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Anja’s Salvation Experience

The testimony of one of the students, Anja who gave her life to Christ at the program was inspiring! She had come along with her friend to hand out flyers to people about an upcoming fashion show in the university. On coming she was told that she could only hand the flyers out when the program was finished. Anja sat down with her friend and was waiting. As the program commenced and progressed, Anja’s friend left the hall but Anja remained. Annia recalls that she felt compelled to stay there even though her friend had gone. As the meeting went on and Pastor Segun came up to minister, he asked who was not born again and Anja signified by raising her hand up. Pastor explained that Jesus is the son of God and that only through him can man be saved and while he was ministering, Anja still had her doubts and found it difficult to believe. However as pastor went on ministering to the congregation, Her doubts were quenched and she was led to Christ by a lady seating beside her! By the time Pastor Segun returned to her, she was already born again! The power of the Lord was there to change her and now she will never be the same again! She came to promote a fashion show and now she’s leaving the program to promote the gospel!


Azain’s Salvation Experience

The testimony of another participant who gave his life to Christ was also inspiring. The Participant, Azain was a Muslim and grew up with teachings and doctrines that Jesus was only a prophet and not the son of God. As Pastor Segun ministered and asked who did not believe that Jesus was the son of God, he raised his hand up explaining the Muslim teachings surrounding his belief. He stood his ground, maintaining his disbelief in Jesus as the son of God. However when Pastor called him on the stage to minister to him, he told him Jesus is the son of God and Azain agreed, nodding his head in agreement. Pastor took Azain’s rhapsodies (which he had received during the program) and opened to th prayer of salvation. As Pastor led Azain in the prayer, He repeated those words without any hesitation, interjections or arguments. Azain stood on the stage, gave his life to Christ and left the program a changed man having experienced God in totality for the very first time!




Also the third participant who received Christ was a remarkable testimony. The participant was a Hindu and said that he’s felt as if God’s been trying to talk to him for the past few months; that God’s been trying to get his attention and get closer to him. The participant came to the program just to sit and find out what was going on in the hall. On entering in the hall, the participant recognised the coordinator (Bro Oliatan) and was astonished to see him there. As Pastor segun was ministering, he mentioned that there was one more person who needed to be born again. The participant said he knew for sure that he was the one that Pastor was referring to. However he did not come out and the program finished. On his way home in his car, the participant heard a voice telling him to stop and look out of the window. As he did this, he saw the coordinator Bro Olaitan walking and offered to give him a ride. As they drove together and discussed, the participator was eager to know more about this God who’s been trying to contact him for a long time. The participator was there and then led to Christ by the coordinator. Even though he did not come out in the program, he did not miss his salvation. It was his set time to be saved!


A Total Infilling…

As Pastor Segun was ministering, he called out those who had not yet received the Holy Spirit and as five students came out to those who had not received the Holy Spirit.  After explaining to them the importance of the Holy Spirit to them and praying from them, the participants were hesitant and reluctant to open their mouth and speak. However Pastor invited the Coordinator (Bro Olaitan) to come on stage. Pastor shook his hands saying ‘Bro Olaitan, Let’s show them how it’s done’. As the coordinator and pastor shook hands, they began to speak in tongues and to lay hands on the participants and behold the participants who were there started bursting out in tongues! It was emotional for some as they were in tears; tears born out of satisfaction, completion and wholeness whilst lifting up their hands in hour and worship to God! They were all happy, super charged and feeling jumpy because they had now experienced the infilling of God in his totality.A participant who testified later on “I actually felt high”. He had been invigorated with the power of the Holy Ghost and his life will never be the same!



A Dream Come True!

One of the participants who had come from another campus did testify that the spirit of God had revealed to him the program in a dream a long time ago. “total experience was so awesome. As I was sitting there the Holy spirit reminded me of a dream that I once had some time ago about the program and I saw myself present at the program”. At first he couldn’t really explain the dream but during the program he understood that he wasn’t there by accident. God wanted him to be there and there he was. A dream come true!