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Annabel and Lucas are faced with the challenge of raising his young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years.... but how alone were they?

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The title may be tacky but this CanadianSpanish coproduction with Guillermo del Toro lending his name as producer is one of the better horror films to have come out from the West in recent years despite being filled with the usual clichs actually contain a proper story and delivered really well in terms of chills thrills and everything thats necessary to creep you out and make you jump at your seat. Cowritten and directed by Andres Muschietti Mama shows how it boils down to story building upon his short film of the same name some 5 years ago and a solid cast to gloss over the expected bag of tricks. Many of the clichs were put to good effect which in some ways youd come to expect certain things to happen in a certain way and they did. While it may be blunted in terms of anticipation and build up it didnt shy away from delivering that sucker punch when required and kept good work in framing and editing for maximum impact when the moment called for the unabashed dip into tried and tested elements. One thing youll note is how assured Muschiettis direction is as if doing it all for the very first time with the aim of wanting to stir up its scares really well. Liberal use of CG also helped but never done in slipshoddy fashion which added a layer of positive production values to the film. I mean theres creepy children a ghoul that gatecrashes a reunion of sorts and the usual spooky house no thanks to noises during strange timings and the rote blinking of lights. All ingredients that youve seen utilized to the death in various horror film productions but coming together really well in Mama playing to the strengths of these elements while fiercely ignoring the negativity associated with lazier filmmakers who just slap these elements together expecting them to work. Its not a special effects extravaganza when its not required and Mama showed just how its story and characters were allowed to lead rather than to have strangely illogical moments even for a horror film fall coincidentally into place. Jessica Chastain may be the latest IT girl in Hollywood and its encouraging to note shes really going all out to take on various roles in different genres despite her more recent art house leanings of late. Here shes the quintessential scream queen albeit only just given her role of Annabel being a rock star wannabe sporting almost full body tattoos that betray a rather soft demeanour when her maternal instincts get called upon to look after the nieces of her boyfriend Lucas (Nikolaj CoasterWaldau). They were found after having disappeared for five years which the opening sequence and credits would have pointed to an unnatural upbringing under the hands of the titular Mama ghoul. Battling for custody it is with reluctance that the couple take the children under their wing probably because Annabel knows shell eventually be dumped with the kids which did happen. And the entire middle act is when the fun begins for fans of horror films forking out good money to be entertained with the roller coaster ride of scares. Muschietti and his story collaborators Neil Cross and Barbara Muschietti managed to keep an entire back story up their sleeves to reveal them in teasing fashion which worked to keep you engaged throughout. And credit must go to Muschietti and his DP Antonio Riestra for having framed the initial introduction to the ghoulish elements that went for maximum WTF surprises especially with sleight of hand techniques that didnt jar the narrative nor relied on the necessity of a jump cut edit to hammer home its creepier moments. It grows slowly and thats one master stroke Mama had that worked wonders. This is the second film in a row that had its child actors provide top notch performances. Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nelisse play sisters who with the aid of CG move around complete with unnatural mannerisms having it in term to creep you out before having to develop their characters into emotional cores that added a lot more depth to this film as it steamrolls its way to the finale. Andres Muschietti is the name to watch now for taking something thats expected to be clich in a horror film but fulfilled more than youd bargain for. A definite recommend!


Whenever I see a movie that I get really excited about I seek out reviews from professional critics and fellow fans. Often times they will point out things that I may not have noticed and its exciting to feel connected to someone through art. When I find lots of negative reviews I begin to feel a sort of let down. I wonder if my opinion was wrong or why Im the only one who liked it. Keep in mind Im an 18yearold girl so I have not yet grown out of such thoughts. I am also not an authority on film. Everything I know I learnt from reading Roger Ebert and watching lots and lots of movies. However this movie really stuck with me. I saw it 2 days ago and I still cant stop thinking about it. I decided to take a page out of Eberts book and explain why I loved it (instead of just saying its awesome). Heres why 1. The Children Im a sucker for kids in movies especially when they actually get to act like kids. The 1yearold Lily and 3yearold Victoria are so beautiful that they tug at your heartstrings without even trying. They were well cast. 6year old Lily and 8yearold Victoria were truly phenomenal little actresses. Megan Charpentier (already a seasoned veteran with previous credits including Jennifers Body Red Riding Hood and Resident Evil Retribution) handles this heavy subject matter with maturity and poise. She manages to balance innocence with experience. She has been traumatized by her past maybe her heart is a little harder than the average 8yearold (if it wasnt she wouldnt have survived all that time) but we still get glimpses of the little girl who just wants a mommy. Isabelle Nlisse is (in my opinion) genius as little Lily. I think CGI must have been used to make her movements appear more animalistic but a child of her age maintaining such seriousness is riveting to watch. When she plays with her toys its like watching an actual feral child in a documentary (I repeat it is LIKE watching a feral child not IDENTICAL to). 2. The Parents Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj CoasterWaldau as the uncle (and uncles girlfriend) of the little girls are very well cast. I was a bit sceptical of Jessica Chastains rocker chick look but she brings such life and courage to her character that you actually see her as a bass player instead of a classically beautiful Hollywood star trying to look like a bass player. I had never heard of Nikolaj CoasterWaldau before this film. I love how much he loves the girls. His caring for them is so sincere and honest. You truly believe that he is the kind of guy who would spend 5 years (and money he doesnt have) on the hope that his nieces might still be alive. He is a loving father figure who doesnt get as much time with the girls as her should (in my humble opinion). 3. Mama The demon/spirit/ghost/entity/whatchamacallit of Mama was created using CGI and a very tall thin actor. Many audience members laughed when Mama first came in to full view. I agree that she looked a little funny. Her hair was really weird and antigravity (like Mama in the short film) and her face was oddly asymmetrical. However I think that she was perfect. Just the right amount of creepy and sad. This is one of the only horror movies in existence that causes the audience to feel real sympathy for the evil villain. 4. The Director I admire Andrs Muschietti for taking so many risks. It is rare to find a filmmaker today who will go against what the audience may want. He didnt use any fake scares the situation was scary enough on its own. There are brilliant moments of natural humour that were so refreshing. He did not mock his characters or the situation but he found the string of comedy that was there already and used it to his advantage. How many times have you been having a miserable day and then just stopped and started laughing about how everything went wrong? That is the humour of Mama. 5. The Story Part of the reason that I love horror movies is that they arent bound by the usual visionary constraints of say Italian neorealism films. Tragic stories are exciting and implausible all at the same time. I think that this was a very original take on a story of motherdaughter bonding. Of course theres no such thing as a completely original story but there is such thing as a completely original vision. The story affected me very deeply. Im still trying to come to terms with how it ended. 6. Using Clichs Effectively There are a lot of clichs involved in making a horror film. There are only so many ways to introduce the plot line of a supernatural being. This genre requires stock characters and they do their jobs well. They use some of my favourite scare tactics (using a camera as a light source unexpected appearances by the entity etc...). Those particular clichs are necessary. Would you really want to see a Jim Carrey comedy where he uses dry humour and no body language? Or a Baz Luhrman film with dull colours and understated characters? Clichs are not always a bad thing. This is why I loved this film. Agree or disagree but you cant say I didnt think it through. Take care Hannah


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