DAY 1: Finance Convention with Pastor Chris

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Sunday January 15th 2012




Greet three people and say that this is the year of the word of God in my life. You may be seated.


Song: the word is working mightily in me...


Is the Word working in you. Hallelujah


This evening we are starting a life transforming convention. Every day will be special. The anointing of God,s spirit will make it so. Isn't it ... You are the top partnering church.


The Word will transform each one. All you have to do is pay close attention. God has only His word to build your life. He created the whole world with His word.


Romans 1:16


The Word of God concerning Jesus is the power of God unto salvation to those that believe. In that message is the righteousness of God revealed. There's no other way to Receice righteousness outside the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We have come into the kingdom. There are different kinds of meetings from the bible days. His anointing comes in the way He wanted the meeting. Anointing meetings, thanksgiving meetings where through the Holy Spirit they are accepted. The anointing will present your thanksgiving via sanctifications. Thanksgiving positions you for more thanksgivings.


In prayer meetings, He gives answers. They bring harvest of answers. Purpose is important. During prayer meetings, you pray, not teaching on prayer or exaltations.


For healing service, it doesn't require much teaching, just heal. After healing, you can talk about other things. You do miracles during miracle meetings. You don't preach much, you just have miracles.


You must be clear about the purpose of your meetings.


This is a finance convention. We are going to talk about finance. We may refer to other things, but will concentrate on your finances. Jesus did a lot of teachings on finances, two-third of His teachings. Spend time and pay attention on the word with the help of the Holy Spirit who gives authority to lead, guide and fill you.


Why is talking about finances important? You go to work, school, etc to earn money. If you are wearing cloth, it cost money. We are going to talk about how you are going to multiply your finances and do a lot for other people. Money answereth all things. It is only exceeded by wisdom which gives life. Money is a defence. Where money fails to defend you, God's wisdom does.


Not all rich people are dishonest. Money is not cash. Money is a measure of value. Because of that, it becomes a medium of exchange and payment for goods and services. Primarily, it is a measure of value. You may rate someone financially rich or poor based on the value of that person. What are you worth? What is the value of your time, effort and presence?


Cash is what you receive or pay at the moment. It doesn't define your personality. Every time someone steals, he reduces himself. Your actual value in money is how much you are worth when you do what you do. Increase the value of your personality and others will pay for it.


If you put value into you, you receive value from others. How can you increase your value. Begin measuring your value by what comes out of you to effect changes. If someone knows everything about football, if it doesn't effect any change when he brings out the information, there is no value.


How do you transform your information into value? Positive power of change. You need someone to guide and teach you to become an agent of change. Everyday this week, you will be improved. By the end of the week, you will become improved and have knowledge that can be acted upon.


Hebrews 11:6-9 - For without faith it is impossible to please God.


God exists and rewards faith.


2 Corinthians 5:7 - For we walk by faith, and not by sight.


Christians are the one he's talking about. We live and function by faith and not by sensory perceptions. The world acts on sense knowledge. We function in two worlds, both physical and spiritual worlds. The bible trains us to increase our spiritual senses.


The carnal man cannot relate to spiritual things. The physical world was created by spiritual command of God through the word. God created the physical from the spiritual. It is greater and controls the physical world. Nations are controlled from the spiritual realms. The bible shows that.


When things happen, you know the reason behind them from the spiritual realm. Things just don't happen. Life is not just ordinary. Demonic activities control certain physical activities. Same with angelic activities. Jesus came to open the eyes of men to this reality. Jesus addressed the demonic spirits behind sicknesses and diseases.


Jesus put His fingers on deaf ears and commended them to open. Dumb spirits heard Jesus' command and came out even when people did not see them with physical eyes. Jesus brought reality to what men could not see with optical eyes.


The word of God illuminates. You can understand what happens behind the scene. Why men rise and fall. You can understand the why to every question. Why nobody in certain facilities cannot go beyond certain levels. The world of god illuminate your spirit to know. Why that fellow has migraine headache all the time.


Some people earn money and put them in bags with holes. The problem is that some Christians are also affected because of lack of knowledge. They just can't understand. They say they can't not understand that they have done all to the best of their knowledge. Maybe the knowledge is not good enough. Bad things happen to good people. You got to know how to take charge of your life through the word of God.


Relax, these are the fundamentals of how to make money.


Without faith, you cannot please God. We walk by faith, not by sight.


Faith will do great things for you, but James explained why faith may not work sometimes.


James 2:14-26 - Even so Faith if it has not work is dead for it is alone. The devil also believe and (they so believe) that they tremble. Faith without work is dead.



Faith without corresponding actions is dead. Put action to your faith. Abraham was justified when he acted his faith. By action, not by faith only will a man be justified. Faith alone is dead. The body without the spirit is dead also.


The healing ministry of Jesus. John 5 - Jesus comes to a man that could not walk for 38 years. The bible also reveals the man's character. He complained and didn't ask Jesus to help him get into the water. The sickness was so long because the man had a character for complaining. Make requests to God, not complaints. Your crying will not help you if you keep complaining.


There are people who suffer for long time because of their attitude and character. Jesus told the man to get up, take up your bed and go home. Jesus made them do what they couldn't do. Stretch forth a paralysed hand? Only Jesus could say those things. He gave them instruction to challenge them to release their faith.


A blind man was brought to Jesus and Jesus told him to go and wash in the river of ... The man didn't have an eyeball. He spat on the ground, mixed it with clay, formed an eye, planted it on him and asked him to go and wash. The blind man came back seeing.


If you must walk with God, you must act and release your faith.


Genesis 8:22 - while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.


How many have experienced cold and heat and dry and rainy seasons? Seedtime is time for sowing seed. When you sow your seed, there will be time for harvest. How many people are sowing seeds?


During the IPPC, the number 3 partner, said to me, "Pastor, I used to trek when I came to this church. By listening to the word, changes happened". There're lots and lots of such testimonies. If you have been coming here and things are not improving, something is wrong. Make up your mind that you will listen again. Some people distribute Rhapsody of Realities without reading them. I also study ROR. I buy my ROR also. I am smart. If it blesses you, why should I not be blessed also. I get blessed preparing it, I also get blessed reading it when it comes out. It works and produces result. Same with the messages I preach.


Galatians 6:5-10 - Be not deceived; God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. We shall reap if we faint not.


We sow when we do good to men, especially those in the household of faith. What are you sowing? If you sow to your flesh you reap corruption. If you sow to the spirit, it will be eternal. You cannot give your tithe to your relatives or to the poor. There's a principle for paying tithe in the house of God. There's a place for charity, but, not with your tithe.


You sow to your flesh when you give your tithe to charity or others other than the house of God. You can give other gifts, not your tithe. Do good to all men, but, especially to those in the household of faith. Sowing seeds of good work and sowing financial seeds are two different things.


Some people receive all forms of gifts, but, nobody ever give them money. Why? Because they don't sow financial seeds. Seeds of love is good, and you reap harvest of love. The word of God understood and applied correctly produces different results.


You will learn how to sow financial seeds this week. You can begin from where you are and watch your life go. Cash is not money. Money is more than cash. It is from your spirit that you give value to anything. Jesus watched the widow that dropped two mites, and from the spirit, Jesus told the disciples that she gave more than others because the two mites meant all to her.


The value is measured from the heart. How does your spirit value what seed you are sowing? What is the value of the tv you are sowing? do you even watch it? Your spirit has the capacity to contain eternity. Your spirit can contain so much.


I will never be poor in my life because I will put the word of God to work in my life. There's so much inside you. Can you find out? Are you concerned about the country where you live? You think you cannot be successful in Nigeria?


Genesis 26:1-14 - Isaac sowed in that land and reaped and became very great and the philistines envied him.


Isaac wanted to go to Egypt like his father, but God adviced him against it. Abraham was a tither. And Isaac was blessed because Abraham obeyed God. It still happen today. If you're born again, no generational curses can follow you. God loves to bless, not curse. What God cherishes cannot be cursed. Lift all curses in your life because you have what it takes. Some people likes to suffer. Why do you have trouble with your enemies. You should be laughing because God laughs and does not think of enemies. I work and function in blessings.


Financial and "deed" seeds are differentiated by words. Words are so powerful that they determine our destinies. Health and prosperity are in your words. How do you give your offerings? From your pocket to the offering bag? Do you give them with words? Do you remember your prayers? What did you pray about yesterday? How will God answer prayers you can't even remember?


People here can give you testimonies of their givings. Become conscious of your prayers and requests. What kind of prayer do you pray. Your life should be a life of prayer. There are different kinds of prayers. Be always in constant and consistant  communication with God from your heart.


What does your offering mean to you? How do you offer it? You can give any offering happily. And is not just the financial value. It should mean something to you and your heart should be full of joy. If your heart is not connected to it, you may not get result. Your prayer can change lives.


Results of your givings are important. How many ever sow real seeds? Agric seeds. Did it work? A principle for sowing and reaping follows that same. A lot happens between sowing and reaping. Don't just sow. Care for the seed until harvest.


Don't sow on hard ground and under hash conditions. Don't sow amongst thorns, etc. good soil can produce a hundred folds. Hundred folds means that 10,000 will become 1,000,000 and 100,000,000 will become 10,000,000,000. It is possible. This Zone is a testimony.


Do you know how much it cost to run this meeting? Think about it and the programmes we run around the world. It is a whole lot of money. Those that are doing excellently well financially are responsible. This 2012, we will raise the dikes and do much more. When you understand the principles, you just adjust and put them to work. You will get results.


When you sow money seeds, you will receive money harvests. When you sow them, recognise that you sow them and use prayer to receive your harvests. It is not seeds sown for business, education, etc. I am talking about money seed, like sowing a corn seed and expecting corn harvest.


The other seeds come with harvests of other miracles, not in money. When you sow money seeds, you expect money harvests. Practice this in the same way a farmer practices sowing and reaping. If you do what God says, you get the right results. If you can have faith in your computer to produce result, or the pilot of the plane you travelled with, why is it difficult for you to have faith in this principle.


The story of how their plane turned back and couldn't land. Pastor Chris told Reverend Tom before the Captain confirmed it. Do you ask the operating doctor questions or just have faith that they will do the right things.


Men make mistakes, yet we have faith in them. Why not just give God just a little bit of that faith? Practice this money seed and see your life change.




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