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Hello dear headquarters of intelligence,


Oh the countdown has begun we are seven(7) days away from the April edition of Night of Destiny. Oh what excitement in our spirits! Keep registering all your invitees at www.nod.gospelenvoys.org . And don't miss foundation School if you are yet to attend. We have an intensive program at the main church in Avondale tomorrow (21/04/12)  starting at 08hrs.


One of the most important principles that you need to develop in yourself especially in this month of preparation, is the principle of HARD WORK.


You see, there is a place for everything in this life. There is a place for prayer, studying the word, speaking in tongues and many other spiritual activities and all of them are extremely important. But many often do one of these and sit back expecting everything else just to work on its own. But that accounts for the frustration of many. You see God has made this life so exciting by giving us ability to do something about everything.


The bible says "WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION...."

Oh yes! The bible expects you to work that salvation you need into being. Remember that salvation as a word means many things which in short would be total well being in all areas of your life. With this thought in mind, we then understand that the bible says work out that well being you have desired and prayed for. Bring it into existence oh hallelujah!


This is the part where you have to refuse to be lazy. Make up your mind to work hard knowing that as you work hard you are working the word, you are working those answered prayers etc into being. God has answered so many of your prayers and sometimes it is through giving you an idea that would change your circumstances; but many have not walked in the fullness of those answers on account of sitting back idle.


Proverbs 14:23(NIV) says : "All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty."


Oh this just makes working hard such a joy! We operate from a place of rest knowing that all our hardwork brings a profit. That means when I work hard, I live a profitable life! Oh glory to God!


So take time to today and evaluate yourself. Make up your mind to work hard because you know you are working the word and it will result in profit for you. Yes work that money into being, work that powerful ministry into being, work that business, that job, those good grades etc into being.


Make use of Night of Destiny as an opportunity to work hard by inviting many more than you have ever done towards that program. Your hard work will yield a profit.


Remember to pray in accordance with our prayer times with Pastor Chris today .


I love you all