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Happy birthday dear sister blessing. You are a blessing to me, the church of Jesus Christ and brethren at CC3. As we celebrate you today, we celebrate your several accomplishments in ministry and the lives you've touched and changed for good. You remain a strong inspiration to me. It's a new dawn for you, from glory to glory, greater and mighty things you will yet do and the world we be better just because you came. The anointing upon your life is on the increase, grace and peace are multiplied unto you. Yes you will yet do more and accomplish more! You will take giant strides and heap up victory on victory. Where others say there is no way, you will pass through victoriously, for you, it's a new season of endless possibilities and unlimited productiveness! Happy birthday and congratulations!


Leaders and members of CC3, kindly wish 'Pastor Bee' happy birthday and express your love to her..... Pst. Emma