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You don’t have to wait for difficult people to change in order to change your relationships with them. In fact, often, difficult people simply don’t change. But God has given you the power to choose to be unflappable, imperturbable, and unflustered by difficult people. Whenever you make that choice, you improve the dynamic of your relationships.


Envying people...What?

Posted by wale Apr 19, 2012

Envying people who have what you want but don’t have will only poison you. So stop comparing yourself and your life with other people and their lives. Instead, make a daily habit of noticing the many blessings that God brings into your life, and thanking God for them. Ask God to  help you be content in all circumstances and trust that, in His great love and wisdom, He will always give you what’s best for you.

Don’t neglect caring for the people you sense God calling you to help, but be sure to take care of your own needs in the process. You can derive happiness both from seeing how your efforts help people in need, and from making sure that your own needs are met.

Rather than reacting negatively to negative comments that difficult people make to you on the job, decide to respond positively despite their negativity. Defuse the emotional tension by either politely laughing off their comments or making a polite, non-committal statement that you’ve prepared for such situations (like “Interesting. I’ll consider that.”).


Present the whole Gospel.

Posted by wale Apr 18, 2012

Don’t restrict the way you present Christianity to just the parts that you enjoy the most; be sure to faithfully communicate the entire Gospel message – even the parts that may be hard for others to hear (such as the effect of sin on their lives) – and trust that God will help them receive the message.

Gateways are means by which people can come to understand the reality of their own spiritual situation and how Jesus can transform it. Different gateways include: explanations (simply telling people what the Gospel is about), arguments (giving people good reasons for believing in Jesus and trusting Him), stories (showing people the power of a relationship with Jesus at work changing lives), and images (visually communicating the Gospel’s truths and how it transforms people’s lives).