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Saints today we are going to discuss about PARTNERSHIP in the house of God!

There is a divine partnership in beholding and becoming men and women after God's heart. God has a role and we have a role. God will not do our part for us. We can't do God's part for Him. Our responsibility is to fill our minds with the truth of God's personality - to gaze upon Him as David did. God's promise in return is to supernaturally change our emotions. This is the Kingdom of God's division of labor. We change our minds and God changes our hearts (meaning our emotions). Beholding God's emotions is something only you can do in your own secret life in God. The truths of His heart must get into the particular language of your heart. No other person can do it for you and God Himself won't do it for you. You cannot go through a prayer line to get it. You cannot obtain it by reading a book. This is your responsibility of the partnership, wholly and completely yours. It can't be hired out to any other man or woman of God.


So we must get it into our brains. We saturate our thoughts with God's emotions and His passion for us. We take the transcript of God's soul, the Word of God, and we fill our minds with it line by line, truth by truth, day after day, year after year. And we speak the Word. It comes alive much faster as it travels through our lips, especially in prayer. We begin to use the language of God's emotions in our deepest, most private dialogues with God. We begin to speak the truths of God's heart back to Him and He transforms our emotional chemistry.


So Saints share with us how your partnership has affected your life and how do we get others to partner and share the same experience with us.

Remember in Christ Embassy, our lives are all about giving. we are givers.


God bless You.