Where is this place located?

Share those Words that you caught from the Program.



          He is thinking about me today.

          A Life withous Christ is Fake.

          The Life without a purpose is an error.

Wow WOw WOw

Thank you Pastor Afolabi

Lets Hear from you.

Good day saint.

Let us address this important matter.

Tell us your understanding of COURTSHIP and of ENGAGEMENT.

How long show it be and how should it be?

God bless you.

akintola bhummie

names in the bible

Posted by akintola bhummie Apr 19, 2012


akintola bhummie

month of preparation

Posted by akintola bhummie Apr 18, 2012

it the best word of the month,

akintola bhummie

change ur mindset

Posted by akintola bhummie Apr 18, 2012

the mind is a powerful tool. it a great part of human.it can deestroy if not guarded properly.dont allow useless tots come to ur mind.

PASTOR ANITA is sharing with us: The Only Hope For Salvation (WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18TH)

Salvation is to be found through him alone; in all the world there is no one else whom God has given who can save us.

(Act 4:12 GNB)


Who/What is your only Hope for Salvation?


God bless you.


Watch the Video concerning Phil.4.6. and Tell me what you think. It's called "Jolly Jolly."



Happy Birthday sis Zintle. You are blessed and favoured. you are an asset for the kongdom of God. We love you.

"♪♫ Bon anniversaire♪,♫ Happy Birthday to you♪♫, Bon anniversaire♫, Happy Bithday to you♪♫"

Talk to us, what are you doing on that Day?

lovejoy  senzeni

The Lord reigns

Posted by lovejoy senzeni Apr 11, 2012

the Lord reigneth blessed be the name of the Lord

Good evening saints

This is our month of preparation. Let us share ideas and strategise on our to have the mighty fathers of CE Braamfontein involved and very much relevant in the work of God.

I thank all of you for your participation on this forum.

God bless you all.

I love you.

Lets Talk about this matter..

I say Congratulations Guys, Wow What a Competition,

Love you Guys

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ


Last week Thursday on my way coming from work, the bus I was travelling with, the fire started from engine and we hurry out and get off, and we stood away from it, it was a terrible situation indeed and that small fire spread out and the whole bus was burned to complete ashes. And iam so gratefully that it was by God’s grace that we notice the fire early and decided to get off and no one was hurt  but praise be given to all migty God.


Happy bilated birthday bro amukelani,may the Lord continue blessing you richly,you shall be enriched in everyway.You shall fullfil your calling and purpose without reproach....God bless you...

& there was a man sent from God,a man for God.Hppy Birthday M4G,you are greatly loved in CE BRAAM.

What do we say to bro amu?//??//?/??????

ReFuse to stay in one Place

by Bro Amu


Scripture: "Yookos Medals..." from the book of Yookos 2.1



NewBie > Novice > Apprentice >...


Moving in that is like Moving from Glory to Glory


Does God answer Prayers? Yes




In Jesus Name I Pray

I move from

NewBie to Novice to Apprentice to Expert to Master to 5 Star


Further Study:

.... to be continued