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Ugochukwu Nwoke


Posted by Ugochukwu Nwoke Sep 30, 2011

Pastor Joy, my faith was so inpired with the words you spoke to us on Sunday, 18th 0f Sept 20011, shortly after Reverend Tom came on.

You exhalted us to be bold to stand  before anyone and make him/her yield to our demands, irrespective of his/her secular position, because of who we are.

When I travelled to Abuja on the 25th of September 2011, in pursuance of an USA Visa for a 3-week training tour in Houston, Texas, I prayed in this insiration

and went with boldness and assurance that whosoever that would interview me, was going to respond to me in favour. So when I appeared before the inteveiwer,

I watched him ignore everything that would have jopardized my chances, including the fact that what I had was a virgin passport, and he granted me a 2-year multiple entry Visa, glory to God..

Pastor joy, I love you so much and I remain grateful to God for bringing you to us as a specially packaged gift of Christ. Thank you Pastor.

Want an MC or Stand up Comedian for your event/ occasions

call: 08034658658


kAZARTAINMEN, We make ur program, a program to remember

Kazar Lieuidy James


Posted by Kazar Lieuidy James Sep 30, 2011

MY PEOPLE FALL MUGU BCOS OF LACK OF ABULUWUS..(the 4th kind of knowledge)

Mahir Tawer

Make £1000 a week

Posted by Mahir Tawer Sep 30, 2011

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Kazar Lieuidy James


Posted by Kazar Lieuidy James Sep 29, 2011


Wow ! It's hot! It's new! It's available . The long awaited ministry materials just arrived.

* Enthroned DVD n VCD

* Ministering to the Lord DVD n VCD

* Higher life conference VCD

* Your rights in Christ  ( book of the month)


Higher Life = 2,400 per set of 6 vcd's,

Book = 350

DVDS = 600

VCDS = 600


Come prepared ! Come expectant ! Come to reload. A Big thank you from LWPM PHC.

Hello everyone, I fell into a trance this afternoon, and in that trance a sister called me on phone asking me to inform someone to go round with a gong and inform everyone that Jesus is almost here, in fact in that trance there was so much urgency that Jesus is coming VERY VERY SOON. I want everyone to take this seriously and preach the gospel like never before. Jesus is coming very very soon. God bless you.  





Hello everyone. The great blessings of the gospel are ours to enjoy as we walk in the truth, in righteousness consciousness. At 12noon (GMT+1) we'll pray for the saints everywhere, that they may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, invigorated and strengthened with all power according to the might of His glory, exercising every kind of perseverance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light. Hallelujah! Remember to attend today's midweek service. God bless you.

Hello everyone ,glory and honour are continually seen in your life as you daily fellowship with the word and the spirit. Wow, wow, wow. In just three days ,we will be Celebrating "A New Hope " in Nigeria with the Reach out Nigeria Campaign. Get ready ,come out very early, 8am. Excited , rejoicing with one accord celebrating.  We are a mighty army in Rivers State. So sound the alarm. Everyone, mother, father,young, old, students business men/ women,with your green White green costume. Just one day, but we must take advantage of it. The Name of the lord is glorified as we come out. Hallelujah. God bless you.

God is my man-power, what can man do to me




Please meditate on and use this prophecy. It is a word in season. God bless you - Rev. Tom

Posted by pastorchrislive Sep 27, 2011


Thus saith the Lord. The nations are rulled and run from the realm of the spirit, but that which we say is that which shall be. Behold the kings of the earth- yea the rulers of the darkness of this world that sit over the nations to preponderantly perpetrate evil are dethroned. Therefore fear them not. The Arm of the Lord doeth wondrously and the work of righteousness shall be peace; for there shall come a peace of the Spirit even in a time of turbulence, and there shall be prosperity even in a time of great distress, that the house of the Lord may be built and the kingdom of the Lord established. 

Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war. With thee shall I humble the proud and destroy the terrors of darkness. Ye that serve the Lord, keep not silence for in your mouth is the word of deliverance and salvation. Rejoice, for the Lord will do great things and His name shall be called glorious.

Speak ye of the Lord and make His truth known. They that observe lying vanities forsake their mercy. The Lord is at thy right hand that thou shouldest not be moved. He that keepeth Israel keepeth thee, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth.

Behold, He cometh with clouds and the world shall weep because of Him, but He shall arise and have mercy upon Zion for the time of his favor: yea, the set time is come.

My people are a great army and their voice, evil cannot drown. They are strengthened; they are full of power and great glory, and the weapons of darkness shall not prosper against them. Behold, they take the territories and reassign the desolate heritages. All nations are your's saith the Lord, for ye are the seed of Abraham. Blessed be the Lord. 

Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God . Psalm 87:3 This is the word and mind of God concerning you; so refuse to endorse any demeaning, weakening, impoverishing and negative word and/or thought concerning you. Remember to guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life (Prov.4:23)

You are VICTORS for life! Whatever you may consider as your worst days are behind you. Winning is your destiny! Go for it! Praise God!

The shared common wealth scholarship scheme is a joint initiative between the commonwealth scholarship commission and UK universities to support scholarships to students from developing commonwealth countries who would not otherwise be able to study in the UK.

Total number of awards- 170


a- citizen or permanently residing in a common wealth developing country

b-hold a first degree of at least a second class upper

c- be very fluent in the English Language

d- has not studied in a developed country prior to application

e- not be employed by the government

f- must be willing to return to home country to work on conclusion of study

g- be willing to confirm in writing that neither they or their families will be able to afford the proposed study in the UK


For more details, you can visit the link below


Have a beautiful day and God Bless...

Adaobi  Victor-Asia


Posted by Adaobi Victor-Asia Sep 25, 2011

To God be the glory,is really exciting to be in d presence of God every time.There is no place to fine joy,peace,revelation etc in his presence .Also to follow instructions given to you by your pastor.

On wednesday at lunch hour service pastor talked about our reach out seed sowing and urged us to complete our given that the blessing will be so much us and things that are to come our way for good will and wht is not to come will averted.I had very little amount left to complete my reach out seed so i gv my cheque out.

The next day my husbands official car was stolen after he was dropped at home ,the robbers took the car wit d driver inside and droped him off on the road wit d car and left wit d keys to d car.

to God be d glory the car was recovered and everything is just going on perfect. God indeed is faithful and ever present to his children dat obeys.


Adaobi Asia

pear 1

Eric West Ezue


Posted by Eric West Ezue Sep 25, 2011

what a service, our dear pastor carried us on a journey of the power in the name of Jesus, now that I have heard, I will always use the name of Jesus in every circumstances and all things, i would that  everyone in port harcourt heard today's message, their lives will never be the same again, Pastor thank you very much for being such a great great blessing to us and me in particular. Bro Eric West

I could remember vividly the very first time I sang the Believer's Loveworld anthem. The part that says 'All we know is a life of giving' actually caught my attention, particularly because I was coming from a background where all we know is a life of keeping and saving for the raining day. But thanks be to God, my life  has truly been giving a meaning. All I know right now is a life of giving and I keep getting inspired on a daily basis. Reverend expose on the life of David during the luncheon took me to a new level. I want to say we have  a father and teacher in Reverend Tom. Whao! I'm EXCITED about my life. I no longer have to worry. All I need to do is release that seed and I have a miracle. My life is an unending stream of the miracculous. I am truly excited about my life. What about you? Pls share with the yookos family what its been like for u.

A great day to all the great and beautiful members of CE Port Harcourt, you're the the best family any one could have. Please read and rejoice in the wonderful prophecy given by our Man of God Pastor Chris last night on yookos after the 10pm prayer time. This reassures our BOLDNESS, FEARLESSNESS and CONFIDENCE. You are blessed. Amen


Rev Tom

Thank you.


Bro David


Bankers Outreach

The students in First Timers' Minsitry are on fire I tell you.There's a particular student that had not been tithing nor partnering before she started the classes.In the course of going through the classes,she learnt about tithing and partnership and took off like a jet.She started tithing and partnering.More money started coming to her and she continued in it.She gave for Reach Out Nigeria and asked that God should give her a job.The same day she prayed,a brother that was already over-staffed hired her out of the blue.''Now that you're so involved in the things of God,what are you doing for money?You know you'll need topay transport,give etc.Why dont you come to the office tomorrow and we can see where you can fit in''.He said.She has since resumed without written or oral interview-Her seed was the interview.


She was led by the Spirit of God on Saturday to give out four of her shoes and some of her dresses.On tuesday,3 days later,her aunty that had just returned from summer holidays abroad called her to come over to the house and pick up some gifts.Brethren,She gave her exactly four beautiful new pairs of shoes and some dresses.The dresses were so much,she had to give some out.Her life of sowing and reaping,seedtime and harvest continues.We'll keep you updated.

The word is growing mightily and prevailing.....healing abounds everywhere...Glory to God.


Thank you pastor.


Lucas N



Rumuodara Grp

God has given me lots of beautiful gifts since birth.Next only to Jesus,you are the best gift that God has ever given me.Even before we got married,you beleived in me and saw what others could not see.You saw the glorious future that was before us and the manifestation of all the promises God had made even before hand.You are the wife that knows when to speak and when to be silent-you have never spoken back at me in all our 8years of marriage.You are the woman that cooks the exact meal I was wishing I'd eat on my drive back home-I get gome and I'm served that same meal.You spend ample time to do the children's homework-O girl,you sef you no say I no be home work person.I don do procurement/construction finish,wey I go come do homework?You have never told me anything that I found out to be a lie-you always tell me the truth.You've given me  two wonderful sons and a daughter I'm most proud of.You are not afraid to tell me when I'm wrong.People,its a very dangerous place when you've got to the point where no one can correct you.The bible says ,''husbands,love your wives''.Loving you is so easy cos you're submissive,loving & full of industry.I dont have to pretend with you-I can just be myself.You are a true friend.You are a friend in deed.I've woken up sometimes in the night to hear you praying for me when all my strength to pray had gone.You are my partner.Everyone else sees the glory and victory-you see all the processes involved.Others have seen me jump for joy and rejoice-you have seen me cry.You are always the last (wo)man standing.I've told you in private but I want to shout it on yookos for the whole world to hear-I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH.There's no woman like you on the face of the earth.What more can a truly great king want than a queen like you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE-VICTORIA MACAULAY07082011278.jpg02 001.jpg

Let's remember to pray for the young converts around us, that Christ may be formed  in them .that they will desire the sincere milk of the word and grow thereby,that they grow in grace and in the knowledge of our lord Jesus, ooh that they walk worthy of the lord unto all pleasing. Let's pray in the spirit and in our understanding for them especially today,tomorrow. Remember,to pray along with our Man of God ,Pastor Chris at 12noon & 10pm. You will greatly impacted. Enjoy a fruitful day.

I do not observe lying vanities, i do dont consider them.


I use the word of God in my mouth to change my situation and create my world.


Thank you Pastor Ma.


Bro David



Bankers Outreach

Mahir Tawer

Make $1000 a week

Posted by Mahir Tawer Sep 22, 2011

Baddageria ---- Birthday.jpg


What is that mountain before you ,like he said to Zerubabel, it shall become a plain , it shall become a plain. It is a plain .don't stop saying it. Don't observe lying vanities, what you see is a mirage because it is subject to change. It does not have foundations, it cannot stand the test of time. Only the word of God on your lips has divine potency to change things.charge up your spirit first by speaking in other tongues,then focus your attention on what you want to change. It will surely come to pass. Enjoy today.

Osazee Ehis

The Beautiful Life Is Mine

Posted by Osazee Ehis Sep 22, 2011


Balagaba!Yesterday's Lunch hour service was smoking.As soon as Pastor Joy took the microphone-She was looking adorable as always by the way-it was like the whole atmosphere was electrically charged.I felt someone walk up behind me and softly whispered in my ears,''are you ready for your promotion?''Its was incredible!The same Pastor Joy on the platform just whispered in my ears-that was the holy ghost.I turned to my dear wife who was standing by my side and asked,''did you hear that?''.She didnt as she was equally worshipping.


Suddenly,it appeared as if the whole place was on fire.Pastor immediately started distributing miracles,''TAKE IT IN JESUS NAME!!'' Only the grace and power of God kept my chair from breaking as the power of the Holy Ghost tossed me like lightening to the ground.As I got up,I could understand why the Holy Ghost whispered to prepare me:He wanted me to be ready for my visitation.He wasnt done yet,the Power of God through Pastor Joy surged freely into the congregation as she layed hands.By now I was stuttering in tongues with my eyes closed.I only knew she layed hands on me when I fell under the power again.God loves me o.God gave me double promotion yesterday and the things that have taken other people 10-20years to acheive,I shall accomplish in a matter of days,starting from yesterday.


When God moves like that,dont take it lightly or become too familiar with it.He has come to address certain things in our lives that need urgent attention.A lot of miracles and testimonies have strated pouring in as a result of yesterday's lunch hour service.People got healed of gastric ulcers,various growths etc.and it was all in less than an hour.Lunch hour service is my service.Glory to God

Praise thy lord!!

There's nomore rat in my house since my cat open an account on yookos.


Yookos the right prescription for all living things.

osazee is laughing @ the devil from a point of victory cause he overcame him n his little tricks with the blood of the lamb and with the word of his testimony.God calls him more than a conqueror,and victory is a lifestyle to him cause he maintains his stand on the word of GOD no matter how hard the wind of fear,doubt, and unbelief might blow.and he belongs to the family of champions that obtained a good report,you have men like Jesus abraham,isaac,jacob,david,peter,paul,and many more in that the victory thing runs in the family.osazee is blessed to be a part of this family

mitchel  sofimiari

nid 2 know..

Posted by mitchel sofimiari Sep 21, 2011




And there we saw giants, the sons of anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so were we in their sight (Numbers 13:33).

At God,s instruction, Moses sent out twelve men to the land of Canaan, to spy out the land. God had told them that the land was theirs (Numbers 13:2), but when the twelve spies returned, ten of them interpreted the situation from the natural; according to what they saw(Numbes 13:33). They reported there were giants in the land, and therefore they could not take it.

However, Caleb and Joshua interpreted the situation from a faith-perspective. Yes, they saw the giants in the land, but it made no difference. As far as they were concerned, God had said the land was theirs and that settled it; whether or not there was giants in the land it was immaterial. This is the faith-attitude. Wheres the other ten spies were sore afraid and lamented their inability to possess the land, Joshua and Caleb saw it as an opportunity for victory.

The attitude of the ten spies in contradiction to that of Joshua and Caleb exemplifies two groups of individuals in the church today. The ten spies portray those in the church who are still ruled and governed by what their natural sense perceive. These are the ones easily overtaken by fear and who cower in the day of adversity. But Joshua and Caleb represent the faith-generation; those who think and talk the word.

Let's read Joshua and Caleb's inspiring faith-response to the negative report presented to the children of Isreal by the other ten spies: "Only rebel not against the Lord, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us: fear them not" (Numbers 14:9). What a proclamation of faith! This is the victory attitude we should have as Christians, particularly in trying times.

Realize that you're more than a conqueror, and greater is He that,s in you, than he that's in the world. All the forces of heaven and power of divinity are working on your behalf; therefore refuse to buckle or give in to any adversity, for you,re a victor in Christ Jesus.




Dear Father, I see all trails and challenge that come my way as bread. No force has the ability to defeat me or throw me off balance because greater is He that,s in me than he that,s in the world. I,m more than a conqueror, and I live with confidence, knowing that all of heaven and power of divinity are working for me, for my good, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Agbai Ufere Ilum (ZD1)


Posted by Agbai Ufere Ilum (ZD1) Sep 21, 2011

We are indeed victors on every side. Thus, we are subduing nations and imparting them with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I mean there is a great power to demonstrate the character of the Spirit in making too large wealth ( Deuteronomy 8:18 ) for the furtherance of the gospel. If you are a victor in this aspect of life say Amen. This is a moral fiber for those who walk in more grace.


Haven 3 CC1

Sophia Samuel

Special Cake Sale

Posted by Sophia Samuel Sep 21, 2011

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Get cup cakes supplied to your doorstep for ALL OCCASSION and receive 20% discount. It is real, you have to try this.

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Thank you Pastor Ma.


Bro David


Bankers Outreach

Good morning precious saints, remember the words of our lord Jesus Christ, when he said "Go into all the world and preach the gospel......". The underlining truth here is that, as you go on your daily activities,by virtue of your uniqueness ,you have specific people through different relationships that go in and out of your life. Your family members,have they heard the gospel from your lips, at your workplace, you must explain to people what is the gospel and how they can participate in it. Do your neighbours know that you are the Jesus they can see and call for help. Let your light so shine that men may see your goods works. The more people you bring into the kingdom of God, the more your light is shining. Let's do it again. Everyone you reach today, ensure they follow you to church, so they can be nurtured in the ways of Righteousness. Enjoy today.



Don't get tired of helping others. You will be rewarded when the time is right, if you don't give up (Galatians 6:9 CEV).


Being properous means a lot more than amassing material wealth; it involves being able to take care of yourself and help others. The Bible says: "And God is able to make all grace (every favour and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient [possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation; He gives to the poor; His deeds of justice and goodness and kindness and benevolence will go on and endure forever!"(2 Corinthians 9:8-9 AMP).

A prosperous man finds true joy and excitement in being able to reach out and extend love to others. He's of a benevolent spirit, quick to give, and derives satisfaction from helping others become prosperous. So if you want to know someone who is truly successful, find out how many people he has helped to become successful.

Some people however have had terrible experiences in trying to help others. They helped people start out well in life, probably helped them start up a bussiness, only for those they helped to eventually turn against them. So they got bitter and decided never to help anyone anymore. No. That's not the way of Christ. Luke 6:35 says, "But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil."

Don't get bitter to the point you give up helping others, even when they prove to be undeserving of your help. Your unique gift is in your ability to render help to others and help them make their dreams come true, in spite of themselves. The Bible says: "....if you have gift of helping others, do it with the strength that God supplies...." (1 Peter 4:11 CEV).

Keep helping others, whether or not they remember you or reciprocate your kindness. As you do, God will keep increasing you and multiplying your ability to be a blessing. Don.t let fear, doubt, unbelief, resentment, and bitterness hinder you from your ministry as a blesser, a giver and lifter of others. Always be excited and exuberant with faith, knowing that God is the one who rewards you for your kindness and labour of love towards others.



Dear Father, thank you for the opportunity I have to help others and make their dreams come true. I recognize this unique gift today and do it consciously with the strength you supply me, in Jesus Name. Amen

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You can still access CE PORTHARCOURT ZONE with BOLT BROWSER. Just go to from your phone browser. When the site opens, scroll to the search icon-type BOLT BROWSER-when the page opens, three different BOLT BROWSERS will display-you select any of it, download and ensure its installed in your phone. ENJOY YOOKOS.

never had a meeting like this, my life has been improved in just a moment of time.

reverend Sir, you are a field marshall in God's army, the top class army. What a meeting.

you released so much virtue into me that i thought i would explode.Still basking in the glory, and will forever.

Ahh, you are too much sir

Ineye C.A Briggs

we make things happen

Posted by Ineye C.A Briggs Sep 19, 2011

yesterday with rev Tom was awesome,i thank God i was there.its a new level of giving.ce borokiri 1

Hello everyone,

For those of you who have always wanted to pursue a masters degree in the UK, here it is.....

The University of Westminster is awarding full scholarships to students from developing countries which includes tuition fees, accomodation and flights to and from London.

You must be a citizen of a developing country and hold an offer for a full time masters degree from the university of westminster.

In addition to that, you should have a copy of your transcripts and a valid international passport.

So if you haven't applied for a place yet, then you should.

Particular prefrence will be given to applicants that can demonstrate how the knowledge they will acquire from their studies will aid the development of their home countries.


Deadline for application is November 1 2011.

For futher details, check out these links -of-westminster/ stminster-international-scholarships.




Waoh! What a great time we had with Rev Tom at C.E. Woji.He kept pouring out words of knowledge par second.I kept writing.This man has truly been with Pastor Chris.Thank God for using Pastor Jude to bring Rev Tom to Woji church! We are truly blessed with the caliber of pastors that have been well trained under the tutelage of Pastor Chris.It reminds me of Christ and his disciples!.THANK YOU REV TOM AND PASTOR JUDE."WE LOVE U".

Wow,wow,wow.glorious service. I know you  enjoyed the service today. This  week , you will walk in favour and dominion. Remember, to create the right environment around you by speaking the right things,say what you want to see and keep saying it until you see it come to pass. Enjoy the rest of your day,  God bless you.

mitchel  sofimiari


Posted by mitchel sofimiari Sep 18, 2011


opeyemi fatogun

what a meeting!!!

Posted by opeyemi fatogun Sep 17, 2011

we had a wonderful cell meeting today. we were taught from psalms 16;6

He made my life pleasant, my future is bright (CEV)

No wonder i am enjoying my life,every bit of it ,every moment

praise God

I see myself the way God sees me.


I am the First and the Best (Topclass).


I look into the mirror patiently and meditatively, pondering, muttering and roaring the word.


Thank you Pastor Ma.



Bro David



Bankers Outreach

Jesus came to give you joy and joy to the full! When your joy is full, it can be seen by others. Joy is supposed to be displayed. As believers, we should have a smile on our face and a spring in our step. We should be kind and friendly. We should be fun to be around. We should be full of His supernatural joy!

Have you allowed the pressures of life to push you down? Have you been more focused on your circumstances than on your God? If you’re not enjoying your life or relationships, it’s time to refocus and tap into the full joy within. It’s time to draw the line in the sand and say, “That’s it. I’m not going to live another day negative, discouraged, sour or grumpy. I’m going to put a smile on my face. I’m going to let my joy be seen so I can brighten somebody else’s day. I’m going to live my life happy and full of joy!”

Friend, when you take that step of faith and choose to trust God with your future, something changes on the inside. Your feelings will soon line up. Your faith will tap into His supernatural joy. And when you tap into joy, you tap into His strength and victory so you can live the full, abundant life He has prepared for you!Pastor ask us to enjoy our life,I am enjoying mine big time how about you don't be left out of this trip of joy.

Ezinne  Okorafor

Happy Birthday Sir

Posted by Ezinne Okorafor Sep 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!Heaven & earth & everything that has breathe celebrate U cos u came.Indeed,is a new dawn.D mountain & d hills re breaking forth as U pass.The excellent spirit in U is evident 4 men 2 see amen.CONGRATULATION MY DADDY,MENTOR N MAN OF GOD.LOVE U LARGE.                                                 Ezinne Okorafor on behalf of Heritage 1 PCF                         




For, bretheren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another (Galatians 5:13).



I am often excited abot the power and efficacy of the Gosple of our Lord Jesus Christ; how it liberates men from bondage into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. Anyone who embraces the Gosple is brought into a life of absolute liberty-a life of the miraculous-far removed from religion. Hence as a Christian, you must watch out and refuse to be ensnared by those at liberty into bondage.


People with this type of attitude were there in Paul's day and are still around today. Their aim is to put others in the same bondage they are in. The Apostle Paul, referring to them in Galatians 2:4 said: "And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage." It's not surprising that they would try to do this. A man who isn't free won't see any reason for another person's liberty. Even when they preach Christ, they do it in a way that condemns, subdue and brings their hearers into bondage.


Galatians 5:1 lets us know that Christ has made us free to live the glorious and exciting life of the spirit; therefore refuse to be hampered with any yoke of slavery. John 8:32 says "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." The truth is the word of God; your knowledge of the word will keep you in perpetual victory, cleanse your heart and purge your conscience to serve God. It will foil every strategy of the enemy to put you in bondage, and build you up till you become a stalwart in the faith: "That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to decieve" (Ephesians 4:14).







I rejoice O Lord because l'm at liberty to serve you and glorify you with my life! With my whole heart

See yourself the way God sees you. How do you look at yourself ? By looking at the mirror. The Word of God shows you what God really thinks about you and how he wants you to see yourself. But you look at this mirror differently. You don't glance you look intently ,meditatively,and patiently. Until it is in your heart ( registered) and you can boldly speak it forth.

Today, look at the Word llike this until the glory you see in the word overshadows you ,Hallelujah. Please pray with Pastor Chris at 12noon today and 10 pm. Enjoy and have a fruitful day. God Bless you.

Adewale  ,felix

the word works

Posted by Adewale ,felix Sep 16, 2011

if you stick to the word you will come back with a testimony

My Spirit is feeding on the Word of God.


I am a success on all counts and a wonder to my world.


Thank you Pastor Ma, for your refreshing words of wisdom.


They are medicine to my flesh.





Bro David


Bankers Outreach

There is a man or woman of substance hidden inside everyone & u must discover that inner person and unveil him/her. Remember you have ability. Nature never created a failure, failure is self made. Look inside you & find out what's there because inside us is an ability, a gift & no one can find it for you except yourself.  So locate it, bring it to light & let it shine. You can't change yesterday but u can do sometin about tomorrow.

Hello brethrens, do you know that you can view & add your comments on Pastor Joy's post on ce portharcourt zone from your phone? Yes you can!!!

Download BOLT BROWSER from now & start yooking from your mobile phone. Its easy & simple-just go to from your phone brower-when the page open, search for BOLT BROWSER and download it. If any difficult, holla @ this number 08062649871. Enjoy y,al

To our dearly beloved Pastors Rev. Tom & Pastor Joy Amenkhienan and the esteemed brethren of  Christ Embassy Port Harcourt, I  want to say congratulations to every one of you as we launch our Reach Out Nigeria Campaign, today September 15th 2011, at the Atrium  Event Centre, Stadium road,  Port Harcourt!. By reason of this event, Port Harourt can never remain the same again! Indeed, it is going to be from glory to glory!. Thank you Pastor we love you!

Good morning, what is your Spirit feeding on? Be diligent not to allow the wrong thoughts into your spirit.....guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23. When your Spirit feeds on the right stuff, the Word of God. It will help programme the right people, the environment, the right circumstance that will be in your favour,and make you a success on all counts, and a wonder to your World,Glory to God. Let's hear your victorious testimony on Yookos. Have a glorious day.

Soibi  Johnson

A New way to think

Posted by Soibi Johnson Sep 15, 2011

Pastor Joy.


thank you for helping change the way i think.

I think about everything the way God think about it, and if at any point

i don't know what God is thinking i just ask the holy spirit.


I love U Ma.




For thou has been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall (Isaiah 25:4)


The Lord our God is our refuge and strong tower. He is the strength of the poor and provides succour to the needy. He alone can provide all the comfort, help, security and protection you need. No wonder proverbs 3:5 says "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding. "Psalm 20:7 says, "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.

Our God is our refuge in times of trouble. He shields us from the corrupting influences in the world today. If you're born again, you need not worry about economic recession, inflation or any form of economic or political turmoil, for the kingdom to which you belong operates by heavenly principles. The Bible says "By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house....(hebrew 11:7).

Everyone in Noah's day, including the animals, drowned when God destroyed the earth with flood. Yet, Noah's ark floated safely atop the same water that destroyed the ungodly. You have to realize therefore that the evil, hardship and harsh economic conditions in the world are not set against you; you should never be disadvantaged as a child of God. In the midst of recession and economic downturn, God has ordained your prosperity. He already planned that you'll be a success in this life.

Just as the ark was a haven for Noah and his family, the Lord Jesus is your refuge from the storm: "The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe" (provers 18:10). Everyone in Noah's ark was sustained for a hundred and fifty days, but when you come into Christ by making Jesus Lord of your life, He'll preseverve and sustain you for eternity. Therefore, refuse to fret or fear, for the


twenty-six diseases

Posted by beks Sep 14, 2011

A woman brought her child, who had twenty-six major diseases, to our meeting. I'll never forget this as long as I live. The boy was born blind, deaf and mute. Both arms were crippled and deformed. His elbows protruded up into his little tummy; his knees touched his elbows. Both legs were crippled and deformed; he had club feet. When he was born, his doctors said that boy would never live to see his first birthday, but they were wrong; he was approaching four years of age. Of course, his condition was breaking his mama's heart. She came to our meetings all week, and I got concerned about that boy. In those crusades, we had each person with a need fill out a prayer card, and as the Holy Spirit moved, we would pray for the needs God inspired us to pray for. And the Holy Spirit didn't seem to be moving us to pray for that little boy."

"The following Sunday, his mother came to me and said, 'Brother Schambach, I'm down to my last twenty dollars. I've paid the hotel bill, but we've been eating in the restaurant, coming to three services a day and giving in every offering. All the money has run out. My baby has not been prayed for.' She was very upset, and she was ready to give up and go home."

"I said 'Ma'am, I can't apologize for the moving of the Holy Ghost. I know you have to leave tonight, but if you come to the service and, once again, the Holy Spirit leads in another direction, and your son's prayer card is not drawn for prayer, I will personally take your baby to the man of God's trailer house and see that he lays hands on your baby. You will not leave disappointed.' And I meant that from my heart."

"That night I came out, and I led the singing in that evening service. Then I introduced Brother A. A. Allen, and he came bouncing out on that platform and said 'Tonight we're going to receive an offering of faith.' I had never heard him use that expression before, and I saw eyebrows lift all over the congregation. He went on, 'Now, if you don't know what I mean when I say an 'offering of faith,' I mean for you to give God something you cannot afford to give. That's a good definition, isn't it? If you can afford it, there's no faith connected to it. So give Him something you can't afford to give.'"

"As soon as Brother Allen said that, I saw that boy's mother leap out into the aisle and come running. Three thousand people were watching her in that Birmingham Fairgrounds Arena as she threw something in that offering bucket. I never saw anybody in such a hurry to give, and, I confess, I was nosy. I came down off that platform to see what she had given. You know what I saw in that bucket? A twenty dollar bill."

"I knew that was all she had. She had told me that. She had driven from Knoxville, Tennessee, to the meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. She didn't know how she was going to get home or what she was going to use to feed herself and her baby on the way. I went behind the platform and wept. I prayed, 'Lord, I've been trying to teach that woman faith all week. But now I'm asking You to give me faith like she's got!'"

". . . Brother Allen went on and collected the offering and launched into his sermon. But about fifteen minutes into his message he stopped and said, 'I'm being carried away in the Spirit.'"

"I said to myself, 'Here we go again on another trip.' This is how God used him: he said he could see what the Holy Spirit wanted to communicate to him like he was watching it on a television screen. He would describe it as he saw it. That night he said, 'I'm being carried away to a huge white building. Oh, it's a hospital.' Of course, I heard this kind of thing every night that I worked with Brother Allen so I was sitting there unmoved."

"Then he said, 'I'm inside the hospital, and there's no doubt in my mind where I'm heading because I hear all these babies crying. It's a maternity ward. I see five doctors around a table. A little baby has been born. The baby was born with twelve, no, sixteen, no, twenty-six diseases.'"

"When he said that, I started getting chill bumps up and down my spine. I said, 'Oh, my God, tonight's that baby's night!"

"Brother Allen continued, 'Twenty-six diseases. The doctors said he'd never live to see his first birthday, but that's not so. That boy is approaching four. Now I see the mother packing a suitcase. They're going on a trip. Another lady's with her. The baby's in a bassinet. It's in the back seat of an old Ford. They're driving down the highway. I see the Alabama/Tennessee border. That automobile is driving in the parking lot. Lady you're here tonight. Bring me that baby! God's going to give you twenty-six miracles.'"

"That woman came running again for the second time that night. She put the baby in Brother Allen's arms. I jumped up to stand beside him, and everybody in the audience, 3,000 strong, was standing. Brother Allen must have wanted to be sure that the audience was agreeing in faith for the miracle because he said, 'Everybody, close your eyes.' But I thought, 'Not me, mister. I'm going to be scriptural on this one. I'm going to watch and pray. I've been waiting for this all week.'"

"That little boy's tongue had been hanging out of his mouth all week. The first thing I saw as Brother Allen prayed was that tongue snapped back in the mouth like a rubber band. For the first time in four years, the little guy's tongue was in his mouth. I saw two little whirlpools in his eyes, just a milky color. You couldn't tell whether he had blue or brown or what color of eyes. But during the prayer, that whirlpool ceased, and I saw two brand new brown eyes! I knew God had opened his eyes, and if God opened the eyes, I knew He had unstopped the deaf ears."

"Then those little arms began to snap like pieces of wood; and for the first time, they stretched out. The legs cracked like wood popping. All of sudden, I saw God form toes out of those club feet as easily as child forms something with silly-putty. The crowd was watching by this time going wild! I've never seen any people shout and rejoice so much in all my life."

"I saw that baby placed on his feet, and he began to run for the first time in his life. He had never seen his mama before, never said a word, but he began running across the platform and I was running right after him to catch him. He leaped into his mama's arms, and I heard him say his first word, 'Mama.'"

" . . . . The following Saturday after his healing, I received a special delivery letter from his mother. . . She said 'Brother Schambach,

I took the baby to the hospital Monday morning, and the doctors won't give him back. They kept him all week. They have called in every doctor from all over the country who has had anything to do with the case. They have pronounced my baby cured of twenty-six major diseases.' Of course, we went on to get the copies of the affidavits from the doctors certifying that boy's life was a genuine miracle."

"Her letter continued, 'You remember that last Sunday when I told you all I had was twenty dollars? God knows that was the truth. But when that man of God said to give something you can't afford, I leaped into the aisle. The moment I hit that aisle, for the first time in my life I heard the devil talk. The devil told me, 'You can't give that; that's not yours. Fifteen dollars of that goes to the doctor. Five dollars is for gas to get home.' The faster I ran, the faster he talked. But as soon as I turned loose of that money, he stopped talking.'

"'Brother Schambach, all you saw was those twenty-six miracles, but there is one you don't know anything about. After you were gone, people were staying there. They wanted to see the baby and see what God had done. People shook hands with me. When one lady shook my hands, I felt a folded piece of paper between my palms. I opened it up and saw it was a twenty dollar bill. As I shook hands with the people who had lined up, every one of them had a folded paper in their hand. I went into the ladies room and counted $235!'"


culled from

Schambach, R. W. You Can't Beat God Givin

Thank you Pastor Ma.


I shall pray in tongues and my understanding also, i shall fellowship with the Holy Spirit and Meditate on God's word.


The Holy Spirit shall guide me and sanctify my words to be acceptable to the Father.


I shall Worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.


I enjoyed the Lunch Hour Service.


Thanks, I love you.


Bro David


Bankers Outreach

perebo awoju

Finance principles 2

Posted by perebo awoju Sep 14, 2011

-If you do not see the ability of God,you will not see that which you want.


  • The same flood that destroyed the earth was the same flood that bore the ark. "when men say there is casting down, you shall say there is lifting up".
  • The same thing that Lot's wife looked at and turned to salt, Abraham was looking at from the hiltop but nothing happened to him.
  • By seeding, God causes your eyes to see.



-The Pastor represents the meeting place. Abraham did not meet Melchizedek at the altar to give his seed


-Money takes on the character of the owner; you can stop a habit by sowing.


-Some cannot give their first fruit because they are afraid or fear that God cannot take care of them after they give it.


-To favour God's righteous course is to give to the ministry.




I'm moving forward,I'm making progress,my advancement is unstoppable,I'm rich, powerful and influencial.God has rewarded me openly and abundantly!!!!!!



Rosemary Eyo

What a testimony

Posted by Rosemary Eyo Sep 14, 2011

I am Eliseus Effiong Akpan from Christ Embassy model Oyigbo in Port Harcourt Zone.My Group Pastor is Pastor Kola Oyedele while Pastor Hendrix Ebieto is my church pastor

We serve a faithful God. I have tested God and I have seen him at work and it pays to serve him wholeheartedly.

On Wednesday evening, after mid week service, my kid brother was complaining of cold but when we got home, it became severe that he called me to pray for him, but as at then I was eating and told my younger sister to go and pray for him. She went but came back telling me he is no more talking. I and everyone in my house started praying, but while praying I called my pastor and he gave an instruction that we should lift him off the bed, I obeyed.

As at that time, his body was lifeless but we did as was instructed.  We prayed and praised God along side for about two hours presenting strong reasons while he must live(he’s the leader of the Drama department, a committed member of both the technical and choir department), not quite long he sneezed and life was restored to him, praise God!!! It pays to listen to your man of God and receive instruction from Him.

I have come to this conclusion that there is power in tongues, praise and following instructions of your pastor. Be vital and dependable in your service to God. Don’t be a number but a member.

......I will pray in the Spirit, and I will pray in my understanding also. I will sing in t he Spirit, and I will sing in my understanding also. The Spirit comes first. As you do ,he will guide your words,your every step,your very thoughts. So that every decision you take will produce the right results. Your feet will not will continually walk in favour with God. Hallelujah.

Hey,endeavour to attend the Midweek service today. Your life will be upgraded. Also pray along with our Man of God ,Pastor Chris at 12noon & 10 pm respectively. Make sure you sign on a new person on Yookos. It's more exciting now than before. Enjoy your day.

Eliseus  Akpan

Dead Brought to Life

Posted by Eliseus Akpan Sep 14, 2011

I am Eliseus Effiong Akpan from Christ Embassy model Oyigbo in Port Harcourt Zone.My Group Pastor is Pastor Kola Oyedele while Pastor Hendrix Ebieto is my church pastor

We serve a faithful God. I have tested God and I have seen him at work and it pays to serve him wholeheartedly.

On Wednesday evening, after mid week service, my kid brother was complaining of cold but when we got home, it became severe that he called me to pray for him, but as at then I was eating and told my younger sister to go and pray for him. She went but came back telling me he is no more talking. I and everyone in my house started praying, but while praying I called my pastor and he gave an instruction that we should lift him off the bed, I obeyed.

As at that time, his body was lifeless but we did as was instructed.  We prayed and praised God along side for about two hours presenting strong reasons while he must live(he’s the leader of the Drama department, a committed member of both the technical and choir department), not quite long he sneezed and life was restored to him, praise God!!! It pays to listen to your man of God and receive instruction from Him.

I have come to this conclusion that there is power in tongues, praise and following instructions of your pastor. Be vital and dependable in your service to God. Don’t be a number but a member.


God is great

Posted by ISAAC OKPOKIRI Sep 13, 2011

Pastor thank you so much for been there for me, every single second with you is a moment to the next level, i love you pastor.

Thank you Pastor Ma,


I am so endowed by the Holy Spirit.




Bro David



Bankers Outreach


Posted by ngozi ngoka Sep 13, 2011



Posted by juliet simeon Sep 13, 2011



Posted by oraye iwo Sep 13, 2011


He made me a success, he puts his joy in my heart ,he made my life beautiful. He surrounds me with peace like the sea. The Holy Spirit is my best friend. I love Him. Do let him today, he will teach you things no man has ever known. I testify to that. He is faithful to the word of God. Don't only speak in tongues,but commune by meditating,reaching deep into your spirit. You will discover so much wealth has been bequeathed to you as a child of God. Bring your soul to church  for the services tomorrow. Enjoy your day, God bless you.

hi ! everyone, i have something to tell you all. There is something i have come to know that since i can into christ, i have never embarked on any project or journey that fails and there is no tight situation that i didnt come out victoriously. i have become elastic to any condition and am very glad to know that the greater one is in me. Pastor joy, ma, i must confess you are mover and you have moved us to our next level, ma, you have brought us into another level of authority where we never thought of being and the Spirit consciousness in us is on the increase.THANK YOU MA.

As Pastor would say..... all you need is the spirit. when you speak in other tongue you get synchronised with the spirit and you tend to receive high information.

Osazee Ehis

A changed of attitude

Posted by Osazee Ehis Sep 12, 2011
I  have made a decision never to ever judge anyone based on their  appearance or focus my attention on their wrongs buh to always see the  good and the best in them regardless of what i heard about them cause  that's the way God sees why should i be different?.

Not sure How to fulfil God's dream for your life? Simple!! You can start now.  Perhaps you are already doing it without you knowing it. If you have told someone about Jesus Christ today? You are already fulfilling His dream. If not? Start now. 

Pius Ajabhu


Posted by Pius Ajabhu Sep 12, 2011

Confused!? Not any more.  Because structures were already in place to ensure I work in His Purpose, His Plan - By God Himself.  The Entrance of His Words, The Holy Spirit ensure I am no longer confused.  I will therefore chew his words and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. This is Simplicity of the Gospel at work.  Glory!

Pius Ajabhu

The Entrance of Thy Words

Posted by Pius Ajabhu Sep 12, 2011

Its Great to work hard at your endeavours- it sometimes puts food on the table.  Its greater to work at ensuring the entrance of the word into your spirit - It surely puts food on the table. Read Ps 119:130 guideance

Kazar Lieuidy James


Posted by Kazar Lieuidy James Sep 12, 2011




Entertainement Outreach

Hurry ,hurry hurry.Our Rhapsody of Realities for October 1st independence Celebration hits the streets of Port Harcourt. The knowledge of God shall cover Port Harcourt as the Waters cover the sea. Join the train .Lead a soul to Christ as you do so. Invite  them for a service. Follow them up. Today ,let your heart observe his and be refreshed. Pray along with our Man of God ,Pastor Chris at 12noon and 10pm. Enjoy Today.

Today is Second day of distribution. Our messenger angel is already moving round the city, towns, villages, creeks, etc. Mandate is to get to every household in Rivers State. The knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover this land just as the waters cover the sea. We can do it, let's bring every soul won from today's campaign to First Timers' ministry class. We're on the move, come let's do it. Every little act for God produces tremendous result in this season of Productiveness

Pastor Ma, thank you so much for the awesome opportunity given to the Omokun Group to participate via the net. The meeting was streamed live and my brethren were so excited to participate in Omoku as though they were in ph. The meeting was full of Grace and Power. Our lives will never remain the same again. Thank you much Ma. We pledge full compliance with all that you instructed us to do.


Pastor Paul

Omoku Group

History was made again today as CE Port Harcourt became the first church to release to the teeming population of the state the October edition of our messenger angel- Rhapsody of Realities. How do we begin to appreciate our Pastors- Rev. Tom and Pastor Joy. I am so happy that this is happening before my very eyes. Thank you so much Pastor. I love youuuuuuuuuu.

Obinna Christian


Posted by Obinna Christian Sep 11, 2011

I have received aboundance grace and the gift of righteousness to reign in this life

He is the God of glory, the great I am, he is the alph and omega, the begining and the end, his name is wonderful the prince of peace is he the everlasting father through all eternity"

I will sing for you dance for you lift my hands in praise to you these are expressions of my love.

Pius Ajabhu

I am Mega man. 

Posted by Pius Ajabhu Sep 11, 2011

I am a mega man. Mega on every side.

Pius Ajabhu

Christ Embassy Boricamp

Are you ready for this?One of our brothers at the First Timers Ministry gave for reach out Nigeria and one of his client companies contacted him with some strange news.According to them,his company was owed backlog of invoices dasting back about 3 years ago.They apologized for their negligence and called him to come and pick up a cheque for N1.5m.He replied that all oustanding invoices within the period in question had been paid and they requested he came over to see the invoices himself.When he got there,there were actually his invoices but he could have sworn those invoices had been paid long ago.Not wanting to br fraudulent,he called a leader for concel after briefly stepping out of the office.


Leader:Are you the one that requested for the payment?

Brother:No ma

Leader:Did they not call you of their own accord?

Brother:Yes ma

Leader:Did you not just give for Reach Out Nigeria?

Brother:Yes ma

Leader:Go and collect your harvest.God has sent you a harvest.



The brother cashed his N1.5m cheque quick quick with immediate effect and automatic alacrity.Praise God!Do endevour to fully redeem your RON pledges this week as God has given you the ability.

Brethren,can you remember the testimony of the First Timer,who before she came to church that day had concluded plans to take her life and burn her house?Same lady has began the first Timers' classes and appears to have testimonies evrytime we see her.She has had this vision of being a TV presenter with her own show but required sponsors to pay for the air time.God sent her  partners within the week that made payments for airtime to a certain TV station and her programs will begin airing shortly.As she spoke today,she smiled a very big God-is good smile and her counternance has totally transformed.Praise God

Glory to God.Today was celebration galore at the First Timers' stand as besides celebrating three of our members whose birthdays fell within the previous week(Charles Osuji,Patrick Izontimi & Isaac Uwadionor),four of our members;Bro.Quest Macaulay(Principal),Bro.Ijeoma Ebagwu(Vice Principal),Charles Osuji(Follow Up co-ordinator) and Bro.Jude Azinge(FTM2),were among the top 100 partners of CE Port Harcourt zone given partnership awards today.We rejoice with,congratulate and encoutage them to do even more.

A POWERFUL trigger has been puled in the hearts of every partner in Port Harcourt and the entire South South Sub Region. Big thanks to God, Rev Tom and Pastor Joy for such a great service of awards organized today 11th Sept. I was personally inspired!

Wow,Wow,Wow, today was just electric,the Mid-year Award ceremony. It was full of fun, laughter and rejoicing.The world has not seen  anything yet. It's our time to celebrate the goodness of the lord. Precious Partners, I celebrate YOU, I pray that the holy oil of the lord pour into you,causing you to walk in divine favour in Jesus Name.Amen. Tell every one you know to visit our yookos page today by visiting our group page to collect this blessing. God bless you.

Emmanuel  Sokari


Posted by Emmanuel Sokari Sep 11, 2011

Dear Pastor, your a mother of our time, may the good Lord continue to bless you for your cushioning spirit. Mummy I love you.


Emmanuel Sokari, CEC  Borokiri 1, Diobu Group.

Thank you Pastor Ma.


I Love you.


Bro David


Bankers Outreach

I love you Pastor Joy,

you are my mentor!

Sis Keturah Ogiegie

Living Spring Pcf.

Quest Macaulay


Posted by Quest Macaulay Sep 10, 2011

This testimony will knock you right out of your seats.A dear brother in the First Timer's Ministry CC1  needed to pay his children's school fees but didnt have money as at that time as He'd spent all he had on partnership.He thus gave the school a postdated cheque for N450,000 and travelled to Lagos.His was expecting a payment from one his client companies and reckoned the payment would be credited to him about that period.While in Lagos the school paid in the cheque un-announced and he got a call from his account officer.



Account Officer:Mr.Afrenrikinrocke(not real name,haba)there's a cheque here for N450,000 from Dollars and pound school(not real name),and we.........

Brother:But I told them not to present as...

Account Officer:Should we not pay them?There's money in the account from......

Brother:Did that company pay?

Account Officer:No but YOU paid in N500,000 cash yesterday and after paying you'll still have balance of at least N50,000.....I have the teller here with your name as depositor....


The account officer's voice trailed off but my brother wasnt hearing him anymore.He was in Lagos the period in question and certainly didnt have any such money(to his knowledge)let alone,paying it in.He knew this had to be the Holy Ghost.He started speaking in tongues,thanking God for this miracle.


Can you still sit down?There are some testimonies that just blow your mind.GGGLLLOOORRRAAAYYYY!

Good morning, what a refreshing time with today's Rhapsody devotional. Ooh how sweet to know he qualified us to be sons of God. He was wounded for our transgression,bruise for our iniquities. No devil can accuse you of a wrong done. Jesus already paid for it. Today, celebrate that grace and privilege in your life. Tomorrow is service, first ensure you attend your cell meetings today and post your comments.I can't wait to hear them. Prepare to enjoy tommorow's service,more downloads from HLC. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hello Pastor Joy,

Thank you ma for who you are.

I love you!

Benjamin Okafor

Living Spring Pcf.

Am the first and the best.No more wearing jeans to church,no more wearing of china shoes,no more eating of loloi.My indomie now goes with two eggs


Kazar of the most high,upgraded by the word.

We just concluded our 15 minutes of speaking in tongues of which the father revealed His secrets, desires, thoughts, truths and mercies that is lined up in our path with Him. It was a glorious meeting with the King.


Haven 3 CC 1

I have seemingly good relationship with God, but it's as though something is not quite in place in my life. I find happiness somewhat elusive. I constantlt feel I'm not living my truest life. It could be the reason I dont experienced or more like I haven't xperienced an extraordinary miracle in my life.


But you know what, God tells me it's gonna be alright. So I go with feeling knowing that I'm Topclass and will soon have my desired happiness

Good morning precious saints, you are a new creation endowed with supernatural abilities. Every time you study the scriptures, let it change the way you see yourself, the way you see others, the way you see God. This will ultimately programme you for a life of success. The life of God is in your spirit. When you study the word,and speak in tongues ,you are activating the power of God in your life. So do it today and experience more glory . Remember to pray along with Pastor Chris at 12noon &10pm today your life will not be the same.


from rosemary(royalties pcf)

This is the day one must be joyful in the Lord, His Joy is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10). There is no way we can lack anything in this great joy, for in it we will draw water out of the wells of salvation (Isaiah 12:3), Halleluyah. Salvation encapsulates prosperity,health, success, progress and so many things the new creation had received. Make up your mind to be joyous everyday in your life and enjoy yourself full time.


I have joy like a river in my home. It is indeed a blessing from on High.


Thank you Pastor for this privilege to express my joy. I love you so much.


Haven 3 CC1

Happy birthday Bro Vic,you are an heavenly edifice built & programed by God unto good works,your life is an inspiration to many,leding and directing souls into the will move from glory to glory,you willknow no lack but progress and prosperity will be evident for all to see.your life is for celebration.the blessings of God will be evident for all to see.You are loaded with God's power and abilty.Happy birthday sir,God bless you big,We love you dearly

No Condemnation

Posted by Anne Ebere Sep 8, 2011

"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1 (NIV)


Do you ever hear the whispers of condemnation telling you that you're not what you should be, that you're always disappointing someone and that you'll never change?

I do. Unfortunately, self-condemnation is a default for me and, if I let it, it can wipe out my confidence as a woman, wife and mom.

Thankfully, I'm just as familiar with God's promises as I am with Satan's lies. My heart has heard Jesus' gentle reminders of His love and goodness, like His "there is now no condemnation" promise in today's key verse.

The First Timers Ministry of CE CC1,wishing our dear Bro.Patrick a happy birthday.God bless you real good

The First Timers' Ministry of CE CC1 wshes bro.Isaac Uwadionor(exams & records)a happy birthday.You are so special to us.We love you soo much

The First Timers' Ministry,CC1 wishes Bro.Charles Osuji,a son of consolation,a happy birthday.We love you so much

Hi, do you have a product/services that target women, expectant mothers and mothers generally? @N50 per advert, you can reach thousands of them. for details.

For all New and Expectant Mothers, Momsi Kiddies & Maternity Shop provides almost all you'll need. Watch this video to get details.


Brought to you by

maduako  chioma


Posted by maduako chioma Sep 8, 2011


how do i open to watch servises whenever i login it tells me i have expired

It is an honor to know that we have the capacity to cause so much change in our lives. The spoken words of a believer comes from his spirit sanctified of the Lord of whom he has His fullness. Thus, every single word spoken of him is back up with diety and can never come back to him void. It is a spirit word that make the difference. In this season of great productivity we have to receive more of the word and make that difference we need by speaking it out in faith.


In Isaiah 55:11-12, we will notice our words will accomplish that which we are pleased and prosper in the things we sent it forth to do. At this point every where we go joy and unspeakable peace will follow us. The mountains and hills will break forth into singing and trees (men) will clap their hands because we have really produced great result.


However, it is imperative that we always be in Church and hear more from Pastor and be able to use the instruction as it is given.


Thank you Pastor Ma, for  given us this privilege to be on this platform.


Haven 3 CC 1.

My beloved Pastor Joy.

Posted by Chika Nwobodo Sep 8, 2011

Hello Pastor,
Am saying a big thank you pastor, for who you are to us. You are my pastor, mother, teacher, friend and  coach.
I love you Ma.
Bro Chika Nwobodo
Passion Cell
Living Spring Pcf

Quest Macaulay

New Car for free

Posted by Quest Macaulay Sep 8, 2011

Dear people of God,the very first lunch hour service after Pastor Joy's return,she gave out cars to those who desired.Barely four days later,I heard a testimony that blew my mind.A brother in church was given for free-I mean absolutely free of charge-an SUV that costs at least N14m.I'm talking about the kind of car(s) in  Governors' convoys.When he left my office,I turned around to someone I know(a Jehovah's witness-who doesnt beleive in miracles)and asked him,''you dont beleive in miracles,please explain to me what this is''.


This is just the beginning.You're next in Line for a car miracle

Good morning. Did you read your Rhapsody today? Wow ,Grace the inner working of a divine influence. 2 Peter 2:18 says grow in grace. How do you grow in grace? As new born babes desire the sincere milk of the the Word that you may GROW thereby...growth results when you feed on the Word. In Greek, to grow means ......auxano.....increase, become greater. Wow.the more of God's word you study and digest will cause a divine influence in your life. Think seriously about this today. Enjoy your life.

God is so awesome.There are some things you go through and wonder to yourself,''how am I gonna get out of this jam?''You do all you can and try all that you know.Just at the time when you're spent,or just about to be,God springs you a most pleasant suprise,He makes a ''way in the sea'' for you.There are some miracles that you see that are just ''something to shout about''.There are however some that just leave you so overwhelmed that you're just SPEECHLESS.You dont know what to say but exhale,lift your hands towards heaven and mutter an almost inaudible,''Thank you Jesus''.At such times your silence speaks more than words-that's the silence of revernce to God.


God has made a way for you today and its going to be through something that's been staring you in the face all this while.You'll be so blown away.Glory to God

Wow, what a privilege to be among them that are baptized in Christ thus, puting on Christ. I'm zipped in a Jacket (Galatians 3:27). I cannot be defeated nor be disadvantaged for I'm complete in Christ (Colossians 2:10) hence full of Grace and Truth (John 1:14 & 16). This is the generation of them that deligently seek Him, they are package with all hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge. It pleased the father that in us should all the fullness dwell (Colossians 1:19).


What an understanding that has been revealed to us in this recent times that we are TOP CLASS in all because we are complete in Christ. I'm TOP CLASS, yes I am.

Thank you Pastor Ma for CE PORT HARCORT ZONE. One can express himself closely, I love you so much.


Haven 3 CC 1.

Hello Pastor,

Posted by Prince Ekpenyong Sep 8, 2011

Thank you pastor, you are a God gift to Port Harcourt.
I love you Ma.
Bro Prince
Living Spring Pcf.

Thank you Pastor Ma.


I have the word in my heart and in my mouth. I am prospering in all things.


Today, i prayed for China.


Pastor I love You.


Congratulations, once again for the Yookos Media Connector Award.


We shall prevail at IPPC.


Bro David


Bankers Outreach

Thank you Pastor Ma.


I have the word in my heart and in my mouth. I am prospering in all things.


Today, i prayed for China.


Pastor I love You.


Congratulations, once again for the Yookos Media Connector Award.


We shall prevail at IPPC.

During last communion services, a sister got healed of demonic oppression, prior to this time she told us she normally feels a movement around her chest region, she said it was as if the movement was eating her up from the inside, making her very uncomfortable. We prayed as an outreach for her after sunday service. On monday she called testifying dat she received her healing that same sunday during communion service.

To God be the glory.



Entertainment Outreach



Posted by PRIYE WEST, BAMIDELE Sep 7, 2011

Enjoy your life to the full which God created you for. Thank you Pst Joy.

Good morning Everyone, the scriptures says ...this book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth. The word has to be in your heart before it is spoken from your mouth. Every opportunity you have to receive God's word is an opportunity to improve your profile spiritually. Today ,make it a point of duty to attend the Midweek service. Pray along with Pastor Chris at 12noon and 10pm. Remember,this is the Season of productivity. You will be productive in every aspect of your life.Remember to meditate on the word of will burst into prosperity. Enjoy your day.

You see when love abound in you more and more in knowledge and in all judgment you will practically approve excellent things, you will be sincere and will not be offended till the day of Christ. You will be filled with the fruits of righteousness which are by Jesus Christ. Thus, praise and glory will come out of you unto The King of

Glory " GOD". It is very imperative that we catch up with this great event of good living " LOVE". It is a place of great anointing to cause changes and expansion.

I'm full of love, that is to say I have the fullness of GOD who is able to do exceeding, abundantly, infinitely beyond my highest prayer, thought, imaginations and asking according to the power of love that is at work in me. Halleluyah..


Wow, Pastor you have made our lives more beautiful and easy on this platform. I love you so much Ma. Good morning Ma.


Haven 3 CC1

It's a gloriious day to be alive, I celebrate the word of God in my life today. Because it has made me a wonder to my world. Hallelujah.

It's a beautiful morning, Frank Edward's "bird song" is playing on my system. Im concious of my position of rest in God. Im still in awe of how much God has been faithful...just enjoying the fact that im so unique...dont have a duplicate anywhere else in the world, citizen of zion, joint heirs with Christ, changing negative situations into postive ones in His name, My steps are being ordered by testimonies are never ending, Holy Spirit guiding me, teaching me...I am indeed in an ENJOYABLE STATE OF MIND and believe me, its the right place to be. Have a glorious day everyone.











My life has been changed forever at the Higher Life Conference!!!! 

Dear Associates of the God Kind,  

Please read below my testimony from the HLC! 


What can I say? I can’t stop jumping, shouting, screaming, praising for joy! God is good. He is faithful, as Pastor Chris always says, if you stick to the Word of God, you will come back with a testimony!! 

My story is one that will inspire faith in the faithless, will give hope to the hopeless, and for the one, who believes, will help their faith become stronger, and their conviction in the Word of God will be strengthened! Where can I begin? I went for HLC with a determination to Katalambano all that God had in store for me. I have been unwell for a while have been ill. To the point that I stopped talking about it, to the point where I knew that it was my fight of faith, no one understood the extent of the pain I was going through.....I just kept speaking the Word. Sometimes I lie on the floor of my house, writhing in pain, sometimes I faint or have black outs, I sought help in man, but they couldn’t or wouldn’t help, so I knew it was only the Word of God that will change this situation. It wasn’t something I discussed with people, because I felt I have been born again for a long time, and been a leader in ministry for too long to be undergoing such major health issue. So in embarrassment, I wouldn’t really tell anyone, especially as there was no diagnosis. I refused to stagger. I just kept speaking the Word. I challenged myself, I challenged the Word of God, and I said a change must come.   

Then this month of August, in fact it started in July, the afflictions resumed. Pain in my lower abdomen. Doctors could not help me, they couldn’t find anything wrong. they took so much blood out of me doing tests, ultrasound scans (this year I have had 3 ultrasound scans), but nothing.  But there I was in such excruciating pain. Time will fail me to go into the details of the heart condition I had (note: not have because it’s now gone for good), its called SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia). I had an unsuccessful surgery on the 10th of August, due to have another one in 5 months time. 

But thank God HLC was around the corner. I said there must be a change. Thank God for my Pastor who agreed with me in faith every step of the way? 

Then HLC came, it came, the day came!!! From the first night I began to receive the rhema of God's Word. Christ is my wisdom - I got a creative mind, divine sagacity (this means my business will be successful!!). I catalambanoed words for my prosperity! Hallelujah! 

the next morning, more words came. The Image of the Heavenly, I am heavenly! I knew my life had changed by the end of Saturday night, as pastor talked to us about the importance of walking in Love in activating God's power in our lives. 

But God was not through with me yet. On Sunday night Pastor Chris began ministering. He called my case. A person with severe abdominal pain who had difficulty in walking --when the pains were there, believe me, I could barely walk! I began to cry, because I knew it was for me. I put my hands on my lower abdomen, and my stomach began to move, like there was a tornado going on in there. Then Pastor Chris said, put your hands where you need healing. I put my hand on my chest and stomach. that evening I was already feeling so faint, I had walked up and down the stairs and my heart beat was going so fast with severe contraction in chest (all symptoms of the heart condition + pain from the surgery). As I put my hands on my chest and my stomach, there was a click in my spirit that my change, my miracle had come. my heart just got back to normal. I got up and went to give my testimony. 

God was still not through with me. 

I was standing at the corner, and just telling Rev Ray that I really didn’t want to come outside, I just wanted to write down my testimony and let them know that I had been healed. Whilst I was yet speaking, Pastor Chris who was at the other end of the stage, turned immediately and looked in my direction, and from that end he asked me to come forward. I wasn’t even the next in line to go out. And as Rev Tom was sharing the testimony of my healing to Pastor Chris, Pastor Chris said, he called me out because the Spirit of God showed him that God has a purpose for my life, but the devil had wanted to destroy me. He said that I have been called of God, and the devil's plan has been defeated. I am alive to fulfill that purpose and I will fulfill it. As he spoke, I broke down. In a flash I saw pictures of what I had been through, the extent of the health issue, and then I saw a picture of what my life will be going forward. A life of glory and beauty, and in perfect health. Pastor Chris ministered to me, and blew on me. 

I haven’t stopped praising God. I haven’t stopped crying for joy. God visited me at HLC and I know it’s permanent. I knew that the devil had planned to destroy my life, but having pastor Chris see it in the Spirit and say it, then announce to me, that the devil's plan has been defeated, I can’t stop rejoicing. 

The Word works. Challenges may come; situations and circumstances may come your way that make you almost question your faith, but refuse to stagger! For a change will surely come. The devil is a defeated foe, and I am so grateful for HLC. 

I am not naive to think that the devil will not throw any more tantrums my way, but I am fully equipped with the ammunition to put the devil where he belongs - under my feet. 


I love Jesus, I love Pastor Chris, and I love this ministry! 


Gov Ebiere, Haven

CE Edinburgh, U.K.



Posted by Tina Sep 5, 2011

We won, For the 1st time i saw Rev Tom dance, Port-Harcourt is the happening Zone on yookos, we been crowned Kings.

Am so pround of Pst Joy.....


CE PH no 1

Posted by - Dee OTABORS' Sep 5, 2011

wow, congratulations, pastor, and the entire portharcourt group.


it pays to listen and be trained by you.



Posted by PASTOR C.B.I.KING Sep 5, 2011


Good morning Port Harcourt, MY WINNING ZONE . I want to specially thank every one who made it possible for us to WIN. God will not forget your labour of love. You will rise like a giant and Win in every thing. Now that the whole world has seen us, the competition has just started, Rise to the occasion.let the name of Jesus be a song on your lips everyday. Until those on the mountain and those in the valley hear that the lord is Good and his mercies endure forever. Today, let's pray along with our Man of God at 12noon and 10pm. Pastor Chris said yesterday unequivocally that prayer is compulsory. Get your household to pray, your shop to pray, your business associates to pray, your school o pray, talk about it today to everyone. Your mouth was given you to propagate the good news of the kingdom like this. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Never give up on the things that make you smile.

Emmanuel  Mbata

we always win!!!

Posted by Emmanuel Mbata Sep 4, 2011

Congratulations Pastor, I am so excited because this is the beginning of more greater accomplishments.

Congratulations to Pastor and CE Port Harcourt. We said we would and we have, we can only go higher.I love you Pastor.

Congratulations Pastor for the Yookos award. No one can argue with a man that has results because results speak. Today, we celebrate as the best. We love you!

atare friday


Posted by atare friday Sep 4, 2011

Congratulations CE Port Harcourt, we are the best. There is no stoping the momentum, consistency in this position is already a DON DEAL.

Congratulations Pastor. The world is celebarting you right now. Only winners are celebrated.


Congratulations Port Harcourt! The Award winning Zone

Onyii Nwachukwu

We are no 1

Posted by Onyii Nwachukwu Sep 4, 2011

Congratulations Pastor ma!

congratulations pastor ma, we won it this time. am so happy for ce port harcourt zone.

There is nothing as exciting as winning. Tonight, I was overwhelmed. As I heard Port Harcourt for the first position, I almost passed out. I want to say Rev, Tom and Pastor Joy are truly an inspiration. I love you sir and ma. You are too much.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Awesome..... We won. Am so glad. Congratulations Pastor... Indeed anything is possible when u set ur heart to do it. We couldn't contain our joy here in PH. We were jumping with joy just like you. It's a new day for us. We will remain tops. Congratulations yookos team... Am still celebrating.

Can't wait to see you Pastor; with our trophy!!!! I love you Ma.

Congratulations CE Port-Harcourt!!!

Pastor we are very very very PROUD of you ma.

Thank God I am part of the winning team.

Congratulations CE Port-Harcourt! We Won indeed and we stay number 1.... we are enjoying our lives!


Congratulations dear Pastor ma! We are so proud of you ma!!

Neo Prince

Congratulation Pastor Ma!

Posted by Neo Prince Sep 4, 2011

Congratulation Pastor! it's our day am so happy, i Am enjoy my life, am Enjoy Yookos with you Pastor I love you Ma! we are number 1......

We are most grateful to our Pastor, PASTOR JOY port Harcourt as a whole and CC1 in particular is agog and still celebrating he euphoria of our new levels, First with over 200,000  sign ups in YOOKOS, pastor remember when you gave a word of prophecy that we would come  first the next time you ll be on set, pastor here it is, we are first and will continue to work by the spirit of God to always remain first.. Thank you pastor we and the entire church love you and celebrate you. Eric West

Waooo yes indeed we said it, and by the spirit of God we worked it out, Port Harcourt coming tops number one slot on YOOKOS .On set with our man of God Pastor Chris, what an honor and privilege , we are most grateful to God, and to our DEAR DEAR PASTOR JOY, we thank you very much ma for inspiring us to make this happen, what a celebration, the whole church at CC1 went agog with joy and elation, indeed we are blessed , and the beautiful thing is that we would continue to be at the tops, because pastor, you have showed us how, by the anionting of the Holy Spirit, Pastor thank you very much for believing in us, you are the best . I love you dearly ma. Eric West


Congratulation Pastor Ma, we are happy to see you on the stage with Pastor jumping for joy. Can't wait to see you PHC. We love you so much.

Attaikpe  James


Posted by Attaikpe James Sep 4, 2011

I am TOP CLASS,I am God's best.I have the best life as such must enjoy it.

I am very thankful to Rev Tom and Pastor Joy for this word of Knowlegde.

I am God's word in action, His success in me had me complete, I'm no more in darkness but dwell in His marvelous light. A great honor to know that anything that come against me comes againt the word of God. So I don't need green pasture to soar rather I create it. Through the understanding I receive from Rev. Tom Amenkhienan I know I'm above my task and not  equal to it. I walk in the light, thus, no more darkness, failure, poverty. Yes, I function in the light. I love me and God loves me.


I'm enjoying myself to the full.

Thank you Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, I love you so much. Welcome back.

With Rev Tom and Pastor Joy, church service has becoming very exciting and uplifting. Praise God! We love you.

I've never felt so honored and loved like I felt on this year's birthday.FIrst thing yesterday morning,Our man of God,Pastor Joy called to wish me a happy birthday with the blessings of the Almighty God.Ever since my first encounter with Her at the ROR club meeting,where she held my hand,she's never let go of my hand,even in the dream.She blessed me enough to last a lifetime.Rev.Chris always says,"go for the blessing,don't go for things.The blessing will bring the things".I've lambanoed all that God said through her and in this same year,the results will be evident for all to see.


Then I heard very loud music outside my house....and the music just wouldn't stop.Guys,it was a Saturday morning and I thought I could sleep some more before the kids start jumping on the bed.The music got even louder plus there was some shouting.So I came out to find out who had the nerve to cause such a racket in front of my house at such an early hour(before sanitation).I was "unarmed" by Bro.VIncent,Pastor Toye and Sis.Stella(my peeps from FTM).They came with a beautiful cake and gifts enough to have a party with.They were not done yet as they said some really beautiful things,kind of things you put on a video to play back time and again.They prayed for me and my family.


Lots of brethren in church,people that don't have my number,rang me up to wish me a happy birthday.The CC1 staff community especially the crew from the partnership arms were also well represented.I'm soo humbled by your prayers,comments and your show of love.You guys put capital "L" in love world.You've all given me more than money and to whom much is given,much is expected.Together,we'll do more in the new year that started on September 3.We'll put in more of our time and resources for the gospel of our Lord,Jesus Christ.May God remember you and reward you for honoring me.From the depth of my heart,I say thank you and I love you all so much.


Christ Embassy Port Harcourt ROCKS!!!!!!!

Wow! Pastor,

Thank u so much for teaching me d word of God in its simplest state,thank u for your love and compassion towards us and above all ma,thank you for carrying me to the higher life I'm enjoy my Life to the fullest. I'm so so expectant 2day.Wednesday service with u was Amazingly great with d overflow of the spirit of God,now d first sunday with u after d higher life conferences,which is also d first sunday of september n our prayer/Fasting & Communion service...I'm seriously expectant, with one thing on my mind to take all dat u have for me today.

I love Pastor


Bro Clem

School' Outreach CC1

ogechukwu  Nwoka (ZD1)


Posted by ogechukwu Nwoka (ZD1) Sep 3, 2011

Instead of dreaming of gbomo gbomo, cream your dreams and dream of a bright future, loaded with too much money,great, influencial and changing the course of this world.

Thank you Pastor Ma.


I have Eternal Life and the Name of Jesus therefore nothing shall be impossible unto me.


I take charge over my day.


I will surely enjoy my day.


Bro David


Bankers Outreach

The life of God in you spells victory,prosperity,abundance and favour. This is the reason John said I 1 John 5:14 "these things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God;that ye may know that ye have eternal life,and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God." Take to heart these words today and nothing will be impossible to you .you have eternal life, you have the name of Jesus. This should be your confidence in every thing. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Osazee Ehis

He is so perfect

Posted by Osazee Ehis Sep 2, 2011
He is my master but he doesn't call me his servant instead he calls me his friend,i do get outta line sometimes buh he never gets tired of correcting me,he knew no sin buh was made sin 4 ma sake and died for it and resurrected again so that i may become the very righteousness of God through him,he has power over death buh yet he humble himself to death 4 ma sake.So am like what manner of man is he,he is just too perfect in his being.JESUS is his NAME

Thank you Pastor Ma, I will keep saying it.


And i will surely enjoy my day.


Bro David


Bankers Outreach

Beautiful day to you all. It's matters what you believe, you must believe the Word that God speaks to make it work for you. Don't respond out of fear to the circumstances around you. They are bread for you,you then endorse  the word of God by saying it . Say what God has said concerning you and it shall come to pass. Let your mind daily run through the last scripture you read, you will come back with a testimony. Enjoy the rest of your Day.

The righteous is highly blessed and he is a blessing. They don't die, don't get famish in their soul, their memories are blessed, their heart has great capability to receive and keep instructions, they walk surely, his mouth is a well of life, they are full of love, his labor tends to life, his tongue is as a choice silver, his lips feeds many, no sorrow in his riches, his desires are granted, he has an everlasting foundation, he fears the Lord thus his days is prolonged, his hope is full of gladness, he receive strength from the Lord to walk in his ways, he is never removed but abide and live in the word of the Lord, his mouth bringforth wisdom, his lips knows what is acceptable.

Hum, what an honor to be in the list of them the Lord called righteous, yea, it is great privilege. Thanks be to the LORD for making me righteous. In his righteousness the BEST is completely made manifest in my life, Praise be to GOD, Halleluyah, Amen.




Welcome to a beautiful Month of September. You are the most beautiful, insightful, sagacious, creative and influential of God's creation. You will tame this world with beauty of God from your spirit. Enjoy your life, so God can enjoy you. thank you all for all the beautiful contributions and post. I love you. Have great Day.

Harry Dein

welcome back pastor

Posted by Harry Dein Sep 1, 2011

welcome back pastor i am so glad that you are back.what a powerful message on wednesday wow i am enjoying my self right now,and also i recieved my car thank you pastor i love you ma from dein royalties pcf

glory  james

welcome ma

Posted by glory james Sep 1, 2011

what a blessing to have u pastor, As my pastor and mother. I love you so much ma, Welcome Home

Orji Kalu

Welcome home pastor!

Posted by Orji Kalu Sep 1, 2011

Hello Pastor, we are glad to have you back home. We miss you and we love you Ma!

Pastor I love you so much. I thank you for lunching us into the new month with the mind set of enjoyment. This is a glorious beginning that will link us into the real supernatural joy of the Lord. I couldn't but live in this realm of enjoyment all the days of my life by always remaining in my Father's house at the appropriate time, speaking in tongues and doing His business ( SOUL WINNING). Thanks once again Pastor.


Haven 3 CC1

hi pastor

Posted by SLIM JOE Sep 1, 2011

you are a wonderful mentor, i can,'forget the great moment i had with you especially in the mision field. i love you mum thank you so much. may the good lord coutinue to strengthen you in this glorious year........ happy new month pastor,,,enjoy ur life 2 de fullness with ur family.? from joseph sylvenus edet  i luv u pastor.



Thank you Pastor for letting us know the mind of God for in the now...I have resolved to enjoy my life and let God enjoy me.

I think the month of september should appropriately be tagged the month of enjoyment! Keep burning and shining as you enjoy your life to the full.

Thanks pastor for the beautiful revelations from the spirit.

India picture.jpg





the greatest thing that has happened to portharcourt is pastor joy coming to rivers state,  i encourage everyone to take full advantage of her presences. pastor is loaded. To loaded to be empty. Be connnected to her and u will sure haugh your way to victory. hahahaha.

victor  uche guguo


Posted by victor uche guguo Sep 1, 2011

The new life is the life that God has called us into to function as members of the divine calling and partakers of divine in inheritance through faith in this higher life you become in resistable by any force the glory of God is shown through you everyday cos you have become awaking to the supernatural life there you function as a king in the affairs of life cos christ has made you king and priest onto God......