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End of Year Service with Pastor Chris

2013: the Year of Favor



The Church is marching on x2

The gates of Hell shall not prevail

The Church is marching on


Jesus Christ is alive!!!

The year 2012 was to us the year of the Word: where increased revelations of the Word would abound in our lives..

And we enjoyed that year.


We always enjoy where the Spirit of God is present, for in the presence of God, there is fullness of God and at his right hand are pleasures evermore.


What is in front of us? what is in the mind of God? Where is this leading us?

There is darkness ahead for the world. For the Word foretold the destiny of the world, but told us what to do to walk in the light.

We are not of the world, we are the light of the World.

We are overcomers! Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world.

He gave us His Light to walk in the darkness, His light is His Word!!!

He told us to fear not, for He said "I am with you"


Christ came into this world for a purpose: to give us life!!

The Life He gave us is not like the world has!!


2013: The year of Favor



Death reigned as a king over the people...

To receive in this portion means to take ahold, to take...(Gk. lambano)

Abundance of grace is overflowing of grace

The definite article was not there concerning grace, but it was there for the gift of righteousness.


To reign means to exercise control; it means to rule.


1 John 4:17

God doesn't see you as a pauper. In his mind, you are a victor.

But until you begin to see what God sees and say what he says, you may never live like that!!


Luke 1:30

Fear not, Obehi, for thou hast found favor with God


Favor-Gk. Charis. It also translated grace in Rom.5:17

The word favor is used only about 7 times

There is a big difference between favor and grace


Grace is far more encompassing than unmerited favor.


Favor is one of the qualities of grace.

Grace is mostly a bestowal, or an importation. It produces an ability within you.

It produces qualities of grace within you.


Favor refers to those details of grace....they are the expressions of the details of grace, the individual manifestations of grace

Favor is one of the out-workings of grace

So you have many people who have grace, but don't walk in favor!!


Pastor Chris is conversing in tongues



You will have to meditate and use this verse, living in it


Psalm 102:13

Pastor speaks of the days of Daniel.

In the days of Daniel, the Prophet Daniel observed in the spirit that the time of Israel's deliverance from captivity was at hand, but the signs that things were going to change were not evident. Daniel began to study about it, and to pray in intercession for it.

Just because God has planned it doesn't mean it is going to happen- this is truth.

What God does is show you His will, and you find out about it and discover His principles and bring about his will in your life.

God functions with a lot of legalities, yet with his grace.

This is why you must study the Word for yourself.

Get the Book for yourself: HOW TO PRAY EFFECTIVELY

prayer is a way of communicating with God and receiving communication from God and establish his will in our lives.


Jesus died, was buried, resurrected and ascended bodily into heaven. No one ever did this....

He will come


2013 is a special year..

In this year,you will find the set time. In this year, your program and His will meet.



Whatsoever I do, the Lord makes it to prosper....

The Lord was with Joseph in prison, and showed him mercy and gave him favor.....

The gift in Rom.5:17 is the word 'dorea' in Greek

A package that is handed over to you, it is a legal document.

Now you lambano it


Charisma- is a gift of grace imparted to you, a gift in your spirit. They are gifts of grace. They produce result. You can't do anything to make them work. They work. They are like merismos-the distributions of the Holy Ghost....He distributes them and we are to lambano them


You receive your righteousness and you start talking your righteousness.

There is the legal righteousness and a vital righteousness

Legally, we have his righteousness, but vitally his righteousness is imparted to our spirits

Pastor Chris will be have 3 day classes in every month in 2013


Psalm 102:16-17

When you want to see your spirit full of the glory of God, He builds you with the teaching of the Word. He speaks, then He shows


2013: the Year of Favor

Don't only look out for favor, you give out favor...

You will walk in favor.

Throughout 2013. You will enjoy the favor of God's hand.

You will have favor everywhere you go, in the city and all you do.

You are covered with favor. God is causing men to favor you, to favor his working in you. It's favor-time.

You have found favor with God.


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