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Warm Bodies  running time and Movie Genre: 98 min  -  Comedy Horror Romance  -   is a great movie with famous actors and story line . Over 500 reviews suggest that this is something that you really need to see. Watch  Warm Bodies  and if you don't think it's worth it here are some user  Ratings: 7.3/10 from 23,592 users   Metascore: 59/100 Reviews: 101 user | 275 critic | 38 from Metacritic  .

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After R (a highly unusual zombie) saves Julie from an attack the two form a relationship that sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world.

Warm Bodies  Full Movie Storyline

With much of the future worlds population rendered into an undead horde R is a young and oddly introspective zombie. On a feeding encounter with a human gathering party R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her. What happens with that is the beginnings of a strangely warm relationship that causes R to start to regain his humanity. As this change spreads throughout the undead population Julie and R eventually find they are facing a larger issue even as their friendship is challenged. Caught between the paranoid human forces and the ferocious Bonie zombies who are a mutual threat R and Julie must find a way to bridge the sides to fight for a better world no one thought possible. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

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I went to see Warm Bodies on opening night something I rarely do. I have to say I wasnt disappointed in this strangely romantic comedy. Dont be turned off by the premise of a zombie romantic comedy it manages to parody human relationships on many levels the way Shaun of the Dead parodied zombie movies. Nicholas Holt does a wonderful job parodying the awkward teenager filled with angst and a longing to connect yet his inner dialog makes for much of the movies comedy. He manages to have a bromance and a romance and make you laugh at the same time. Rob Corddry does a wonderful job holding up his end of the bromance if you will and I didnt even catch his part in aiding the Shakespearian nod. Yes this movie manages to pull a pun on Shakespeare while also lightheartedly setting out themes for what defines a person as human. Teresa Palmer does a wonderful job rounding out the chick flick humor with Analeigh Tipton. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and will be going to see it again. I was too busy laughing to see the plot holes. I also have purposefully avoided reading the book so I wouldnt have any preconceived notions of the movie. I get that the book was much darker than the film which would set a viewer up for disappointment in a romantic comedy.


Going into Jonathan Levines (50/50 The Wackness) new film Warm Bodies I was intrigued. I didnt know quite what I was going to get as the concept was fresh and unique. Zombies have taken over yet one zombie named R played wonderfully by Nicholas Hoult has a mind of his own and is not your typical zombie. He has a conscious mind at work and soon he falls for a pretty girl named Julie (Teresa Palmer) that he encounters. This is where the movie puts a twist on the whole zombie genre. He soon becomes enamored by her and becomes more human as she has stimulated his heart. Can a zombie find solace with another person That is the main theme of this movie and its a damn good one. Their chemistry will draw you in and actually make you buy it no matter how ridiculous it is. Rs friend M played hilariously by Rob Corddry steals the show with funny scene after funny scene. With Warm Bodies you get a mix of comedy romance and zombiehorror. Its a fresh spin on all three and it was truly a fun time at the theater. Its well paced and has a great feel to it from the getgo mostly in part to wonderful narration from Holt and smooth direction from Levine. Its only February but I already found one of my early favorites of 2013.


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