Where is this place located?

Mr Isaac Kalio is a dynamic soul winner. He only a few hours ago got a gentleman born again in a taxi they both shared. He got the new converts' contacts and planned to visit him some other time. The following is what happened afterwards.


Mr Isaac arrives Harts Conglomerates where he is bidding for a contract his company dearly needs.

We walks in only to be told that the company is no longer receiving bids because the the submission time was changed of which he was unaware. Soon he was all alone in the reception as the other bidders took their leave.

As he was about to leave looking really disappointed someone beckons on him; you guessed right it was the man he got saved only a few hours earlier. He was the one incharge of recieving the bids. He beckons on Mr Isaac to quickly submit his...


Mr Isaac has a decision to make, what this new convert was about to do for him is illegal, winning the contract would save his company.


What would you do?