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Many of us have not fully realized a simple, basic principle:  for our receiving to take place, we must first give.  Giving and receiving are two aspects of the same law of life.

Lowell Fillmore shared a special thought about giving.  He said,“Those who think they have nothing to give should remember that they can always give themselves, and that they can always render some kind of service even if it be nothing more than a few words of cheer.”

Every time an opportunity comes your way that allows you to give, welcome that opportunity with open arms!  It may be heaven’s call to fulfill your highest destiny.  And the attitude of the giver may be more important than the gift itself.  It has been said, “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”  It is often easy to forget about giving when we are constantly advised to “go for it” and “get ahead” in life.  We may become so busy taking advantage of what life has to offer that we overlook the opportunity to give back something in return.  Life’s gifts that we continually benefit from are, in themselves, a good reason to develop and maintain an attitude of gratitude.  Many of us want love and companionship, but it is a law of life that we must first be loving and friendly if we would attract to us the love and companionship we desire.  We give and then we receive.  It is often true that we must first release negative attitudes and judgments about other people for our love to be given.

The law of giving and receiving also asks us to be good receivers.  As we give of ourselves, our time and resources, our positive attitudes and loving thoughts and actions, it is also important to be able to receive the gifts of others in a graceful way.  Everyone truly loves to give, and there are times when we are being of service by graciously receiving what another would give us–when we find a way to say, “Thank you, I accept your thoughtful gift.”

The law of giving and receiving is basic to a life of successful and graceful living.  If we are feeling a lack in some area, our first thought could increasingly be, “What can I give?  What do I have to give?”  If we remain open and receptive, we will know how we may give.  The more we give, the more we receive.

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ImageKaroly Takacs. You’ve probably never heard of him. However, in Hungary, he’s a national hero – everybody there knows his name and his incredible story. After reading this story, you’ll never forget him.

In 1938, Karoly Takacs of the Hungarian Army, was the top pistol shooter in the world. He was expected to win the gold in the 1940 Olympic Games scheduled for Tokyo.

Those expectations vanished one terrible day just months before the Olympics. While training with his army squad, a hand grenade exploded in Takacs’ right hand, and Takacs’ shooting hand was blown off.

Takacs spent a month in the hospital depressed at both the loss of his hand, and the end to his Olympic dream. At that point most people would have quit. And they would have probably spent the rest of their life feeling sorry for themselves. Most people would have quit but not Takacs. Takacs was a winner. Winners know that they can’t let circumstances keep them down. They understand that life is hard and that they can’t let life beat them down. Winners know in their heart that quitting is not an option.

Takacs did the unthinkable; he picked himself up, dusted himself off, and decided to learn how to shoot with his left hand! His reasoning was simple. He simply asked himself, “Why not?”

Instead of focusing on what he didn’t have – a world class right shooting hand, he decided to focus on what he did have – incredible mental toughness, and a healthy left hand that with time, could be developed to shoot like a champion.

For months Takacs practiced by himself. No one knew what he was doing. Maybe he didn’t want to subject himself to people who most certainly would have discouraged him from his rekindled dream.

In the spring of 1939, he showed up at the Hungarian National Pistol Shooting Championship. Other shooters approached Takacs to give him their condolences and to congratulate him on having the strength to come watch them shoot. They were surprised when he said, “I didn’t come to watch, I came to compete.” They were even more surprised when Takacs won!

The 1940 and 1944 Olympics were cancelled because of World War II. It looked like Takacs’ Olympic Dream would never have a chance to realize itself. But Takacs kept training and in 1944 he qualified for the London Olympics. At the age of 38, Takacs won the Gold Medal and set a new world record in pistol shooting. Four years later, Takacs won the Gold Medal again at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Takacs – a man with the mental toughness to bounce back from anything.

What Lessons Do We Learn From This?

Winners in every field have a special trait that helps them become unstoppable. A special characteristic that allows them to survive major setbacks on the road to success. Winners recover QUICKLY. Bouncing back is not enough. Winners bounce back QUICKLY. They take their hit, they experience their setback, they have the wind taken out of their sails, but they immediately recover. Right away they FORCE themselves to look at the bright side of things – ANY bright side, and they say to themselves, “That’s OK. There is always a way. I will find a way.” They dust themselves off, and pick up where they left off.

The reason quick recovery is important is that if you recover quickly, you don’t lose your momentum and your drive. Takacs recovered in only one month. If he had wallowed in his misery, if he had stayed “under the circumstances,” if he had played the martyr, and felt sorry for himself much longer, he would have lost his mental edge – his “eye of the tiger” and he never would have been able to come back.

When a boxer gets knocked down, he has ten seconds to get back up. If he gets up in eleven seconds, he loses the fight. Remember that next time you get knocked down.

Takacs definitely had a right to feel sorry for himself. He had a right to stay depressed and to ask himself “Why me?” for the rest of his life. He had the right to act like a mediocre man.

Takacs could have let his terrible accident cause him to become permanently discouraged, to take up heavy drinking, to quit on life alltogether, and maybe even to end his own life. He could have acted like a loser.

But Takacs made the DECISION to dig deep inside and to find a solution. To pick himself up and to learn to shoot all over again. Winners always search for a solution. Losers always search for an escape.

Next time you get knocked down, DECIDE you will act like a winner. DECIDE to act like Takacs. Get up quickly, take action, and astound the world!

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By Tyler Perry




I was driving in to work this morning and I started thinking about all the days I dreaded going to work. I was so sick of it… the job, my boss, the people I worked with, the traffic… I would wake up angry every morning. I didn’t want to deal with the crap of the job, but I was forced to go. I had been homeless, I was broke, living paycheck to hopefully the next paycheck. I couldn’t take a day off for fear I would get fired. I was just frustrated. I thought I hated my life and the job.


It was so aggravating because God had placed all these dreams and hopes in my soul and mind and I had no idea how they were going to come to pass. To have a dream of being something better and living better than the way I was at that moment and to not see a way of getting there felt like death to me. I thought, “Dear God, why would you give me so much hope and not make a way?” But what I learned through prayer was, with no path in front of you and no road map… this is where true faith begins. With faith I realized that I wasn’t frustrated with my life or the job, I was frustrated because I was a person who had dreams for myself, a person who had visions for my life and I wasn’t living it. Have you ever been there, where you felt so strongly that there was more to this life than what you see in front of you?


One of the most difficult things about being a dreamer is the fear that the dream will never happen. I’m here as a living witness to tell you your dreams can come true. You can’t give up. And I am here to let you know that everything can work together for your good. The time that you are spending on that job that you think is a dead end is not. You’re being prepared just like I was. I was a shoeshine boy, I worked as a bill collector, a used car salesman, in housekeeping in a hotel, and they all were preparation for where I am now.


What do these things have to do with where I am now? I’m glad you asked. I am able to use skills that I learned. I shined shoes, so I know how to shine my shoes if I need them to look nice. Selling used cars was a great way to learn how to close a deal. Bill collecting taught me great negotiation skills. Working at that 5-star hotel taught me a lot about travel. Every experience in your life is here to teach you something.


Today, while you’re at work, don’t be frustrated. Look around you and ask God what are you there to learn and how will it be a part of your future dream. Honor that job, do the best you can at it, because God will bless you for honoring something that belongs to another.

I hope this inspires you today. If you need a little more inspiration then watch my first sit-down interview in years with Oprah on Oprah's Next Chapter. It airs this Sunday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network at 9/8c. I talk a little about not giving up. I know it will move you.

Here’s a prayer for today: “God help me hold on, help me to get to what I dream of, help me to honor where I am today so that I can appreciate where I will be tomorrow. In Jesus' name.”


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Many times, people convince themselves that life will be better after they get married, have a baby, then another, and so on and so forth. Then, they get frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and that they'll be more content when they are.

After that, they are frustrated that they have teenagers to deal with, and will certainly be happy when they are out of adolescence. We even tell ourselves that our lives will be complete when our spouse gets his or her acts together, or when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, or when we retire. The list is endless.

The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now. If not now, when? Your life will always be filled with challenges. It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway. Happiness is the way, my friends. So, treasure every moment that you have and treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time with...and remember that time waits for no one.

So, stop waiting...

  • until your car or home loan is paid off
  • until you get a new car or home
  • until you start having your own kids
  • until your kids grow up and leave the house
  • until you get that Bachelors Degree
  • until you lose ten pounds of weight
  • until you get married
  • until you get a divorce
  • until you retire
  • until summer
  • until spring
  • until winter
  • until you die


There is no better time than right now to be happy. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. So, work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching.

Hope for the best and never forget that anything is possible as long as you remain dedicated to your purpose.


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Biyi hasn’t worked for that long?” Dayo’s voice drips with resentment. “For real?” “He’s been trying,” I say in feeble attempt to defend my husband. “You know how the economy is.”

…My husband and I had vowed never to bring in a third party into our relationship but with a bank account screaming for revival, I need to share my burden with someone else. I grip the phone. Dayo is unusually quiet. “You still there?” I ask. “Hello?” “I am here,” she says. “I just didn’t know things were this bad. And all this while, I thought Biyi was providing for the home.” But he is, I argue silently. Well, maybe not financially for now, but in every way else, Biyi is a rock. “It’s not that bad.” My words sound frail. Dayo clucks her tongue. “You might as well be a widow.” The words hit me like a fist. “Na you I blame,” she continues, oblivious to the damage her words have caused.

“Me? Why?” She is blaming me for this? Seriously?

“Why do you keep paying the bills?”

“Because there is no one else to do it,” I protest, upset.

“For real? He drives your car too?”

“He needs it,” I mutter. “To attend job interviews and stuff. He gets back late sometimes.”

“How late are you talking?

“Nine, ten…ish.”

Dayo pauses for a second. “I hate to say this gurl, but your husband is spending your money on another woman.” Whoa! Hang on. Where did that come from? “Haba, Dayo. Biyi would never—” “Look, I know men,” she slices in. “You are his moneybag and he will take you for a ride as long as it takes. Where is your dignity, gurl?” Ride. Dignity. Moneybag. Ouch. “But he’s a good guy,” I manage. Can my husband be using me? It had never crossed my mind in the past, but I now wonder if Biyi is actually having an affair.

“I trust my wonderful Dennis…,” Dayo is saying. I barely listen. My eyes are on the clock. It’s almost midnight and Biyi isn’t home. I force myself to hear what Dayo is saying about Dennis Ono, her multimillionaire-oil- company-golden-husband. Gosh I envy her life, her perfect marriage. “My marriage is wonderful,” Dayo says, as if in affirmation to my undeclared words. “But only because I show Dennis who the boss is. He cannot try nonsense with me. Abi, you think it’s easy to get ten thousand pounds a month as pocket money?” She really gets ten grand a month? That’s like, my entire annual salary in my crappy job plus bonuses. Life is unfair. Honestly. “I am Biyi’s wife,” I say. “I cannot just desert him.” Or can I? At this rate… “In that case,” there is an edge to her voice now, “give him an ultimatum. He gets a job in two weeks or you are out of that marriage.”


“Look, I know his type,” she says with conviction. “He conveniently won’t get a job as long as you keep dishing out your money.”


“Starve him,” she adds. “No sex. Make life hell. You are not an ATM machine.”

Keys jangle in the hallway. Biyi is home. “Talk later,” I say to Dayo. “He’s back.” “Stand your ground,” Dayo whispers menacingly. “Ultimatum. Two weeks.” I hang up with a sigh. My husband is leaning against the door frame. For a second my heart falters. He looks tired, drawn. But Dayo’s words punctuate my compassion. “Where have you been?” Biyi gives me a side smile. “No hug?” I jerk my head at the wall clock.” Its midnight.” “I had a job interview in Birmingham,” he says. “I called you tell you I was stuck in traffic but I kept getting your voice mail. What’s wrong?” I cock my head. Is that a whiff of female perfume? It is. Dayo is right. He has been with another woman. With my car. Spending my money. My head spins. “Biyi,” I glare at him, “Where are you coming from?” He steps back, surprised. “I went to Birmingham—”


“Did you get it?” I screech. “The job?”

Biyi shakes his head. “I didn’t—”

This is the last straw. I wrench my hand out. “My car keys.”

He gives me a hard level stare. “What is wrong with you, Toni? Did I offend you?”

“Pass my keys!”

He thrusts the car keys to into my palm. I push past him, grab my duffel bag and stuff my overnight things into it. I know I am acting crazy but I have to show him that I would not be taken for a ride. That I am not a moneybag. That I have dignity. I zip the bag up and spin around. My husband is staring at me. “Is everything all right with you, sweetheart?”


“Get out of my way.”

“Where are you going with that bag?”

“I need to clear my head.” I am still yelling.

“Can we talk first?” Biyi suggests.

“I don’t want to talk. Get out of my way.”

He moves out of my path. I swipe a hand across my face, smearing my cheeks with mascara. “Don’t look for me. I will be back when my head clears.” I rush out of the house, jump into my car. My rage doubles as the feminine scent permeates the car. He has been with a woman in my car. I feel like an idiot.

* * *

I pull up in front of Dayo’s mansion. Her husband’s Porsche is in the driveway, and the porch lights illuminate my dreary form as I reach the door. I ball my fists to knock, but a scream freezes the motion.

“Kill me!” I hear Dayo scream. “Good for nothing idiot. Womaniser of the century!” Whoa. Momentarily, I am unable to move. My hand hovers in the air. Dull thuds, muffled screams. Dennis curses. “I warned you never to serve me stew that is not freshly cooked!” “Am I your slave?” Dayo yells back. “If you want fresh stew, get your PA to cook it for you. Or you think I don’t know about her? You think…”

Dayo’s words are silenced by another thump. My hands fall to my side as a flurry of blows stifle her cries. I want to call the police, do something…anything. But I cannot move. And so I shut my eyes tight and listen as my friend is pummeled by her husband. The beating stops. I should dash to my car, but something holds me back. “I am sorry I got you upset darling,” Dayo finally says. Her voice is laced with pain. “It is my fault. I should have cooked for you. I…Toni wouldn’t let me get off the phone…its her fault.”


“Next time you talk to me like that, I will tattoo a punch on your forehead,” Dennis growls. “Get into the kitchen and make me fresh stew. And do something about that leech you call a friend.”


That is enough for me. I sprint back to my car and drive home.

* * *

A knock sounds on the window. Biyi. I wind down and he gives me a smile. “Head clear now?” he asks. “Leave me alone,” I mutter. Dayo’s wonderful Denis beats her up? And she never mentioned?

“I will leave you alone in two seconds,” Biyi says. There is a twinkle in his eyes. “But first, get out of the car.” I oblige, grudgingly. “What?” He reaches under the car seat and pulls out a small basket. “I didn’t come home straight from the interview. I stopped over at the Perfume shop to get you this.” He hands the basket over. Inside is a range of exotic feminine perfumes and a small card. I pull the card open, read the words: “Thank you for your support during the hardest times of my life! I love you.”

“That’s why I was late,” he explains as he pulls me into a warm embrace. “You have been so good to me, Toni. I couldn’t have asked for a better wife.” I can’t reply. My throat is lumpy.

“When you left the house to clear your head, I got a call back from the recruiter,” he says with a beam. “God answers prayers, babe. I got the job. It’s a package you won’t believe. Let’s go in. I’ll tuck you into bed and you can tell me what’s bothering you?”

* * *


I awaken to a text message from Dayo. “Denis is flying me to Seychelles this weekend. This is what you get when you stand your ground. You have to be a no nonsense gurl! Don’t you just love my life? Ciao sweetheart xxx.”

I type a quick response back: “Ciao! and I deleted her number right away.

Now, this is one story every woman should read. The grass is never greener on the other side, best believe that. No matter how good a friend’s marriage it, NEVER EVER compare with yours. It’s DEADLY and could cost you so much!

"To learn, one has to listen; and to listen, one has to be silent. Please note, listen and silent are words formed from the same letters."



All of us – to a greater or lesser extent – have a tendency to justify and rationalize our mistakes. It is part of our mindset that makes us try to flee from criticism and from having to make amends. At the very least, we sometimes try to find an excuse for our errors instead of shouldering the full weight of the blame.


This mindset can surface in all kinds of situations, even in our most private thoughts. It is a mindset bolstered and nourished by emotion, and if it comes to dominate our thinking, we can lose the ability to distinguish right from wrong.


This is because the power of emotional sentiment and self-interest, when coupled with a self-justifying mindset, is persuasive and dangerous. A person with this frame of mind is always ready to cover up his bad deeds or make them seem less onerous than they really are. The person does this at the expense of reason and logic. He ceases to think clearly. He only sees what serves his selfish interests, what absolves him from blame and responsibility.


In his mind, the fault is always someone else's. Worse still, it is never just an innocent mistake. That other person is always deliberately and maliciously in the wrong and without any excuse.


When we let our thoughts take us in this dangerous direction, we cease to be self-critical. Instead of acknowledging our mistakes and resolving to avoid them in the future, we become determined to commit the same mistake again and again.


The most serious problem is a person's ability to justify to himself his deliberate errors and misdeeds. It is possible for a person to convince himself that his worst transgressions and acts of injustice are true and correct. He can reconcile in his mind the most blatant contradictions with far-fetched interpretations that make integrity and deception synonymous terms. He ceases to distinguish his rights from the rights of others, his personal interests from the needs of society.


The self-justifying mind is one of oversimplifications. It is also very dismissive. It plays down the harm that one's bad and selfish deeds causes for other people, for society, and for the environment. When it cannot deny that harm, it always finds a way to rationalize it. By doing so, it belies the basic values and ethics that the person would otherwise be very well aware of and that are essential for the proper functioning of human society.


Turning a blind eye to one's mistakes is an easy way to avoid guilty feelings and a sense of responsibility. However, this means that those mistakes will never be confronted and remedied. They invariably become larger, uglier, and more deeply-entrenched over time. Ignoring mistakes or justifying them does not make those mistakes go away. The only way we can make positive changes within ourselves is to be true to ourselves and in our dealings with others.

If you always find yourself late for work, school or an appointment – or you often fail to finish your tasks – then you need to learn how to improve your time management skills.


Its not that hard, although it might seem that way at first. Habits can be tough to break; but if you stick to your regimen for at least 21 days, then you have a good chance of developing a new habit: one that makes sure you are always on time.

Learn how to manage your time better using these 5 simple tips below:

Tip No. 1: Schedule Your Day

If you want to learn how to improve your time management skills, then you need to have a concrete schedule for the day. Don’t get out of bed thinking that you’ll just wing it, because it often leads to a lot of time wastage.
It would be best to schedule and plan your tasks the night before, because your subconscious mind will help process their fulfillment while you’re sleeping.

Tip No. 2: Create A Check List

If you have deadlines coming up, then you need to create a list arranged according to priority. This helps keep you on track and even encourages you to do more as fast as possible. There’s nothing like a list to keep you motivated and pressured to do your job.

Tip No. 3: Do Everything Faster

I know this sounds like something your irrational boss would say, but doing things faster is quite a legitimate solution to manage your time effectively. Cooking breakfast, for example, can be done a lot faster if you’ve prepared the meal the night before. Getting to work might also be done faster if you stopped to refill the fuel in your tank on your way home from work.

Tip No. 4: Stop Wasting Time

Spacing out for even just five minutes is a waste of time. Not taking a shortcut is also a waste of time. If you want to learn how to improve your time management skills, then you need to cut down on the activities that aren’t related to work.

Chatting with your co-workers is fine; but perhaps you need to cut down on that too, especially if you have a deadline to meet.

Tip No. 5: Learn To Multi-task

Multi-tasking is not always advisable, especially if the tasks you’re doing need your full concentration. In smaller tasks, however, I am sure you can do more than one thing at a time. Want some examples?

How about reading a book while waiting for the food you’re cooking to boil? Cleaning your room while talking to your parents is another way you can multi-task. And perhaps one of the best multi-tasking activities you can do is listening to motivational CDs while driving your car.

You probably didn’t have any lessons on how to improve your time management skills when you were still studying in school. There might have been seminars, yes, but it is from experience that you really learn how to make good use of your time.

"When you invite love into your life, faith and hope follow without doubt."


A family of a man, his aged mother, his wife and young daughter once were visited by three friends. While the family was inside the house, they heard a knock on the door. The gentleman went to the door to answer the door.


On opening the door he saw three men. The first introduced himself as ‘Faith’, the second as ‘Hope’ and the third as ‘Love.’ They said they were visiting him and if he invited the right person in the other two would follow. However if he invited the wrong person in, the other two would leave. Confused by such an offer, he consulted his family. His aged mother said, “Call ‘faith’ in, we need a lot of it.” The wife said “Call ‘hope’ in for we are struggling.” However, the young daughter said “Papa, please call ‘love’ in for that will bind us.”


The father listened to the counsel of the young daughter and went to the door and announced to his guests that he was inviting ‘love’ in. Strangely the other two followed love. When you invite love into your life, faith and hope follow without doubt.


Life is all about love. Learning to love unselfishly is not easy. It runs counter to our self-centered nature. Love should be our top priority. Without love, we are bankrupt.


Love leaves a legacy. How you treat others has a most enduring impact; not the wealth and accomplishments you achieve.



Persons who minister to dying patients often say that when a person is near his or her end, he or she does not ask for the awards they received or the diplomas they earned. They want around them people who they love. In the final moments of our life we realise that relationships are all that matter and relationships are all about love.


Time is a very important commodity, a precious gift. You can make money but you cannot make time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you will never get back. This is the greatest gift that you can give another. Substitute the word ‘time’ with ‘love’ and you will recognise the joy of giving. You can give without love but you cannot love without giving.


"And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; But the greatest of these is love" (1 Corinthians 13:13)


Why is now the best time to express love? Because we don’t know how long we will have the opportunity. If you truly want to express love, it is best to do it now...I mean, RIGHT NOW!



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Winston Churchill once said, "Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues because upon it, all others depend." Courage is the chief distinguishing characteristic of the true leader. It is almost always visible in the leader's words and actions. It is absolutely indispensable to success, happiness and the ability to motivate other people to be the best they can be.


In a way, it is easy to develop a big vision for yourself and for the person you want to be. It is easy to commit yourself to living with complete integrity. But it requires incredible courage to follow through on your vision and on your commitments. You see, as soon as you set a high goal or standard for yourself, you will run into all kinds of difficulties and setbacks.


You will be surrounded by temptations to compromise your values and your vision. You will feel an almost irresistible urge to "get along by going along." Your desire to earn the respect and cooperation of others can easily lead to the abandonment of your principles, and here is where courage comes in.


Courage combined with integrity is the foundation of character. The first form of courage is your ability to stick to your principles, to stand for what you believe in and to refuse to budge unless you feel right about the alternative. Courage is also the ability to step out in faith, to launch out into the unknown and then to face the inevitable doubt and uncertainty that accompany every new venture.


Most people are seduced by the lure of the comfort zone. This can be likened to going out of a warm house on a cold, windy morning. The average person, when he feels the storm swirling outside his comfort zone, rushes back inside where it's nice and warm. But not the true leader. The true leader has the courage to step away from the familiar and comfortable and to face the unknown with no guarantees of success. It is this ability to "boldly go where no man has gone before" that distinguishes you as a leader from the average person. This is the example that you must set if you are to rise above the average. It is this example that inspires and motivates other people to rise above their previous levels of accomplishment as well.


Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia, was one of the most superb leaders of all time. He became king at the age of 19, when his father, Philip II, was assassinated. In the next 11 years, he conquered much of the known world, leading his armies against numerically superior forces.


Yet, when he was at the height of his power, the master of the known world, the greatest ruler in history to that date, he would still draw his sword at the beginning of a battle and lead his men forward into the conflict. He insisted on leading by example. Alexander felt that he could not ask his men to risk their lives unless he was willing to demonstrate by his actions that he had complete confidence in the outcome. The sight of Alexander charging forward so excited and motivated his soldiers that no force on earth could stand before them.


Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action: First, set big goals for yourself and force yourself out of the comfort zone by acting boldly - even when there is no guarantee of success. Go boldly where no one has ever gone before. Second, resolve to act quickly and decisively when you are confronted with a difficult or dangerous situation. Dare to go forward. Practice audacity in all things.

Acting with courage builds your courage and confidence higher and higher.


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"There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. He came as a witness, in order that he might give testimony concerning the that all might believe through him. He was not the Light, but he existed that he might give testimony concerning the Light." (John 1:6-8 WNT).



John the Baptist had a purpose. It was to bear witness of the Light. That was his calling; his responsibility. It was his life. It didn't matter that he was not the Light. What was more important was the fact that he had a critical role to play for the true Light to reach the world.



One time, John's disciples came to him complaining that the One whom he had baptized at the Jordan was now also baptizing other people. They felt someone else was taking the shine out of their own 'show' (John 3:25-26). But John's response was truly amazing as much as it was inspiring. He said,


"A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven. Ye yourselves bear me witness, that I said, I am not the Christ, but that I am sent before him. He that hath the bride is the bridegroom: but the friend of the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth him, rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom's voice: this my joy therefore is fulfilled. He must increase, but I must decrease." (verses 27-30).



What an amazing response! What a man he was! John the Baptist could have taken offense but he chose to focus on his purpose, in humility. No wonder, Jesus said John the Baptist was the greatest of all men born of women (Luke 7:28). He was willing to let go of his pride and popularity in order to fulfill his destiny with God, the very two things most people will do anything to keep.

Some people think that they have to be in the "spotlight" to be relevant in life or ministry. For example, there are those who think unless you are the Pastor of the church and have the pulpit, you are not expected to preach the gospel. That's wrong. The responsibility to preach the gospel was committed to the trust of every believer (Matthew 28:18-20). As you embrace that divine responsibility, you'd discover your place of relevance in the Kingdom.It's not about being in the spotlight that counts with God; it's about doing what He's asked you to do; be where He's asked to be, and being who He's called you to be. What's important to God is the rightness of your heart and your personal commitment to His work (1 Samuel 16:7).





No matter where you are, or your position in life, you are relevant to the Lord. You are important to Him and He wants you to know it. That's why God gave us the same eternal life (John 3:16), same Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:13), and the same measure of faith (Romans 12:3). He's given you all that's needed to fulfill His purpose for your life. What you do with them, however, is your personal responsibility. You don't have to be the Pastor or Cell Group Leader to be important. As a Christian, get involved in the work of the ministry by all means. Take advantage of every opportunity to contribute your quota to the Kingdom through personal committment of time, finances, and other resources.



Always remember that you don't have to be in the 'spotlight' to be relevant with God or in your society. The big engines that drive an airplane are not in the cockpit. Just be where God wants you to be, doing what He's called you to do!





God bless you

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My name is…Tushikijirichi Kumeikumeka (Bright Eweka) LL I can’t even pronounce it without biting my tongue LL!!!!


I give thanks.

I give thanks to the Lord.

I give thanks to you, and you, and you!

Thanks? For what?

Thanks for knowing You; thanks for letting me know You.

Thanks for being true to Who You are; Thanks for making me who I am.

Thanks for giving me everything; thanks for teaching me to give all.

Thanks for my true friends; thanks for those who would be my enemies. (They matter to me because they matter to you).

Thanks for the greater Light that rules the day; thanks for the lesser light that rules the night.

Thanks for your Fire that burns in my heart; thanks for your Water that refreshes my soul.

Thanks for your Love that surpasses knowledge; thanks for your Love that’s shed abroad in my heart

Thanks for your sound investments in me; thanks for the profits I have brought in thus far.

Thanks for the great people You brought into my life; thanks for the obscure ones you took away.

Thanks for opening my eyes to see good; thanks for shielding them from beholding evil.

Thanks for the intercessions; thanks for the testimonies.

Thanks for the darkness that I might shine evermore!

Thanks for the Light; it’s the path I tread continually.

Thanks for 2011; thanks for 2012.

Many more thanks until the Rapture, when thanksgiving shall forever be.

"We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak" (2 Corinthians 4:13)

In Mark 11:23 Jesus said, “For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” Some Bible commentaries and translations make it sound as though Jesus’ emphasis here was on the mountain. But the original text indicates that the Master’s emphasis was on the “saying part of faith”- which is a law of the Spirit.

This law indicates that you’ll have what you say- either positive or negative, for death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21); this is a spiritual law. Spiritual laws are much like physical laws. They’ll work for you if you apply them rightly or against you if they’re abused. As Christians we reign and win in life by operating spiritual laws. This is why you must, in faith, speak words that are consistent with the realities of the new creation. On hearing God’s Word, faith comes to you. When you believe and endorse it as truth, refusing to consider the current circumstances, you activate the law of faith! This was how Abraham demonstrated strong faith: “And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb: but was strong in faith, giving glory to God” (Romans 4:19-20).
Abraham fixed his attention on the realities of God’s Word, and went further to declare what God had said concerning him and Sarah. He activated his faith by declaring his believing; calling himself what God had called him “father of many.” So you see, until you say it, you can’t have it. When you ask the Lord for anything, simply believe that you’ve received and speak accordingly. Don’t wait to see it first, for faith is of the spirit. It’s the response of the human spirit to the Word of God. It calls real that which the physical senses cannot perceive.
I look away from all distracting influences and focus my attention on God’s eternal and infallible Word. Irrespective of what I see, hear or feel, I’m convinced that I’m a victor and a success in Christ Jesus! I’m what God says I am; I have what He says I have, and I can do what He says I can do. Hallelujah.
Hebrews 13:5; Mark 11;22-23



"Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus…" (Hebrews 3:1)










In 1Timothy 6:13, Paul admonishing young Timothy said "I give thee charge in the sight of God, who quickeneth all things, and before Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession…."

The same Greek word "homologia" which actually means "confession" is translated "profession" in our opening scripture. It doesn’t mean to admit and declare your sins; rather, it means speaking the same thing in agreement with God. So a good confession is that statement that lines up with what God has already said in His Word; you agree with, and declare what the Word says about you or your situation—in spite of pressure or opposition. John gives us a detailed account of the dialogue that ensued between Jesus and Pilate. Though the Master was betrayed, mocked, abused and wrongly accused, He remained undaunted on the witness stand. Under the severest pressure before Pilate the Governor who threatened Him saying "…knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee?" (John 19:10), Jesus fearlessly kept His composure and maintained a good confession. I’m often thrilled at His response to the Governor’s interrogation. Very calmly, yet emphatically, He confessed, "I am a King" and also added, "My kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36-37).




The Master’s testimony before Pilate was one of the Word. He spoke the same thing in consent with the Word in spite of the pressure. That’s what a good confession is; declaring the truth of God’s Word about you; giving a powerful witness to the reality of the Word in your life! In Revelation 1:5, the Bible says "And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth…." He gave a powerful witness to the reality of the Word in His life. He spearheaded this great and beautiful life of good confessions. No wonder Christianity is often referred to as "The Great Confession."


In the face of staggering oppositions, refuse to flinch or cower. Maintain your faith-filled confession by declaring who you are according to the Word. It may be some trouble with your health, finances, or at your job; refuse to talk fear or unbelief. Very firmly, faithfully, and courageously speak the Word of God concerning such situations, and you’ll definitely come out victorious.




Lord Jesus, the Apostle and High Priest of my confession, I give glory to your Name. Just as you maintained the beautiful confession before Pilate, I declare that I have the victory in this world. I refuse

to be moved by the light afflictions that I see, for I know that they are subject to change. Hallelujah!



Further Study Romans 4:20; Hebrews 4:14-15 Acts 17:16-34


Daily Scripture Reading Job 6-8; Luke 6:Deuteronomy 33