Where is this place located?

Who knows that we were born for such a time as this. This is our time, our hour, our season.


I desire for the whole world to know and to rejoice with us here in Norwich, Norfolk.

Today the 30/Mar/2012, our month of Divine Favour, we received some news from the Union of Students, UEA, Norwich, that we are now a "REGISTERED SOCIETY" within our Campus. Glory to God forevermore. We have made History, changing people's lives, giving their lives a meaning. We have the Power for Change!!


This Testimony will TINGLE the EARS of its HEARERS. Our Spirits are doing SOMERSAULTS. We have JOY Unspeakable and FULL OF GLORY. The lines are fallen unto us in pleasant places, yea, we have a GOODLY HERITAGE.


Here at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. We are Unstoppable, Immovable, Undisturbed, Unhindered, Unquenchable.


Will you rejoice with us, as we celebrate our VICTORY and SUCCESS, Giving GLORY TO GOD FOREVERMORE.



Job 22 v 28

Psalm 20

Jeremiah 33 v 3


Sister Mary Jane Beatrice Palmer

BLW Campus Ministry Fellowship Pastor




Ify Konyeha (BLWUK)


Posted by Ify Konyeha (BLWUK) Mar 28, 2012

Success in life is not dependent upon your academics, social status or location. Though these factors are important, they dont form the basis for determining who becomes a success in life. True success belongs to visionaries who understand God's vision and align themselves with it. Just as the success of a product can't be divorced from the vision of the manufacturer so also your success cannot be separated from God's vision for your life. Hence, a man is not a success until he fulfills God's vision for his life. Before the invention of the computer, there was a problem with storing a lot of information. It was a problem that needed to be solved and so the computer was made by the manufaturer with the purpose of storing data electronically which eventually solved the problem of voluminous manual record keeping. Its the same with all of us and that is why we say we are the answer to the cry of many, we were born as the solution to the problems in the world. We came as an answer. Its not everyone that is a member of BLW Campus Ministry UK but you are and you came for a reason. God's vision for you is to impact the people of your world with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. You become a success by successfully impacting the world with the knowledge of the Gospel. The bible says, he that wins souls is wise. To win souls is to walk in wisdom. A man who doesn't win souls isnt walking in wisdom and there is no true success outside wisdom. God didnt create you for failure. No manufacturer designs his product for failure that means that you're created for success. You are God's special product. He is more willing for your success than you could ever be for you are His masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared long ago to be your way of life. When God's vision becomes your vision, His heartbeat your heartbeat, and you become passionate about the same things He is passionate about He will ensure that you dont lack ideas, materials that will aid you in fulfiling the vision. God's passion and heartbeat is saving the lost and He is counting on you to make it happen. It makes not difference that you are a student, He expects that your daily pursuit in life should culminate in winning souls. That's what makes you a success. Everyday God makes arrangements for us to win souls and make a change in someone's life. Everyday God sets us up for success but are you attentive to recognize the opportunities He has placed before you everyday. Observe your day and you will be amazed how many opportunities God gives us to win a soul everyday. Make no mistakes about it, you have been set up for success.

Was organising things yesterday and came across a book that I used to write in when things got a bit much . This must have been written some time last year . Made me emotional to look at how I was then and how I am now and I know it was all down to finding the love of God and accepting Jesus into my heart...



" Don't know how to explain how I am feeling right now .It's never been like this before . I've never been like this before . I just want it all to stop . I want something to come and put and end to it to make it all better . Everything just hurts so much right now , and this time I don't know how to make it stop , how to come through it . This is not me I am strong and I'm determined but right now I am weak and do not have the will to do anything . I've become lazy I'l stay in bed , I'll sleep late and when I'm up I'll be sitting in front of the Tv with my duvet , I waste my days , I think about doing something , tell myself I will , but I won't I'll be too lazy then it will be too late to go "tommorow " I tell myself but the day repeats itself. I'm always crying , I'm unhappy and in those moments and in those moments of "happiness" lies something artificial . I'll be happy about things like like getting my laptop or a new phone  but that barely lasts and means nothing when I think about other things .Sometimes I think I'm happy but only becuase I fool myself."


God was the thing that I'd been asking for to come and take the pain away. When I became born again it was like a huge weight was lifted off of me. The hurt I was feeling was gone . Every problem that I had seemed manageable , I had a joy in my heart that I'd never known before and unlike the temporary happiness that I had before , I now have an eternal joy that comes from the knowledge that Jesus loves me and nothing is going to change that , and that no matter where I go where I go and what happens in life , he is with me and I can overcome anything with him, for he will never leave me or forsake me . Some of the situations that caused me to feel like that are still the same , but I cannot feel that down again because the Lord is my strength and my shield . He has shown me that I can change my circumstances and while I'm waiting for that change he is right he by my side my refuge and fortress in whom I trust .


Don't ever let yourself be swallowed up by sorrow. The true revelation of the love of God is all you need to retrieve your joy.


"There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." 1 Corinthians 10:13


"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds [curing their pains and their sorrows]." Psalm 147:3




                                                                  I Love you Jesus

They answered, "Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you and your family will be saved."Acts 16:31  When I was brought to salvation , the salvation of my family was part of that plan , the fact that I believe in Jesus means that they will also , the Word says so . I came into salvation with the souls of my family attached to me, I did not come alone . I came like the front carriage in a train , yes I am the driver , yes I entered the destination first but there are many other carriages set to follow the same direction as me . They are connected to me ,my salvation positioned them to be born again. I have brought light into their lives, they cannot remain in darkness. If the front carriage of the train leaves the dark tunnel and reaches the light then so must the rest of the train , it has no choice , it is attached . The souls of my family are attached to me , the wheels are in motion , they are on the right track. I will not fear for the salvation of my family becuase I know when I was brought into salvation , my father had them in mind. My father began a good work in my family and he will surely bring it to completion . It is irrelevant what it is that is preventing their salvation becuase it really is as simple as this - Greater is He that is in ME than he that is in the world ,  I have power over any contrary force in their lives. My salvation was the first instalment, the rest will surely follow . By the end of this year , I will return to this blog and write a testimony about the salvation of my family ."So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it" Issiah 55:11.


" At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth" Philipians 2:10 .


Praise God !

God bless you and your family

Another conversation we had




My Email


Good afternoon Pastor. I am writing to give you an update of what the doctors have said concerning me. I went for the follow up appointment on Tuesday and they said that the test after the operation confirmed what they had suspected which is that they found Hodgkin lymphoma. They also noted that this was high grade lymphoma as in it was growing fast. Furthermore, I went for another appointment today and they said that the test of the CT scan i had taken a few weeks back showed that the lymphoma was also in my neck area and under arms. The doctors want me to do another test on Tuesday which is a PET Scan similar to the CT Scan but this one shows whether the lymphoma is active in other parts of the body or not. And after that they want me to start treatment on the Monday after which is the 8th of November I believe.


For me I made up my mind that I was not going to undergo this treatment ages ago but I went through the procedures for my mums sake. But now it has come to the point where I have to officially make my mind and choose whether to go forward or not with the chemotherapy. My family are putting pressure on me to do the treatment and are saying that this may be God's answer to my prayers and citing that because the treatment falls on a Monday which is my free day off uni it is definitely for my benefit and that the side effects would not affect me as they affect others because of my faith. Which is another issue I had with the treatment as it can be very debilitating and various other unpleasant side effects.


I was almost convinced that this was indeed a blessing of some sort but then I realised that for me to then say that I am going to undergo the chemotherapy would be against all the faith confessions I have made and against the words I have received concerning this. Furthermore, I do not believe that it would be God's intention to put me through such a painful process as a way to heal me as my family seem to believe. I may be wrong which is why I am asking for guidance on the matter. I feel that my mum is losing faith and with this new news I heard which I don't think I will inform her of as it would just make things worse for her. I think she thinks I will die without the treatment and I am worried for her but I know I am healed and its only a matter of time before the evidence manifests more visibly as in the case of the fig tree. Thank you for your guidance.


With Love


Bro Farai



My Pastor's Response

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 16:57:53 +0100

Dear Bro Farai,


Thank you for the update. Remember the testimony I shared of Pastor Chris' staff who passed away suddenly? If you recall, Pastor asked that she be taken to the hospital immediately while he spent time praying about the situation. Sometimes we do have to go to the hospital and we do have to undergo treatment. If you read Kenneth Hagin books, you will find out that there were some times he found himself or members of his family in the hospital. But he worked his faith out while they were there.


I do not see your going for chemotherapy as a negation of your faith confessions. I remember a member of the ministry who had to go through something similar some years ago and she and her pastor prayed that the she would not suffer the side effects of the treatment as others did.


My counsel is that you should go ahead to start your treatment. This coming month is the month of Changing Hopeless Situations. We will just add fire power to the situation and things will continue to change as they already have.


God bless

The point here is that the word from your Pastor is your lifeline. What they tell is you is what God is saying, take it and listen to it. As you can see I thought I was acting my faith the right way but there was a more excellent way to go about doing it. This shows that your leaders know more than you, learn to trust their judgement. If they tell you to walk, then walk, if they say get more rhapsody's and you don't have the funds then, don't give excuses, they know what they are saying. Just learn to do even if it goes against the plans you have made.


Saint Farai Ndhlovu

Coordinator BLW University of Essex

I came across a conversation I had with my Pastor and I will put it down here for you to be encouraged.




My Email


Dated 14th Feb, 2011


Dear Pastor


I would like to thank you for insisting that we continue with our Sunday meetings after church, sometimes it can be challenging but the challenge doesn't compare to the joy I feel when I see first timers who made the effort to look for our meeting on Sundays. It really motivates me to keep striving forward. Part of the testimony about our meeting yesterday is in the report but the other part which is what touched me, is that the two first timers we had in our meeting had actually been looking for our meeting for some time and had tried calling us but unfortunately the number that was appearing on the student union website was Bro Guy's old number and as such they could not contact us and they actually attended another church but when they went there they were not settled and decided to seek us out again and this time they saw our updated information on the website and they came to the meeting. I thank you Pastor for the guidance you give me and I am honoured to serve under you.


Bro Farai


My Pastor's Response



Wow. What a great meeting and a great testimony. I also want you to be using Pastor Chris's DVDs for part of your service like we do on Wednesday/Sunday. It could run for 15-20 minutes and I believe it would do a lot to inspire the first timers with the Christ Embassy message.



There were times when I thought I should move the fellowship meeting to a week day as it would be the easier option so I can rest after the sunday morning sevice in church as the attendance in the sunday evening was always "were 2 or 3 are gathered" that was the story of our meetings for a long time. But when my Pastor said to me that I should continue I stood on her word and the rest is history. A year on and the 2 first timers are fully committed one is a cell leader and the other is an assistant cell leader. We now have 3 active cells and our Sunday evening service which has been a blessing to many students.


As for using Pastor Chris Message, well it helped my members grow so fast and that is a big reason why we are were we are now. As they started to identify with the ministry vision and the passion for messages was stirred. I also gave them a taste of the word straight from our Man of God's mouth undiluted, unedited, full of power and glory and it has been from glory to glory. Once the DVD has played and I come to preach, it is so much easier as they are already stirred up by the rhema that Pastor has released. My work has been simplified.


Saint Farai Ndhlovu
Coordinator BLW University of Essex

Ok let me start with giving you  a picture of what my financial situation was like , My main source of income is my student loan and maintenance grant , plus around £200 a month that I get from my Dad. My entire student loan and grant together is not enough to pay for my rent (125 per week ) So some of the money my Dad gives me has to cover my rent  I have had other expenses like textbooks , a yearly bus pass , food and toiletries , phone bills etc. As well as this I also had my giving commitments .


I payed my patnership , as well as tithing on the money my dad gave me . I was also lead on a number of occassion to sew seeds for different reasons , some of which were more than I had ever given before , I also contributed for programs and had to pay for my transport , registration and accomodation for CRC . Needless to say my outgoings were far exceeding my income . It was not long before I realised I no longer had enough money in my account to pay for my rent , yet I was still being inspired by the Holy spirit to give , and so I continued to give and never found myself worried.


I never feared that I wouldn't be able to pay my rent , I knew that I was a giver therefore men are giving on to me , I knew that I was a tither therfore my money is sanctified and I knew that my father had supplied all my needs and  my rent is included in this . In all I knew that as a child of God lack was not an option for me . I CAN NEVER BE BROKE . I immersed myself in the word concerning my finances , I donwloaded "100 prosperity confessions" on yookos and these words became my rhema. My bank account was decreasing and decreasing but it didn't matter because I knew the word.  It was the truths that I found in the word of God that I found the true report on my financial circumstances , not in a bank statement .


Anyway by the time it came to our program Heaven on Earth I had £30 in my account , with almost 2 months rent to pay, little food left at home and other expenses to consisder.  Someone asked me how much I wanted to give , I knew I wanted to give , but wasn't sure how much I was going to give . Bro farai seemingly knowing what I was thinking said "how much do you want to give , how much will your faith allow you to receive " I almost instantly felt led to say £100 followed by " and not only that but I will also have enough money to pay my rent until the end of term " .  All of us that were present then prayed the prayer of agreement agreeing that I would be able to redeem my pledge and pay all of my rent until the end of term


The next day I withdrew and gave my £100 seed for the program and for days and days after I have been able to withdraw 100 after 100 to pay for my rent  without my account seeing a minus figure despite the fact that my account was showing me £30  whilst God was showing me as far as I can see I can receive .  Every time I went to the cashpoint the anointing was soo strong , I struggled to stand as I held the miracle money in the palm of my hand,  .


As well as this , the Holy spirt instructed one of the sisters to give me £50 , as I  was praying thanking God for the money he told me that this money was to buy food for my house reminding me of the scripture" Now he that ministers seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness" 2 Corin 9:10 , I have also been able to lend money to a few people . These things are perfectly in line with the words I had been confessing . I had been saying that men would give unto me and I know that she is one of many people who are looking for me to give me money  . I had been confessing that I shall lend to many and not borrow and this too of course came to pass, I have been confessing that all my needs are met and this is true as my rent is paid!


I could have instead spent time confessing that I do not have enough to pay my rent , or conveying worry and desperation but I did not want to see the fruit of these words in my life, so refused to plant the seed . I instead confessed prosperity and planted the seeds of RICHNESS and look at me now I AM RICH , I live in abundance taking hold of the rights that Christ died for me to have. Stepping into my place as royalty , as a child of the most high , as a master of circumstance , Hallelujah !]

Our father saw the £30 in my account and produced nearly £1000 or miracle money. My income is not from student finance , not from my dad  or even from a job but from my heavenly Father who owns the World , I have no choice but to be rich I was born into it !



God bless you





♪ ♫ ♬ Lord you're amazing , I cry out in worship , Lord you are wonderful , I cry out in worship , You are great ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬




"For the LORD your God blesses you, as he promised you: and you shall lend unto many nations, but you shall not borrow; and you shall reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over you. (deutronomy 15.6)


And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19)


Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.


Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life (Matt 6:25-27)



They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony;(Rev 12:11)

Anja’s Salvation Experience

The testimony of one of the students, Anja who gave her life to Christ at the program was inspiring! She had come along with her friend to hand out flyers to people about an upcoming fashion show in the university. On coming she was told that she could only hand the flyers out when the program was finished. Anja sat down with her friend and was waiting. As the program commenced and progressed, Anja’s friend left the hall but Anja remained. Annia recalls that she felt compelled to stay there even though her friend had gone. As the meeting went on and Pastor Segun came up to minister, he asked who was not born again and Anja signified by raising her hand up. Pastor explained that Jesus is the son of God and that only through him can man be saved and while he was ministering, Anja still had her doubts and found it difficult to believe. However as pastor went on ministering to the congregation, Her doubts were quenched and she was led to Christ by a lady seating beside her! By the time Pastor Segun returned to her, she was already born again! The power of the Lord was there to change her and now she will never be the same again! She came to promote a fashion show and now she’s leaving the program to promote the gospel!


Azain’s Salvation Experience

The testimony of another participant who gave his life to Christ was also inspiring. The Participant, Azain was a Muslim and grew up with teachings and doctrines that Jesus was only a prophet and not the son of God. As Pastor Segun ministered and asked who did not believe that Jesus was the son of God, he raised his hand up explaining the Muslim teachings surrounding his belief. He stood his ground, maintaining his disbelief in Jesus as the son of God. However when Pastor called him on the stage to minister to him, he told him Jesus is the son of God and Azain agreed, nodding his head in agreement. Pastor took Azain’s rhapsodies (which he had received during the program) and opened to th prayer of salvation. As Pastor led Azain in the prayer, He repeated those words without any hesitation, interjections or arguments. Azain stood on the stage, gave his life to Christ and left the program a changed man having experienced God in totality for the very first time!




Also the third participant who received Christ was a remarkable testimony. The participant was a Hindu and said that he’s felt as if God’s been trying to talk to him for the past few months; that God’s been trying to get his attention and get closer to him. The participant came to the program just to sit and find out what was going on in the hall. On entering in the hall, the participant recognised the coordinator (Bro Oliatan) and was astonished to see him there. As Pastor segun was ministering, he mentioned that there was one more person who needed to be born again. The participant said he knew for sure that he was the one that Pastor was referring to. However he did not come out and the program finished. On his way home in his car, the participant heard a voice telling him to stop and look out of the window. As he did this, he saw the coordinator Bro Olaitan walking and offered to give him a ride. As they drove together and discussed, the participator was eager to know more about this God who’s been trying to contact him for a long time. The participator was there and then led to Christ by the coordinator. Even though he did not come out in the program, he did not miss his salvation. It was his set time to be saved!


A Total Infilling…

As Pastor Segun was ministering, he called out those who had not yet received the Holy Spirit and as five students came out to those who had not received the Holy Spirit.  After explaining to them the importance of the Holy Spirit to them and praying from them, the participants were hesitant and reluctant to open their mouth and speak. However Pastor invited the Coordinator (Bro Olaitan) to come on stage. Pastor shook his hands saying ‘Bro Olaitan, Let’s show them how it’s done’. As the coordinator and pastor shook hands, they began to speak in tongues and to lay hands on the participants and behold the participants who were there started bursting out in tongues! It was emotional for some as they were in tears; tears born out of satisfaction, completion and wholeness whilst lifting up their hands in hour and worship to God! They were all happy, super charged and feeling jumpy because they had now experienced the infilling of God in his totality.A participant who testified later on “I actually felt high”. He had been invigorated with the power of the Holy Ghost and his life will never be the same!



A Dream Come True!

One of the participants who had come from another campus did testify that the spirit of God had revealed to him the program in a dream a long time ago. “total experience was so awesome. As I was sitting there the Holy spirit reminded me of a dream that I once had some time ago about the program and I saw myself present at the program”. At first he couldn’t really explain the dream but during the program he understood that he wasn’t there by accident. God wanted him to be there and there he was. A dream come true!





What captures your attention? What occupies your mind? Where do your priorities lie? A quality life grows from the inside out.

Philipians 4:8(AMP) "For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things [fix your minds on them]."


Let your mind be renewed!

He belives in me,

that gives me the courage to be what I must be

cos he believes in me


As Deacon sang this song during the CRC, it suddenly clicked that God believes BLW UK is able to deliver all the Universities to Jesus, it suddenly clicked that in BLW UK God has deposited everything the youths of this nation need to be saved. And for God to have commited a msg such as is communicated by our DADDY ( Pst & Rev. Chris Oyakhilome) into our tust to deliver to the youths of this nation it means He believes in us.

This gives us the courage to to take charge............Through the Holy Spirit we are doin mighty things....Yes we are taking over the unversities, the colleges, every young person will come to the knowledge of Christ......Yes our ROR and TEEVO is in every home........Hallelujah

We are have the strongest back that no one can resist. We have the Holy Spirit in us and with us, Our BLW President & Deacon Jude Our Man of God strongly behind us Hallelujahhh!!!. No need to struggle Just walk in and take charge.

As a combined product of the overcomers month and the indescribable CRC , I have a renewed boldness and fire in my spirit for soul winning, So thought I would repost this and share my thoughts with you. We are taking over the UK without any doubt, our soul winning has become easy , students are coming into our fellowships, We are going above and beyond our targets, capturing the hearts and souls of the students of the UK proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ like never before and demonstrating the miraculous. CRC has framed the future of students of the Uk. Praise the Lord



I have made the personal decision to never give up on a soul . Why should I think that it's OK to do this ? . The way I see it is this ; If I am in the process of trying to win a soul and it is seemingly difficult or impossible so I decide to give up on them its as if I am saying God's OK with giving up on them , that God no longer desires their soul . This is of course incorrect , it is Gods will that all shall be saved . So why would I think its fine for me to give up ? because they don't seem interested ? because Its difficult ? No. I am a representative of God in this world , his partner in soul winning , I need to do my job and do it to my full capability .



If I decide to give up because someone is unresponsive or defensive , its as if I'm saying that the deceiving spirit that is preventing them from receiving the word of God is more powerful than the Gospel of Jesus Christ . Its as if I've lost faith in the fact that the word works . Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world .. so why would I retreat from the will of Christ within me because the one that's in the world is making it difficult ?.  I go out to soul-win not with the flesh but wearing my holy Ghost battle armour , I am not relying on my own ability but the ability of God who is able to do all things . To walk away from a soul considering them unable to be won is an underestimation of his power .



Now this is not to say that every single soul that I preach the Gospel to will without doubt be saved . Instead what I am saying is I will never be the one to back down . I will be persistent , unremitting  , I will continue to preach the gospel to them for as long as they allow it . If they want to give up on me and what I am saying then that is their choice , but I will not give up on them , I will not be the one to give up . My agenda is to not stop until Jesus has been confessed as their lord and saviour , it is for them to decide whether or not they leave before that point . Yes some people will not allow me to continue to the point that they will accept Christ but even if they leave I can honestly say to God that I pursued as far as I could with the knowledge that I have at least planted a seed in them which I can pray over and water.


For example one time I was on the bus and got talking to a Muslim woman , and I was preaching the gospel to her , I was about to tell her my testimony when it was time for me to get off the bus , I decided to stay on the bus and continue talking to her , by the time she had got off the bus , she hadn't given her life to Christ , but I had managed to finish my testimony , this which I considered a seed , I could then pray for her and declared that my testimony would stir up the desire in her to seek Jesus . I had missed my stop by miles and had to walk home but the fact was I couldn't miss my opportunity to witness to her because it wasn't convenient , I mean  who knows what impact my testimony made in her life ?


Yes some people may get uncomfortable , some even may be offended but I am not afraid to offend people if it is for Jesus and in accordance with his will. I keep in mind that no matter how they might not enjoy my persistence , I am trying to lead them to the greatest thing they could ever possess . I am recommending the victorious life in Christ , trying to lead them to salvation . Any discomfort they may get from my efforts now is nothing compared with  the discomfort that they could experience if no one successfully leads them to Christ . I mean what happens if I'm the only person that tried to preach to them and I gave up because they were a little rude to me ?.



All I'm saying is never write someone off as an unreachable soul , because each and every soul is precious to God , you might be their only way to hear the Gospel. God doesn't just seek easy to win souls he wants everybody , play your part and claim every soul for Jesus with your full capability .



God Bless you


Onita Christian ( BLWUK )


Posted by Onita Christian ( BLWUK ) Mar 3, 2012

Wow, the CRC was just fantastic. I am excited and priviledged to attend this program, because it was a time for transformation in the spirit, whereby I was energised and strengthened in the inner man to do exploit beyond my naturally comprehension. I experienced the creative and imaginative power of God in me that great Ideas where just coming to me strategically on how to dominate and rule over my territorial jurisdiction to its maximum capacity.I thank God for this opportunity because I will do more and function totally in my kingly position in Christ.Amen

CRC for me has taught me so much. The talks about the structure of the fellowship and also how to handle my meetings. I am definitely making changes to how I administer my meetings. Changes are definitely going to being made and the structure being solidified.


Some people came with cups, some came with buckets to carry the anointing back. As for me I came with a pipe to connect to the source and have a constant stream of the anoiting even after today. When I think of the CRC the anointing will be stirred up.

Recieving at the CRC to further equip me to be a better cordinator on my campus. Hope you are too.