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Click here to watch Wrestlemania 29 Live Online Free in HD


Click here to watch Wrestlemania 29 Live Online Free in HD


The biggest swerve of the night will be when Shawn Michaels turns heel and costs Triple H his career. We’ve seen Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels put on historic performances before against each other, but never with Michaels as the heel and Triple H as the face. We’ll get that at WrestleMania 30 in an unsanctioned match, just like their SummerSlam 2002 meeting. The road to New Orleans starts on Sunday in New Jersey.


WrestleMania 29 won’t just be the best wrestling event of 2013, but it will also go down as one of the best pay-per-view extravaganzas in history. Fans will be able to watch the "Showcase of the Immortals" live online on on Sunday, April 7, starting at 7 p.m. ET for $59.99.


WWE has done a fantastic job building immense interest into this year’s WrestleMania. We may be getting main-event rematches, but they involve six of the biggest and best wrestlers in the history of the business. Just as importantly, we are emotionally invested in nearly every single undercard match as well.


Sunday will be a night fans never forget, and with anticipation bouncing off the charts, it’s time to predict the winners and losers.




WWE Championship: John Cena vs. The RockThe WWE could pull a swerve and have The Rock retain to allow him to hype himself as WWE champion while promoting his upcoming movies Pain & Gain and Fast & Furious 6, but that would kill any opportunity of a rubber match between him and Cena. The entire rematch has been built on Cena redeeming last year’s loss and conquering the impossible.


Projected winner: John Cena




The Streak: CM Punk vs. The Undertaker


CM Punk may be the best in the world right now, but The Undertaker is the best at WrestleMania and may be the best professional wrestler ever. Damn right I said that. The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak should never be broken.


Projected winner: The Undertaker




Will Shawn Michaels Screw Triple H at WrestleMania 29?

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No Holds Barred, Triple H’s Career on the Line: Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H



Projected winner: Brock Lesnar




World Heavyweight Championship: Jack Swagger vs. Alberto del Rio


This has been an intense feud based on politics, international views, morals, pride and more. With this match taking place in the tri-state area, not far from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, WWE will play to Alberto del Rio fighting for every man, woman and child with the dream to be successful and triumph over evil.


Projected winner: Alberto del Rio