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True to its title The Apparition arrives almost too quietly in cinemas this week though rather than being a marketing gimmick like how the first Paranormal Activity built its cult status there is a much more straightforward reason why this lowbudget Bgrade horror flick has come without any fanfare. It is flat out bad no less than bottom of the barrel stuff even if you approach it with the kind of lowered standards you typically take to such flybynight productions from Joel Silvers Dark Castle Entertainment or Sam Raimis Ghost House Pictures. Indeed it is from the former that this firsttime feature by writer/director Todd Lincoln hails from and suffice to say that despite being bestowed the rare honour of shouldering dual responsibilities on this film it is unlikely that Lincoln will find himself with similar luck soon. His Apparition shows none of the ingenuity or even coherence of Oren Pelis Paranormal Activity one of the few horror classics that he tries to emulate in the course of a muddled and practically nonexistent plot. After setting the scene with a 1970s sance experiment where a group of researchers used their minds to conjure the spirit of a lost colleague back into this world the film opens with a similar procedure carried out by three amateur parapsychology students Patrick (Tom Felton) Ben (Sebastian Stan) and Lydia (Julianna Guill). Successful they may have been their efforts have opened a portal for a spirit to grab Lydia back into the netherworld. Fast forward four years later and the story picks up with Ben moving into a new house with his current girlfriend Kelly (Ashley Greene). Playing like a teen friendly version of Paranormal Activity strange occurrences start happening around their home including the obligatory flickering lights shadows in the dark and moving furniture. Then Lincoln remembers a certain horror movie he watched called Dark Water and the said apparition begins appearing as a black mouldy patch on the ceilings and below the linoleum floors. Further on Lincoln recalls Ju On and the apparition turns into a blackskinned longhaired girl moving on all fours. But more frustrating than its derivativeness is how lethargic the whole affair is. Never once do you feel that the threat to Kelly or Ben is real nor in fact do you care for their predicament. Thats partly because Lincoln doesnt know how to build tension even with a brief 75 minutes running time (sans the protracted end credits) and partly because the actors involved look plain uninvolved. And really how do you identify with characters who spout lines as inane as Our house is too new to be haunted. It has no history. or the utter obvious like Your house isnt haunted. You are.? It is also too daft to realise its own stupidity pretending to be much smarter than it really is by reintroducing science into the mix about half an hour before the pictures end with a lot of mambojumbo about electromagnetic waves and reversing polarity. In truth the science in the movie is bullshit and the more it tries to act intelligent about it the sillier it comes off. Finally when it has one of its characters Patrick urgently say that the apparition is some entity even older and more sinister than demons you know that it is just grabbing at straws to try to reinstate its credibility. The only consolation you get is that its ending is as terrible as you expect it to since the rest of movie is already that atrocious no climax however bad can be considered a copout. No wonder then that The Apparition has emerged like a ghost into theatres without publicity and without any press previews. It has but one aim to lure unsuspecting moviegoers hoping to have a ghost of a scare before Paranormal Activity 4 swings around for Halloween and the only scare it will offer is how shockingly inept it is. Yes you wont find much of a movie here just an apparition of several much more superior classics that have come before it.



The Apparition * (out of 4) The horror film Warner tried to sneak into theaters and hope no one noticed it. Sadly I noticed it but thankfully it was only a $5 show (which was still a rip). Couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) arrive in a new home only to discover strange things happening. Kelly is all confused but apparently Ben recognizes this haunting due to an experiment he did in college where one of his best friends mysteriously vanished. While watching THE APPARITION my mind started to go back to the mid 90s before SCREAM came along and the horror genre was just delivering some pretty awful movies. This here reminded me of one of them because theres really nothing going right in this picture which starts with an incredibly boring and unscary precredits sequence and sadly things just get worse from here. Im sure in the writing stages people get an idea look over it make changes take away the bad and add some good. They rework the process until they come up with a story that they can work with. It really does seem that this film just took the first bad idea and filmed it so that they could get anything in a theater before Halloween. The entire story here is just simply bad laughable and there were times where I just wanted to walk out on it. The entire situation is something Ill avoid spoiling for those who do decide to see the film but it all adds up to a halfbaked idea that never works and the ending is just downright stupid. Id say the studio should be thankful that no one is watching this or else it would probably be getting some heat. The performances arent anything to write home about but I enjoyed Greene for the most part. THE APPARITION is obviously trying to follow in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY foot steps but theres not a single scare to be had here.



The ads for The Apparition tell us its about how believing in supernatural events can make them real. The finished film on the other hand never once says anything about belief or nonbelief. Theres only a lot of generic talk about summoning some dark evil force from the other side. Already we have a huge problem namely that people will pay to see a film founded on a premise conjured up by a studio marketing department rather than by the filmmakers. Did they know their movie was being so grossly misrepresented that the prominent tagline Once you believe you die does not factor into the storyline as they conceived it? This is the most infuriating display of baitandswitch advertizing since Case 39 the longdelayed supernatural thriller about a demonic little girl in the care of Rene Zellweger.But suppose The Apparition hadnt relied on a deceptive ad campaign that its actual premise had been used to entice audiences. What then? Not much Im afraid. Here is a horror movie so narratively tepid so stylistically derivative and so conceptually vague that one wonders if it began with anything resembling a screenplay. It has plenty in the way of atmosphere but virtually nothing in the way of plot character development theme or insight. The thrills while technically competent are mediocre at best all drawn from the likes of other more original and in most cases more successful horror films. This means that nine times out of ten we can see a scare coming long before it finally arrives. Unfortunately this level of predictability doesnt extend to the overall story which doesnt even try to be understandable.We open with Super 8 footage of a paranormal experiment conducted in the 1970s when a group of people sitting around a table somehow summoned an entity from the other side. This manifestation known as The Charles Experiment was successfully recreated decades later by a group of college students who had an arsenal of high tech equipment at their disposal. We see their efforts courtesy of their own home video footage rest assured the Queasy Cam is utilized and theres a lot of screaming in the darkness. Flash forward to what I assume is the present day. We meet a young couple veterinarianintraining Kelly (Ashley Greene) and techcompany service rep Ben (Sebastian Stan). They begin noticing strange things happening in their new house such as doors open by themselves without tripping the burglar alarm lights flickering mysterious thuds and large patches of mold growing spontaneously in odd places.And so continue these Paranormal Activityinspired events until Kelly discovers Bens connection to the recreated college experiment which resulted in the disappearance of one of the participants. Its obvious that some kind of supernatural entity is haunting Kelly and Ben. But what is it exactly? Here enters a British parapsychology student named Patrick (Tom Felton) a geeky typecast whose role is to provide the lead characters and vicariously the audience with technobabble explanations of a wild paranormal nature. The more he explains the less sense the situation makes this entity whatever it is operates under rules so random and confusing that no potential audience is likely to make heads or tails of it. We know that a doorway to the other side was opened that it wants to exist in our world that it lives off of our fears that it wants to kill people and that at least in one instance it can take the form of the missing participant. But why? What does any of this mean?Yet again I turn my attention back to Paranormal Activity which worked so well because nothing was explained. How is it possible that The Apparition fails for the exact same reason? The answer is simple Unlike Paranormal Activity which was much more psychologically driven The Apparition is completely story driven and therefore is required to be clear in its intentions. One cannot make a movie on merely an idea. It must first be honed into something comprehensible something an audience can actually navigate through. Watching this movie is not at all unlike playing a game without knowing what the rules are as you struggle to make sense of your surroundings youre open to attacks from the opposing team.The final act while visually engaging is a maddening collection of twists and revelations that clarify absolutely nothing. The last scene in particular seems intentionally constructed to make as little sense as possible and you should know that the trailer spoils it for you regardless. How could this have become such a mess? What movie did anyone involved believe they were making? It might have helped if the filmmakers had used the plot the ads falsely allude to. Paranormal events are a product of the human mind says a small section on the homepage of the films website and ghosts only exist because we believe in them. This is an intriguing idea and it certainly would have been worth exploring. Apart from not being the film it was advertized to be The Apparition is boring unoriginal and nonsensical. Chris Pandolfi (



A rare horror movie I have ever watched in cinema. The premise and Ashley Greene are the ones that actually attracted me. I thought the tag line of You believe you die could have become something interesting but unfortunately it is only touch and go. Ashley Greene is no doubt hot and her acting is not bad. Unfortunately the movie is somewhat disappointing thanks to its so generic story and short runtime.The good Ashley sizzles up the screen. The music is surprisingly okay for a horror movie. I like how it does not resort to shocking the audience with cheap jump scenes unlike other movies that are eager to make the audience jump often. Sadly those are what I like about the movie.The bad Lots of things for a horror movie. The story is nothing original which is a disappointment. It is very straightforward with no twist. Just some ghostly events string up together. The runtime is one of the biggest crime. It is only 1 hour and 22 minutes and take away the credits runtime and you get...nothing much. The story just zip to the ghostly events. Nothing much about the ghostly stuff is said. The climax I must say is one of the worst climax I have seen in a horror movie. It is almost anticlimax but I wont spoil anything. It just has no resolution. It is also not that scary nor intense. Acting is okay but fans of Tom Felton and Julianna Guill will be disappointed.Overall It is barely worth a watch in cinema. I am sure it could be viewed as better when it is released on DVD/Bluray. The Apparition is a disappointingly generic lowbudget horror movie which is a pity. The cast and the premise should have more potential to be interesting.



In 1973 six paranormal psychologists tried to contact a recently deceased colleague named Charles Reamer and the event was known as The Charles Experiment. Decades later the college student Patrick (Tom Felton) and his friends Lydia (Julianna Guill) and another one repeat the experiment while a fourth student films them. In the present days Kelly (Ashley Greene) who works at a pet shop and her boyfriend Ben (Sebastian Stan) who works as an electronic technician move together to the house of her mother that is empty. Soon they find that the house haunted by an evil force. When Ben checks his emails he finds several messages from Patrick including a video of a second experiment. Ben learns that Patrick has opened a gate and brought a gate and brought an evil spirit to our world. Now Kelly and Ben are in danger and their only chance it to meet Patrick and send the fiend back to his world.The Apparition is a terrible ripoff of Paranormal Activity with a senseless and lame short story associated to poor direction and acting. The result is a movie that is a horror instead of a horror movie. Fortunately this flick was only released in Brazil straight on DVD and I feel sorry for those viewers that went to the movietheaters to see this crap. My vote is three.Title (Brazil) A Apari&#xE7&#xE3o (The Apparition)