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It goes without saying that the world would be incomplete without them...matter of fact, there’d be no world without them. Gifted and graced with such amazing and unparalleled qualities and abilities, they selflessly commit themselves to us time and again. They are the vehicles through whom God sent us to bless the world. Without them, there would be no us. Our Man of God, Pastor Chris encapsulated the thought while explaining the virgin birth in the message “The person of Jesus” when he said, “Proved positive, you can have a man without a father, but you cannot have a man without a mother”

It’s Mothers’ Day on Sunday 18th March and we celebrate joyfully our beautiful mothers. And what better time than now to say again how much we have been blessed by the mother of mothers, our irreplaceable and most beloved Pastor, Shepherd, and Coach, Pastor Joy Amenkhienan. Pastor we are of all people most fortunate to be associated with you and called your children. You are our heroine, our shining star and our blazing example. All we want is to mirror you to our world. We love you so dearly Ma. Happy Mothers’ Day!

Make the season special for someone today; put a smile on a mother’s face by expressing your love on this blog.