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The much awaited Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5 Finance Convention with Pastor Chris commenced yesterday, the 15th of January, 2012, at the exquisite LoveWorld Convocation Arena. It was an awesome time in God's presence as the brethren received God’s Rhema Word aimed at their finances. Explaining the peculiarity of the meeting, Pastor stated; “… this is a finance convention and the subject of discussion this week is about finances. Someone may ask; why is it important that we talk about finances in the house of God? We do a lot of things everyday with money, and we are going to be talking about how to multiply your finances. This is important because you would be able to help others; not just those around you, but those afar off too. With money you can do anything, except the things only God can do…” With these words, Pastor introduced us to the direction in which the Spirit of God was going to minister to us at the meeting. Distinguishing money from cash, Pastor explained that money is a measure of value, and therefore a medium of exchange which can be used for the payment for goods and services. Pastor explained that cash doesn't say anything about your value or personality, because it is what you get; however, money speaks of your value; how much you are worth as person “…and this is why I always tell people to add more value to themselves, because as you do so, the time you spend at work will have more value, and others will be willing to pay for it. As you improve yourself, let it cause a change. Don't be like the man who knows so much about football, but his knowledge can't do anything to improve it.” Pastor explained that as you add knowledge to yourself, you'll need someone to guide and teach you to translate that knowledge to become a positive power of change; and that's what this finance convention is about. Every day as the Word is shared, you'd find out that you're lifted, and by the close of the week, what you have learnt will be so seasoned that it'll become knowledge you can act upon that'll produce results. At this point, Pastor began a teaching on faith and works, as it relates to producing results in our finances.


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