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CE Braamfontein

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Posted by lovejoy senzeni Aug 8, 2013

Congratulations to every one who was promoted last sunday.well done well done

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Victories victorieeees

Posted by lovejoy senzeni Jul 15, 2013

im experiencing victories in every area of my life.im full of testimonies an more is coming my way.keep living in victory

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One big happy family

Posted by lovejoy senzeni Jan 19, 2013

CE Braamfontein is my home.I love my family and being around you people just made me realise that have a home and family.I love and appreciate each and every one of you and thank God for directing me into your path.look at me now ,my life is a testimony.I love you Deaconess Olga and Pastor Nicholas and all the leaders.I salute you today for taching and guiding me wi

th the word of God

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Posted by lovejoy senzeni Jul 23, 2012

super sunday was just too much.the ministration oh my GOD it was awsome

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Posted by lovejoy senzeni Jul 19, 2012

what decision are you taking yourself about the work of our Lord Jesus Christ that you were called to do?are you one of those who just fold hands and wait for "others" work onj your behalf

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ready for ICLWC

Posted by lovejoy senzeni Jun 11, 2012

I hope we are all ready to receive from God what he has for us.open your spirits nand hearts to receive

what are you dooing in church to improve and grow your church??

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the year of the word

Posted by lovejoy senzeni Jun 1, 2012

how much of the word of God have you get hold of so far this year

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Posted by lovejoy senzeni May 25, 2012

All night prayer an event not to miss.what a fellowship we are going to have with the holy ghost tonight.walala wasala

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Posted by lovejoy senzeni May 10, 2012

happy birthday Ma.may God continue to use you mightly to bless his people.may he grant you with the desires of your heart.you are taking over nations and you are moving foward.you are a blessing and you will continue being a blessing to me and to many.i love you mum.


lovejoy senzeni

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The Lord reigns

Posted by lovejoy senzeni Apr 11, 2012

the Lord reigneth blessed be the name of the Lord

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Posted by lovejoy senzeni Mar 28, 2012

i just wish if i wasnt working tonight.im sad im gonna miss church today

im excited in my spirit.things are happening for me