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Pastor you are favored, progressing, singing songs,testifying and advancing.


In this wonderful year you are the best everything you do you prosper for you are one with Prosperity.


I sing praises to the Lord for your life.  Your good works are following you as you keep on blessing us.

In North west as a whole. We at Rustenburg Sub Group Head Quaters we came to terms with you going to places to do what you do best.


Our province is never and will never be the same.  When you wake up if you happen to sleep the powers of darkness shrink when you lift up your head. Scatter when you lift up your hands and blown when you open your mouth.


God's Richest blessings


May you be showered with the best hearts desires.  GGGGLLLOOOORRRRRYYYYYY to God Almighty.


Love you plenty

Sis Maggie

Good day Saints


Woow what an encounter with the Holy Spirit.


I attended a healing school session it was awesome. I am Testifying that I ve got the life of God in me, I ve got the Spirit of the son of God.

The same Spirit that Raised Jesus from the dead is the same spirit that is in me.  I am Abraham seed and I came from Abraham's Bossom.


There were so many obstacles that were trying to stand me infront, but I refused to be distracted.

First Saturday when I started my mum got attacked by an unknown illness.

There was a break in in my house.  But still I said I will never be shaken by the Devil.


It was just a hectic time that I refused to submit to.


I just love my ministry

I love my Pastor

I love that I am chosen by God

I just grew stronger in Faith than before.


This week I am just trying to fix all that has been brocken and Sunday I am in Church full time and back on my feet.


devil here I come


What a life


I was there with my brother in Law Thami Shabalala and my nephew Tshenolo Lerato Moruntsi.

They both gave their life a meaning by giving their life to Jesus.

They were lead to Christ by the man of God himself.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.


We experienced Pastor Chris Love and the love of God.

My son Nico-Ria came back on the 15.03.2013 from A rugby camp

He came back with a ring worm on his head and sinuses.

we got to the stadium that friday @ about 20H00 in the evening.

He was so excited to see man of God.

Sunday when man of God said we should hold where we needed a miracle I told him to hold the ring worm.

Guess what thats where my child received, the bad ring worm was not there on Monday morning when i prepared him to go to school.


Glory be to God and i thank him for the life of PAstor Chris.

Pastor Joe Said during the Leaders Meeting on Monday.  South Africa has special place in Pastor Chris Heart(Johannesburg)

We as Residence we should take advantage of the Annointing there is in the programmes that are held in our country.


We are indeed blessed.  Greater things are happening in our lives even before the Conference time.

We are receiving just by thinking (what am I doing for the success of the programme.)


HLC Johannesburg Prosper because Prosperity is My Nature.


I will work to my best ability for the success of the Programs.

Resources are available. The spirit of excellence is upon everyone who is been deligated to do the work concerning HLCJ.


The Angels are camping around the venue, the success of logistics, every mode of transport and accommodation.


Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.


Forward with our Greatest Ministry Mission and vission.


Glory to God


Pastor Joe I love you, Pastor Ose I love You and Pastor Chris I Adore you.


Remain Favored

To all of us who are celebrating our biological birthdays in July what a favor we have. The blessing and annointing to know that we are having special victories. We can shout the Loudest Glory.


Thank you Pastor Chris

You gave our life a meaning. Its up to us to refuse the challenges coming our way.


I love you so much.


St Maggie Lebepe

CERUS North West

Randburg Zone 1

South Africa


To all the mothers in the ministry


Mother Anita, Mother Ose and Noela etc


Happy Mother’s Day

= Hope and Dreams Mothers have for their Children.
A= the Advice that Mothers give to Children.
P= Prayerful and Powerful is what Mothers are.
P= Promises that they make and keep and sometimes the Pain that they receive in return.
Y= Youthful Beautiful Women of Christ.

M= Maturity that Most Mothers have and poses.
O= Optimistic; Mothers believe that with God all things are possible and because of this everything will be all right.
T= Talk for Mothers will talk to you about anything and everything and they will talk you through things as well, for they have been there too.
H= The Happiness and Joy they feel about their Children.
E= Everyday and every minute you have your Mother count it as a Blessing.
R= Mothers are Reliable and they deserve all of your Respect.
S= The Sacrifice, Self-lessness, Strength, and Good Stewards over what the Lord has given them their Children. some of the characteristic that help to make and define a real Mother.

D=Dependability and Dedication.
A= All ways there when you need them.
Y= Years of Service and Sowing Their job is 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.






Sister Maggie Lebepe

CERUS North West

Zone 1 South Africa

Powerful ,Favoured Man of God Pastor Joe


Spirit filled annointing is what he has.  Thank you Pastor for the Sunday 25.03.2012 Service.

I thank God for your life.


Saint Maggie Lebepe

CERUS North West Zone 1

South Africa

Thank you Father for loving us dearly, thank you for your kindness.  My Mum started speaking in tongues last nite at a cell meeting.  Glory to God.  I would like to thank all the brethren who were there. Phronesis cell meetings are meetings with a difference. We are highly favored in this year of the word.Our lives will never be the same, reaping the results of the Higher Life conference. Thank you Pastor Chris, Pastor Ose and Pastor Joe.

The revelation is awesome.

Saint Maggie Lebepe

CERUS Zone 1


South Africa.

Gracious brethrens


Higher Life conference is here Halleluya.I am so expectant Lord I am so prosperous I cant wait to be in the Stadium to witness the miracles that the Lord will be performing.


I am favoured my life will never be the same.

What a service. She said Pray to get the latest news from God Haleluya What a revelation, Thanks you so much Saint of the most high God you blessed me so much.