign  

• Pray that the knowledge of God word through our message will fill the nation of Ukraine like the waters covers the sea through the reach out campaign and this will result to outstanding testimonies in the cities and also in the lives of many





• Pray for expansion of our message in the cities of the nation, the hearts of men are being dominated by our message causing an unprecedented growth and more churches are being planted

• Pray that  the Mimshack anointing is causing our message to gain influence over the hearts of men and the cities bringing about major changes that is expanding our reach

• Prophesy upon the nation, that our message is spreading like wide fire opening doors of ministries for more churches to spring up

• Pray that our message gaining roots in the nation of Ukraine and our message is Christianizing every one

• Pray for the influence of our ministry materials and churches in the land, that our message is permeating every soul, policy, district and government and they comply with our message  





• Pray that by reason of this training, our leaders will be energized to produce outstanding results that will result in increase

• Declare that our leaders are full of knowledge and passion for the work to wrought wonders and produce based results in all their endeavours

• Pray for increased zeal and fervency in all our leaders and the work force is increased by reason of their commitment

• Pray that our leaders are energized from within to achieve all goals and targets

• Pray for the Cell system that God’s Spirit is producing excellent results; pray that our cells are functional, vibrant and growing speedily

• Pray for our cell leaders that the fire they have received  for soul winning will not burn out and they are making supernatural impact in their catchments  causing cells to spring up speedily





• Declare that more souls are being won through the campaign and they are retained in our churches

• Thank God for testimonies that will be recorded in the lives of every one that will receive a copy of Rhapsody of Realities

• Declare that this campaign will leave a remarkable impact in the cities and direct the course of the nation to favour God’s righteous cause

• Declare that the campaign is releasing increased productivity and fresh grace for greater impact

• Thank God for the deposit of His Spirit to cause a change in all areas that the materials will get to and the supernatural will yet abound more





• Declare that there is increased grace for growth upon all our churches in Ukraine, that we would spread and expand without limits both in service attendance and in the commitment of our members.

• Pray that the influence of God’s Spirit is increasing in the hearts of all our First Timers and New Converts, that their eyes of understanding are being enlightened, that they know the hope of God’s calling upon their lives and are retained in church

• Pray for more and more people to develop deep and intense craving for our messages; that this craving is only satisfied when they come to our churches

• Pray for a deep stirring of an intense desire for the salvation of souls in our leaders causing them to go beyond their comfort zones to win souls and that this will also result to growth in church  

• Pray for the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in the planning and evangelism strategies, that there would be expansion in our churches





 Pray that the demonstration of the spirit will be seen in the lives of our Pastors and coordinators in Ukraine and men will be drawn to it

 Pray that every pastor/ coordinator will work in synchrony with God’s will and plan for their lives; that they refuse to be distracted by the cares of this world that seek to hinder them from fulfilling the call of God for their lives

 Pray that our Pastors’ are waking up with fresh fire in their spirit to grow the work in their churches and they are coming to the full awareness that necessity had been laid upon them (1 Corinthians 9:16)

 Pray for their families, that the mighty hand of God’s protection is upon them; they are shielded from every form of unrighteousness

 Pray that every pastor/ coordinator will be open to strategies of the Spirit to do the right things that will affect the growth of their churches and brethren





• Pray that as we go out for the campaign today, we go in the power of God’s Spirit to cause a remarkable change in lives of people in the nation of Ukraine

• Pray that as a result of the campaign, there will be healing for the sick, salvation for the unsaved and prosperity for the nation`

• Declare that as a result of the reach out campaign, there will be an out burst of souls resulting to growth in our churches and increase in attendance

• Thank God for expansion of the work in Ukraine, new ministry doors are being open to us to plant more churches  and our influence is strengthened in the cities through the reach out campaign  

• Pray that the knowledge of God word through our message will fill the nation of Ukraine like the waters covers the sea through the reach out campaign and this will result to outstanding testimonies in the cities and also in the lives of many

Hope you had a wonderful time praying. It's exciting to do this.

Just like the Bible recorded in Acts 3:5, about the lame man at the beautiful gate.

When Peter told him to look on them, the Bible made us to know that the man had to heed unto them because he was expecting something from them.

The same way, the people of this nation are heeding unto us in this season.


We would pray again tomorrow August 16th, for 5 mins, between 12 noon and 12:05 pm.



Dearly beloved,

Thank you for being a part of this work that God has given unto us.

Kindly take out time between 12noon and 12:05pm to say a prayer of thanks giving for reach out Ukraine. The prayer will last for five minuites tomorrow, Monday, 15 th august 2011.

God bless you.

Pastor obioma