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There are 2 things that can make a Christian broke. The first is ignorance while the second, is choice. God prepared a good life for you long before you came on the scene. He created you in Christ Jesus to live a life of prosperity, success, victory and peace. He finished the works such that when you show up you will live triumphantly (Ephesians 2:10 AMP).

Many people are afraid to have plenty of money and yet they need it.  Money is a defense! The reason we talk about money is to help people know how to get more of it. If you are broke, you can’t do much, you won’t be able to speak for the body of Christ.

Have the mentality of the rich. You are a wealthy son of a wealthy God. You may not have the cash physically now, you may not even have a bank account; it doesn’t change the fact that you are wealthy in Christ.