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leave no soul unrhapsodised, giving lives meaning, delivering the nation to Jesus. Glory be to God!
as for me I will serve the lord and all that belongs me, I won't GIVE UP nor GIVE IN.,the righteous are as bold as a lion In
can you loveshout Amen! somebody!
From now no walls on my way, even demons in the dust bins if I pass they vacate, if I point my finger to anything I don't want will respond and disappear. my present at any place manifests what I 'm made up of which is the Glory of God and his dynamic ability inside of me. watch out this time! To
I walk in dominion, every situation is under my feet, especially if my Prophet Rev Chris emphasise on it, I will fear no evil. This month I will perfom miracles in a special way and thank you Man of God for the prophecy.
singing * my victory is sure.. .
one day Jesus was preaching, and It was after the Jews sort to kill Him, they saw Him teaching publicly and they couldn't arrest Him,and the people were astonished, and said "did the elders concluded that this man is the Christ 'the bible says no man layed his hand upon him because His time was not yet come, and some people not knowing that He was Christ, said is"when Christ come will he do more miracle than this Man" john 7:31. I LOVE JESUS and I will win souls for Him
After John heard that Jesus was baptizing people with water also, He said 'my joy is fulfilled and He must increase and I must decrease'. what an attitude of God  kind and humble, no wonder he was labelled the greatest among all born of woman, now I see.
He made me a wonder in the kingdom, today I am reigning over circumstances powered by the Holy Ghost, I love JESUS, I am very influential to my world with the Gospel and this mission will be fulfilled in me.Glory be to GOD!
King jey Zone 2 Boksburg SA


Posted by King jey Zone 2 Boksburg SA Jul 2, 2012
SEEK TO PLEASE THE LORD,NOT MEN. if you still wonder how people say about you, its high time to consider what God wants you to be, even Jesus said woe unto you if all men speak well of you. i just want to be like David a man after God"s heart. acts 13 :22. I LIVE FOR JESUS!
It reminded us of how important the mother is our life. Mothers we love Much
I am so honoured to you in my life, you are very very very very very very important to me .
I believe we are You the best on the globe, did you agree with me?
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