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"The world is mine and all that be in it. The

nations are mine saith the Lord, for I have

planted men upon them. The earth is filled

with my presence and my glory. For those

that I have chosen, called by my name
shall walk with me and only in that path of
life that I show unto them, for they shall
walk in glory. For they are mine, saith the
Lord. For I have chosen them and called you
and I have given you my word as a guiding
light and my Spirit to lead and to help you.
Therefore, walk in the light of my word.
Walk in the consciousness of my Spirit and
my presence saith the Lord, for my spirit
makes my kingdom real to you. And by
walking in the consciousness of my spirit,
you are walking in the consciousness of my
kingdom. Yeah, saith the Lord. Bear my
name to the ends of the earth. I have made
you victorious. Have no fear, saith the
Lord, for as it is written, I am the first and
the last, the beginning and the ending, and
you live in the midst of this. Have no fear,
for I am with you saith the Lord. I am your
strength and your exceedingly great
reward. Walk before therefore and be
courageous. So saith the Spirit of God."


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