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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 I think its not going to give you what you want in the way that you want it, and I think thats what Ive enjoyed in the second half of the season. Wont give us what we want had us thinking Rick wont just borrow Michonnes katana and slice up The Gov on the spot. Maybe they just talk. Or maybe its worse. Maybe The Gov gets the jump on Rick. Whatever peace talks they have, were betting The Gov pulls his Nice Guy Act in some way and just lies through those teeth. But well see.


Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 It was such a to-do, we forgot to get excited about Season 4. It was always inevitable, but so what Its still cool! According to a December 9, 2015, story on in Georgia, The Walking Dead will be returning to Senoia, GA for Season 4, and pre-production for the show will probably begin in March 2015. Comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman talked to Entertainment Weekly in a February 10 interview and gave them a Season 4 update: Were on our second week of writing. Were knee deep in it and we start filming in May.


Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 David Morrissey The Gov talked to SFX Magazine about the second half of the season, and gave a tease about the Ricktator/Governator meeting. What Ive liked about the season so far is that its full of surprises, he told the mag. Obviously the stars might be aligned for Rick and the Governor to have some sort of meeting, but maybe the show will shoot that in a very surprising way.


Don't get too excited. At this point, we're still in speculation mode about The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 15, Arrow on the Doorpost.


Episode 15, Clear will air this Sunday, March 3, and spoilers have been posted about that ep. The March 10 episode is less clear, although it sounds like we will return to our usual programming of the Team Prison vs. Team Woodbury war.


Heres the Episode 15 synopsis: Rick and the Governor contemplate a peace treaty.


If they get to that point, then brava to Andrea, since she probably made it happen. That would tie in with the promo that showed Rick and The Governor finally meeting face-to-face. Rick says, so here we are and The Gov replies, We have a lot to talk about. So put some tea on, Milton!


Interesting side note: It looks like Episode 15 was originally called Pale Horse before being changed to Arrow on the Doorpost.


Question: Do you want peace between Rick's group and The Governor, or do you think they should fight it out


AMC's official renewal of The Walking Dead for Season 4 came at the same time as the shocking news that Glen Mazzara would be leaving as showrunner, replaced by Scott Gimple.



Season 3 also started filming in May. So when will The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere Seasons 1, 2 and 3 all premiered in October, so theres no reason why AMC wouldnt stick with that spooky undead timeframe. It aint broke, so dont break it. The returns have gotten slightly earlier each time, too. TWD Season 1 premiered on Halloween 2010. Season 2 was on October 16, 2011. Season 3 premiered on October 14, 2015. If we had to throw down a guess, we'd say Season 4 will premiere on Sunday, October 15. We'll have to update the intel with the official news when it comes out.


Meanwhile, Season 3 is going to keep on chugging along, until the March 31 finale.

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