Where is this place located?
Richard Saloka (ZE1)


Posted by Richard Saloka (ZE1) in BLW CAMPUS MINISTRY UK on Mar 6, 2012 12:57:22 PM

He belives in me,

that gives me the courage to be what I must be

cos he believes in me


As Deacon sang this song during the CRC, it suddenly clicked that God believes BLW UK is able to deliver all the Universities to Jesus, it suddenly clicked that in BLW UK God has deposited everything the youths of this nation need to be saved. And for God to have commited a msg such as is communicated by our DADDY ( Pst & Rev. Chris Oyakhilome) into our tust to deliver to the youths of this nation it means He believes in us.

This gives us the courage to to take charge............Through the Holy Spirit we are doin mighty things....Yes we are taking over the unversities, the colleges, every young person will come to the knowledge of Christ......Yes our ROR and TEEVO is in every home........Hallelujah