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Los Angeles 1949 A secret crew of police officers led by two determined sergeants work together in an effort to take down the ruthless mob king Mickey Cohen who runs the city.

Gangster Squad  Full Movie Storyline

In 1949 when gangster Mickey Cohen seems to have an iron grip of Los Angeles. And no one is willing or alive to testify against him. So Police Chief Parker decides to form a special unit whose mission is to take down Cohen. He chooses Sgt. OMara a World War 2 vet to lead the unit. OMara chooses 4 cops and asks another cop and WW2 vet Jerry Wooters to join him but Wooters is not interested. But when he witnesses the murder of a young boy by Cohens people he joins them and they decide to take apart Cohens organization. Cohen wonders a rival is going after him but eventually he realizes its the cops. Written by

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I saw a screening of Gangster Squad last night and to say the least I was unimpressed. I had decent expectations for the film with a stout cast the likes of Sean Penn Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling along with a director whose last two films I enjoyed (Zombieland and 30 Mins or Less). So what went wrong? Like the summary says it was incredibly clich of every gangster movie out there and tried so hard to be like LA Confidential and the Untouchables. While this movie would have done much better in the 90s I dont feel it fits in this generation of film.You have Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen who decides he wants to be the king of Los Angeles and he will take out whoever is in his way. Nick Nolte plays the police chief who is tired of the way LA is going and recruits hard nosed doasIplease Sgt. John OMara (Josh Brolin) to create a crack team to take Cohen down. From there you have the obligatory roundupthe team where he gets the bifocal smart guy the pasthisprime outlaw and side kick the token black guy and the cop who doesnt want to join at first but is thrust into the fray.You then have a typical hunt down the bad guy have a couple of shoot outs where an incredible amount of bullets fly and no one gets touched and a very flat romance where you wonder why these two are together for no other reason than they are really good looking. There were also moments in the climax of the movie where the audience burst out in laughter and I feel that it was incredibly unwarranted.The only real redeeming quality was Sean Penn who gave an intense powerful performance as Mickey Cohen. All in all I was disappointed in Gangster Squad and feel like the entire movie brought nothing new to the table of the gangster genre.


Greetings again from the darkness. Admittedly I am one of those who take movies very seriously. Good movies make me happy (even the sad ones) and bad movies make me sulk. Every now and then one comes along that I find myself enjoying despite the warning buzzers blasting in my film snob brain. Such is the latest from director Ruben Fleisher (who also directed the entertaining Zombieland).Inspired by true events should always be interpreted as a disclaimer that the movie will play fast and loose with history and the details of the story. Sean Penn plays Mickey Cohen a renowned Los Angeles gangster from the late 40s. Due to widespread police corruption Police Chief Parker (Nick Nolte) authorized an off the books team to take down mob operations (gambling prostitution etc). This much was documented in Paul Liebermans book. How this story is presented by Fleisher and screenwriter Will Beall (signed on for the Justice League movie) has more in common with a comic book than actual history.The movie is extremely beautiful to look at. Its slick and stylish with a glamorous color palette and the production design is top notch capturing the look and feel of a booming Los Angeles. If you are expecting the next L.A. Confidential or even The Untouchables you will be disappointed. Its more in line with Dick Tracy Scarface and Hoffa. In other words ... it looks great and the action characters and dialogue are all way over the top.The cast is superb but most are underutilized. Josh Brolin is the tough leader of the squad that features Ryan Gosling (the token cool womanizer) Robert Patrick (the token deadeye gunslinger) Anthony Mackie (the innercity knifewielding token black cop) Giovanni Ribisi (the token geeky electronics expert) and Michael Pena (the rookie and token Hispanic cop). Unfortunately my crude descriptions are just about as indepth as the movie goes with any of them. In fact Yvette Tucker playing Carmen Miranda gets almost as much screen time as any of these cops as she sings Chica Chica Boom Chic.The violence is cartoonish in its fervor. The aim of these gangsters is among the worst in movie history and thats quite an accomplishment. Using Tommy Guns and pistols my estimate is that one in every 167 shots actually hits an intended target. Many elaborate set pieces are destroyed in the process. The exception is Robert Patricks character who is actually featured in a detective serial. He never misses ... even after being wounded. Penn plays Cohen as a ruthless mob boss unwilling to accept any failure from his crew. And you know what that means. No pink slips here ... just ugly death via power drill burning elevator or classic car tugofwar.An interesting note is the presence of three actors from recent cult TV shows. Holt McCallany (Lights Out) Mireille Enos (The Killing) and Troy Garity (Boss) all have key roles in the film as does Jon Polito whose face and voice make him a mustcast in any gangster film.If you are able to turn off the logical and reasoning part of your brain ... just sit back and enjoy Emma Stone smoking a cig while wearing a red evening gown an understated Ryan Gosling with an odd speech pattern Sean Penn wearing a prosthetic nose and spewing hilarious bad guy lines and the creepy feeling that Josh Brolin is just 25 years away from looking and sounding exactly like Nick Nolte ... then hopefully you can take this one for what it is a guilty pleasure.


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