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Beautiful Creatures  running time and Movie Genre: 124 min  -  Drama Fantasy Romance  -   is a great movie with famous actors and story line . Over 500 reviews suggest that this is something that you really need to see. Watch  Beautiful Creatures  and if you don't think it's worth it here are some user  Ratings: 6.1/10 from 7,971 users   Metascore: 52/100 Reviews: 93 user | 149 critic | 40 from Metacritic  .

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Watch  Beautiful Creatures  Full Movie Online

Ethan longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl Lena. Together they uncover dark secrets about their respective families their history and their town.

Beautiful Creatures  Full Movie Storyline


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Unlike the other reviews I actually liked this movie. I didnt go into the cinema thinking I would like it either. The storyline is good quite in depth for a fantasy 12A rated movie. The special effects are great especially towards to end. The cast are decent some giving of great performances Alice Englert is an example. Yes the story is corny at times and it does kind of remind me of a Twilight movie but it worked and in a way mixed the fantasy genre with a Rom Com style. Ive heard the book has lots more characters and a better ending and I honestly dont know how they will turn this into a sequel (if they do) but for me it was good. Summary If you like Twilight (even just slightly) Rom Coms and fantasy movies then you will most likely like this movie. I found it overall decent and would watch it again if it was be shown on TV a later time in the year.


When I first heard that Beautiful Creatures (the novel) was going to be adapted into a movie I was hesitant to see it due to the fact that the trailers were absolutely horrible. Im just glad that the movie focused on a lot more than a supernatural romance because thats only one of many interesting and complicated plot lines. Despite the fact that the LA Times and the NY Times gave the flick great reviews a bunch of lesserknown critics were much harsher on it. After reading some of these reviews I was shocked to see how biased and silly some of the comments were. It was clear that these were people that walked in to the theater expecting Twilight and were too selfconscious about praising a teen movie to say that it wasnt. Twilight is all about the romance. Beautiful Creatures has a big Romeo and Juliet thing going on but at the same time theres mysteries prophesies hypocrisy Southern politics Civil War history religion death evil forces and all sorts of madness making for quite an interesting story (with some very witty and sarcastic dialogue to put a cherry on top). Other people that read the book were likewise upset because they thought it strayed too much from the source material. The only MAJOR change made was about 3/4 of the way through the movie and the end result was still the same as the book. The reason why the writer did this was for the sake of TIME. If he hadnt made that change the movie would have dragged on for three hours as oppose to rapping itself up nicely at two. I thought the acting was good as well and Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert had nice chemistry as Ethan and Lena. Of course Jeremy Irons Emma Thompson and Viola Davis gave great performances but that comes as no surprise. Emmy Rossum as the wicked siren Ridley was fabulous and Thomas Mann was hilarious as Link. I especially loved Thompsons twisted charactershe played a crazy Republican fundamentalist named Mrs. Lincoln who gets possessed by Sarafine Duchannes the most powerful Dark Caster alive. As Sarafine her performance was definitely Dark bridging on psychotic. Not what I was expecting but I liked it. However I thought some of the other actors like the girls that played the Barbie cheerleaders were horrible. There is a way to portray phony people and there is a way to pull off a satire while still keeping it believable. Besides plot and acting I loved the costumes and set. They were very beautifully done and really captured the gorgeous yet creepy atmosphere of the story. In addition the effects were coolnothing to die over but they served their purpose. Lastly I thought the soundtrack was awesome and very different. The mix of classical blues country and alternative music worked great with the film. Overall I think the movie is an 8 out of 10. Its not amazing but it is entertaining interesting and something I recommend seeing.


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