Where is this place located?

wow wow wow,l want to see that fellow who says church is boring,l know that just one encounter with pastor Edmore Mvura of the most high will change his/her confession.


Ok, turning hopeless situations around is possible.l learnt that it is not over until its over with the fact that the battle is an unfair one because the devil was defeated a long time ago which makes us victors,no wonder Pastor says victory is certain.God is able to do exceedingly,abundantly above all l can ever think or imagine through the power @ work in me,Oh boy,so until l turn the power on God cant do anything about the situation because it is like an uncomplete circuit,the switch has to be on,My goodness,I am his battle axe,the instrument of war so my part is to act in faith,like Peter,after one word from Jesus he did not need any other confirmation from andrew ,batholomew,John but he set his gaze upon Jesus,Oh this is beautiful,so this means one word stirred faith in the man which defied the law of gravity.Like the children of israel in the old testament, all they had to do was to look upon the brazen serpent so that they could live and not die.This is the same principle Peter used to be able to walk on the water.Well after the waves and wind instilled fear in Peter,he began to sink(fear paralysed faith).Jesus saved Peter whilst he was STANDING ON THE VERY WATER THAT WAS DROWNING PETER.My goodness,Peter's faith aroused again and guess what HE WALKED AGAIN WITH JESUS ON THE SAME WATER when they were returning to the boat.

This is the word of God,dust yourself and get up,walk again.

yesterday is gone,what you can only get are memories but today is given to you to plan for the future,u cant change what has already happened but u can alter your destiny.

We exist for God,his very nature isresident in us,its all about understanding the free gift of God which is righteouseness.