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THE SEASON OF PRODUCTIVITY by pastor ugo dibia

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The word productivity means producing result with less effort and greater speed.In this season of productivity there is increased grace to produce.God doesn't want you productive in a particular area of your life,He wants you to be fruitful and productive in every good work you do.In Hebrews 13 vs 20-21,the bible says that the God of peace makes you perfect in every good work, it's God's will for us to be complete in everything we require to produce result,so since God has said it's our season of productivity,it doesn't mean we have not necessarily been producing result but this time we will produce with less effort and time.God is able to make all grace and blessing come to us in abundance(2 Conrithians 9 vs 8) i.e all the grace we require to produce result under any circumstances has been made available to us. All we need do is to find the grace for the particular work we want to carry out;{Hebrews 4 vs 14},the bible says in Romans 5 vs 17 ".....they which recieve abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness",this context clearly explains that although the grace has been made available to us in this season,it's still our responsibility to recieve it.

HOW DO WE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GRACE? according to the bible in 2 Conrithians 13 vs 14 which says"the grace of our lord jesus christ,the love of God and the fellowship of the holyspirit be with us now and forever.AMEN!" and also Romans 5 vs 5 says "the love of God is shared abroad in our heart by the spirit"  so if the Holy Spirit supplies the love of God, then it is the Holy spirit that also communicates the grace.Meaning for the grace of God to be communicated to us we have to be in communion,fellowship and partnership with the Holyspirit and for us to have a relationship and fellowship with the holyspirit,we must realize that the holyspirit is a person who is present in us. That God has said it's our season of productivity doesn't mean we will produce results as we ought to, its our responsibilty to take advantage of the grace that is available and work in the light of the word from God given by our MAN OF GOD PASTOR CHRIS


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