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Healed and made complete

Major Meshack Mmolotsa,Southernafrica,BLW ZONE G,CE MAUN2 Master

Good afternoon saints. Our father said he will never leave us nor forsake us and this is the statement of fact so let us walk in this. You may wonder why am i saying this shortly you will  found out. On Saturday i checked patient at the hospital in my village and it was the first visit i made this year. I went to the female medical ward and the first person i met i preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to her telling her the will of God about her life and that the only way to God is to confess the Lordship of Jesus unto her life. We prayed the salvation prayer and then i told her let me pray for you before i start praying the lady was praying in tongues immediately. I had to stop and watch the lady born again filled with the Holy Ghost praying with tongues. Then i remember what happened when Apostel Peter was at Cornelius's house..We have this tressure in earthen vessela that the excellency of power might be of God..Amen